Weekend tales

14 Mar

The only topic I can seem to blog about is what we did over the weekends . I am seriously living for these weekends right now – they are slower paced then what I typically enjoy but they are exactly what I need .

Friday evening we started our weekend having dinner with some friends . I am helping them plan their Japan trip and it was recollecting tidbits from own trip last year . We had a desi dinner and started Codenames to be interrupted with Beetle being sleepy and uncomfortable. So home we went .

Saturday morning started with us making ambitious plans to hit up the zoo after lunch . I had a successful morning running laundry and getting the kids dinner made before we headed to our favorite info Chinese place for some noodles and fried rice . We washed down our yummylicious lunch with boba drinks . My favorite drink right now is a matcha milk tea made with plenty of boba . It’s a carb and sugar filled delight. ( boba is awfully starchy and though I order my drink without sugar I am sure it has a good amount ). We hit up the zoo and found parking but were hit with a gust of wind . We chickened out and headed to the science museum instead . Bandar gets to learn something and Beetle gets to play in the kids indoor play area . We returned home for dinner and I hit the gym and got some much needed me-time . Sunday AM started with delicious avocado toast at home . We did random cleaning up around the house and played with the kids . Having no major activity planned was relaxing . I made a date to do a quick one hour shopping trip with a friend and returned with a lovely dress , top and earrings . I inaugurated the earrings and can’t wait to wear the dress . I want to start a no shopping month but it is so hard when a good sale beckons . Our cook lady came over and we indulged in some good old homemade desi food . I helped Bandar with some math in the evening while the hubs played with Bandar .On the whole a perfectly lazy day .

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