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Weekend tales

21 Mar

Stuff from the last weekend I don’t want to forget:

– Friday evening and as usual I wanted to go out for dinner. So we made plans to try it a new Korean spot about 20 minutes away . But little Beetle had her own plans . She decided to scream murder as soon as she was placed in her carseat. She wasn’t hungry or hurt or anything at all. So we decided to continue driving with her screaming , only to have her throw up all over berself . So we pulled over half the way and cleaned her up and of course she stopped the crying as soon as I held her. We were super conflicted on what to do at that point -turn and go back home or continue on for dinner. Then a brianwave struck and we hit an all time parenting low ! We deicded to let her watch a YouTube video in her carseat as we drove on for dinner. Yes ,we let our 8 month old watch TV. Bring on all the parenting awards ! It wasn’t just the TV but a combination of me feeding her a baby puff every few minutes and the TV that worked. All our no screentime and no food while driving rules went out of the window. Anyway she was good as gold at that point. We had a decent meal with friends and headed back home with the same strategy in play. She fell asleep in about 10 minutes and we switched off the show. Phew !

– Saturday morning was cleaning day with our cleaners deep cleaning the house. I snuck out to take Bandar to the library. How I miss this ritual with my big girl!Anyway we got a bunch of books to keep us both happy .

– Then I headed off for a haircut to a suspiciously cheaper place than usual but was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful job they did.

– Afternoon ,we headed to a birthday party and ate our weight in dhoklas and samosas .

– Sunday , the husbadoo surpassed himself by letting me sleep in and made the girls pancakes. Yes, Beetle too ate some ! Kodiak cake mix for the win .Love this stuff.

– He then headed for a cricket game while I took the kiddos to Costco . I vowed as usual to never do this alone again but survived . We had plans to hit up two other stores but couldn’t with Beetle’s complaining . Yes,she says this curious string of babble that sounds like she is frustrated .

-But surprise,the hubs called to say they lost the game early and he was heading home ! Yeah for us , sad for his team !

– We headed out to get some Boba at a new to us spot. Beetle was surprisingly pliable with cheese. So glad we are at a point when baby snacks are becoming a tad easier to head out the door with.

– We headed further to feed the ducks at the lake and Bandar had a blast . The evening was cold though and I was positive that one or more of us would be sick after it.

– We then landed up at one of our Indian favs and ate to our hearts content. Beetle ate some avocado and sipped a bottle of formula. We recently started formula when we go out and it’s been a heaven sent for my sanity. Beetle isn’t a huge fan but will have an ounce or two when in a pinch,bless her heart and taste buds .

– Bandar danced to vulgur Bollywood numbers that were playing on the screen St the restaurant. These made me laugh and cringe at the same time . Wish desi restaurants had more family friendly entertainment on display.

– Overall a fun weekend that made me realize my kiddos are growing up fast !


Perfect Friday

19 Feb

For far too many Fridays recently I have been coming home exhausted , tensed about work, and really unable to truly relax.But this Friday was different – in all i couldn’t have asked for a more perfect overall day. Well, maybe the kids could have been in bed a tad earlier and not bawled as much to allow me to enjoy one glass of cold champagne and a juicy new book. But let’s save some of that happiness for when they are older I guess.

I had a big presentation earlier in the day for which I was so stressed and anxious . Then I had an important meeting at the end if the day with some difficult personalities . And finally I had a development conversation with my new leader close to 5 pm.With all this on my mind and a silly Beetle drinking all night long from the source aka me, I hardly slept .

I woke up anxious that I hadn’t practiced for my presentation at all. I usually type or write out word for word what I want to say – a talk track for all my slides and try to practice a few times. That way I am not left grappling for the right words in the spur of the moment. However having not slept well on Wednesday night either ( all time low record of 3 hours ) , I did not get to do this practice routine on Thursday night , though I had my content typed out . I took a glance at it during a morning meeting and then shut my laptop as I wanted to focus on what was being said .Then it was time for me to head to my presentation. Surprisingly it went well and I got feedback from my mentor which was both good and critical but truly actionable. Actionable feedback alone is enough reason to be happy nowadays.

After that my day just got better and better. I grabbed a quick lunch and pumped as i ate. Realized I had 1 hour between meetings I trooped to the car to get workout gear and headed to the gym. My workout was average but I atleast made it there. I have been taking a packed gym bag in the car for about 4 weeks now with the hope for a free hour and today it finally worked out. Let’s hope the next one isn’t another four weeks away.

I went into my critical decision meeting and the tough guy I was worried about put up a lesser fight than I expected. The icing on the cake was a senior leader I admire greatly saw me in action at the meeting and sent a kind note to me and my leader praising the work I have been doing for a while now . So nice to get appreciated . Especially when you have a new manager you want to impress.

I rushed to go to my last meeting, a development conversation with my new manager and it started off discussing the note of appreciation that had just made it to our inboxes. Great conversation overall and I left work this Friday with a light heart in what seems like years.

Once I got home , my girls gave me the best hugs and smiles . The husband rang up to say he would leave work shortly and to pick a place for dinner. I skyped with my parents for a fun but short 5 minutes. Bandar and I stack ranked our restaurant picks and we picked the final choice when the hubs walked in the door. This amazing man comes in dog tired after a week of slogging and agreed to drive us downtown to our fav Thai place. I called to get on the shorter call ahead list though the host told me we would still have to wait after getting there. Parking is a pain around this place but we lucked out and got a spot bang outside the restaurant ! Beetle who was a tad cranky and sleepy had slept on the way over and stayed sleeping as we lifted the car seat out. The host initially said she couldn’t seat us as our turn had come and gone as we were late but then somehow on seeing the two kids in tow,took pity upon us and led us to a booth in 5 minutes . We sat down in disbelief with a still sleeping Beetle and wondered if the evening would be marred with our car being towed away. Is this even a valid parking spot we wondered as we gazed out of our windowside booth..but apparently it was and all was good. We ordered and the food appeared within minutes . We stuffed ourselves and focused on Bandar with Beetle still being asleep. She finally got up just as we order d the dessert. I was mentally prepared to start her on formula that evening as nursing her in public is getting impossibly hard with her penchant for having her head not under a nursing cover. But I decided to try her solid feed first and look and behold , she took it and ate enough to sustain her for the rest if the meal. We got into the car in a daze , as good meals like this have been inexistent in the longest time. Beetle cried on the way home and the hubs and I shrilly sang old MacDonald and exhausted every single farm and wild animal known to man and made some decent progress down the bird species. Yes , that is how long she cried ! She stopped crying the minute she was lifted out of her carseat when we got home though. A tired baby was fed and put to bed. Bandar was exhausted too and fell asleep within minutes. And the hubs and I followed suit. Perfect Friday indeed !

Revelations from the weekend

31 Jan

– I married pretty well – my husband always always comes through for me . He was feeling pretty awful this Sunday but helped so much with Beetle and Bandar while I worked . Love him a million times over.

– No, I seriously married well. Seeing crappy in laws all over makes me appreciate mine so much. Our issues are almost inexistent when I see awful relationships around me.

– So thankful for the book club that I started. I have some fun neighbors through this and absolutely enjoy this once a month activity.

– Good friends are the ones for whom you don’t have to tidy up at all for and can present yourself and home just as you are. You can look like crap, you house can look like a bulldozer of trash ran through and your kids ( though pretty damn cute can look ungroomed and wild and they won’t care. They will also play with your 5 year old on their own while you disappear to feed and tend to the feisty infant .

– My kids have this uncanny ability to diffuse my stress! I was so worried on Sunday evening about balancing work calls, getting the kids ready for bed ,household chores and getting set for a week ahead and was this close to losing it. Bandar asked to snuggle with Beetle for a few minutes in bed and Beetle who was half asleep woke up bright eyed and happy to see her sister and cooed incessantly . It was the sweetest scene and I wrapped my arms around both my girls and didn’t want to let go until Beetle gave me a sharp kick on the chest. But that one minute is enough for me to hold onto through a tough work week.

– Dessert always makes everything seem better. Half a cheesecake slice was polished off at midnight and it was well worth the calories .

– Beetle’s glorious hair is a lost cause to keep tidy. Despite her $27 haircut tjis weekend she looks unkempt and wild.

– You struggle so hard to separate sick family keep baby healthy. But then when baby catches the bug at 1am on Monday morning despite everyone’s good efforts, you just throw all caution to the winds in terms of germ sharing , cuddle up in one bed ,and somehow try to get her comfortable enough to get a few hours of sleep.

– My parents , bless their hearts, love me so much and think they are helping with their suggestions to manage my life. I don’t need advice sometimes and just a sounding board to vent to. Think they are finally getting this .

– I cannot lose weight if I eat like crap . Something has got to change in my diet. I should really cut the carbs and sugar starting now. Can someone do a no sugar challenge with me please and keep me accountable?

Big Island Itinerary with kids – Part 2

26 Jan

Continuing my detailed “what we did in Hawaii ” post here

Day 3- We spent time dealing with stupid logistics issues with the hotel and room . We shifted rooms which took half the day. Once we were settled in our new room , we headed out this vegan food truck we wanted to try and picked up burgers and smoothies . We headed to Magic Sands beach. We chowed down on our burgers when we parked – Bandar was again super good and ate a good part of her kiddie taro burger. This child who refused to try any new food has now declared she likes burgers , can’t wait to try making her some at home. We had the best beahc day on Magic Sands. Thee husbadoo watched Beetle while I got to play with Bandar to my heart’s content in the water. Hawaii waters have the perfect temperature for me to genuinely enjoy my beach experience instead of shivering under a cardigan like I always am in the San Diego beaches. We saw giant turtles at close quarters . Super kid friendly beach ! After a while we traded off and I fed Beetle , who I think ingested quite a bit of sand that day while Dad and Bandar got some beach time together. We finally packed up our tent and paraphernalia – there is so much crap when you head to the beach with kids , and drove back to our hotel. After cleaning up we headed to dinner across the street from our hotel. Burgers , wraps and dessert.

Passion fruit cheesecake, anyone ?

Day 4 – We had a whale and dolphin watching cruise scheduled for the next day. We first headed out to Brunch at a fabulous vegan spot. This was by far the best meal we had on the trip. A tofu scramble with Macademia pesto on an open faced bagel! Add some freshly baked banana bread on the side ! Life doesn’t get much tastier than this ! Bandar walked the whole way – super impressive for her. We played word games the whole way and that kept her distracted and not whining.

The whale watching cruise was amazing .Highly recommend this with kids . We saw tens of dolphins and a decent amount of whales too. It got a tad windy but overall very enjoyable.

We had some great shaved ice after the cruise . Bandar ‘s first taste of shaved ice !

We then went to get some groceries ! The next day we had planned to drive around the island and we wanted to ensure we were stocked up on supplies. After groceries we found a nice Thai spot for dinner . Beetle cooed so loudly and was quite amusing to all the diners ! New Year’s Eve and we were in bed by 9 pm in preparation for our long drive the next day !

Day 5 – Baby fed and all of us were loaded into the car to start our drive. We started driving around the south side of the island , through the coffee plantations. The Gypsy guide app was amazing and we enjoyed every bit of it. We paused a few times to feed Beetle. Bandar and us enjoyed bread, Oreos , chips , juice all through . Super healthy I know ! We got to the entrance of the volcanic national Park and did not go in as we had made the decision not to expose Beetle to any toxic fumes. Do I regret this ? Not really – we have already decided we want to go back to this island when the girls are older . We drove to Hilo and got to the Big Island Candy store. We shopped for candy souvenirs and enjoyed the samples thoroughly . We drove back to the Kona side through the saddle road. After grabbing a quick dinner of veggie wraps we ended up at Stargazing session , at sea level. Another limitation of traveling with kids is obviously not being able to go to really high altitudes that potentially might trigger breathing issues . We spent two hours at this event with me feeding and rocking Beetle the whole time . The skies were cloudy for most of this time but by the time 11 pm hit and we had decent visibility I had to push the family to leave . It had been an extremely long day for Beetle and I just couldn’t handle a 40 minute drive ahead with her more cranky than she was. So much to the husband and Bandar’s disappointment we made our way home.

Day 6 – We hung around in the room eating junk and didn’t get out till close to 1 pm. We started a drive around the North side of the island . We got a beautiful lookout through a drive that took us right into ranch country. Then we drove further to see some water falls .But before that the kids were tired and we weren’t particularly keen on night driving on the way back. So we stopped at a cute farmers market for some food. Bandar stretched her legs on the green expanse . We turned back after pausing for an early dinner at a vegan place for some Asian noodle bowls that were kind of average.We picked up some dessert to have back at the hotel ..decent Tiramisu!

Day 7 – We started bright and early at 7 am with a Snorkel tour . The boat left the pier super early and we somehow made it on time . Bandar used a glass board to see the fishes while the hubs snorkeled . I held Beetle and made friends in the boat and stuffed myself with chips and sandwiches. We saw loads of dolphins again !

We rested in the room for a bit before we headed out for some more shaved ice ! We argued about dinner that night – it was windy and I was in no mood to expose Beetle to the winds and long walk and instead ended up opposite our hotel again eating wraps and burgers and making up our silly fight.

Day 8 – We hit up a new Farmers market and had delicious crepes and guess what , Indian food. Pongal, idli , vadas on Big Island !

We also over bought fruits to eat for our last day on Hawaii.

All for about $20!!

We relaxed a bit before heading to a free and fun Polynesian show !!So good and did I say free . Bandar got to learn some hula dancing after the show.

Day 9 – Headed to the airport right and early to learn our flight home was cancelled as our airline had shut down ! Mad scramble to figure out how to get home ! Purchased new tickets on the spot and landed in SD at midnight ! Kids did beautifully. So thankful to have good friends pick us up. Nothing quite like being home !

 Big Island Itinerary with kids – Part 1

25 Jan

I wanted to put down what we exactly did during our trip to Hawaii. Traveling with a 6 month old is definitely very limiting in terms of activities for the rest of the family . But if you are just going for some R&R like we did , you should be more than fine. This series of posta is mainly also for my memories as this was truly our first big family vacation and I would like to hold on to this for many years to come. They are very detailed so skip over if bored.

I recommend staying on the Kona side of the island of you have small children . Almost every guidebook or forum will tell you to split your trip between the Kona and Hilo sides of the island if you are staying beyond a few days.However in my humble opinion, packing up your little settlement in a hotel room or an Airbnb and taking bag, baggage and children to another location is a major pain in the backside. We really did not want to attempt this with an infant and another small child and are very happy with our decision . Keep in mind that if you do this , you will need to plan visits to the volcano and the Hilo side really well and make a complete day trip out of it – leave early, carry snacks and expect to be back past nightfall with a very tired pack of babies. Pluses of staying on the Kona side include the ability to walk to lots of food places , sauntering on Alli drive with lovely ocean views , being close to groceries and the airport , proximity to the pier for any boat excursions – all this to us was huge and I would not change anything about our location for this first trip to this island.

Another little tip I would like to add is download this app called “Gypsy guide ” ,which serves as an audio guide and GPS tracker for your drives around the Island. We had this as device from our rental car company when we went to Maui around six years ago and it just enhanced our experience . We were looking out for it this time around and no one seemed to have heard if it. We looked online and found an app! Yippee-best $7 we spent on this trip. Bandar and we enjoyed hearing all the legends of the islands , geological facts , significance of different spots and so much more as we listened to it on our drives .

Here is roughly what we did:

Day 0 :Left home for airport at 3:55 AM! Got to airport and was happily seated with the kids at the gate with some time to spare for our flight. Got Starbucks to tide us over as . The kdis did beautifully on the flight – Bandar was a delight to travel with and Beetle did well for her first trip . Landed on the Big Island.Lovely airport – makes you feel you truly are on vacay at a tropical location. Got our rental car – pleasantly surprised to find availability to upgrade to a mini SUV. Well worth the money . Drove to the hotel and checked in. Happy with our ocean view. I got a little cranky for food – true hanger. Most places had shut their lunch service at 3:30 pm and had not started their dinner service. We finally found an Indian restaurant still open and drove there . Lovely ocean views . Over ordered but enjoyed our late lunch. Bandar did mighty well for herself with agreeing to eat moderately spicy food. Wrapped up lunch leisurely and strolled around . Got back to the hotel and relaxed a bit .beetle and I were going to turn in early but the hsuabdoo and Bandar went out to do a run for necesisities and pizza. Beetle was asleep by the time they got home and my favorite part of the day was enjoying the pizza of paper plates in the balcony with Bandar and the husbadoo. Perfect day zero.

Day 1 -Woke up bright and early as Beetle was on SD time. Fed her and took our own time getting ready. Looked up a fun brunch place and started our stroll down Alli drive to get to it . Good food and gorgeous views . Pancakes for Bandar , Papaya filled with granola for the hubs , delicious Macademia nut bran muffin and Sandwich for me. I ate so Mac nut everything this trip ! So glad that this one new dress I got for the trip worked perfectly for nursing and I nursed like a pro the entire the trip. Stopped by the farmers market on our stroll back and loaded up on Papaya and other tropical fruits. The passion fruit was way too sour to be enjoyable for me . Rested for a bit and then headed to the pool which was freezing . Ended up on the beach at our resort which was perfect for kids . Our beach tent was awesome and gave the Beetle what the protection from the sun she needed and me some privacy for nursing . Got back to the room and cleaned up to head out for a Thai dinner. Bandar surpassed all expectations and tried new to her foods. Love that we can share some of our favorites with her . We stumbled to a nice ice cream shop and enjoyed our ice creams on the porch and got back home to bed.

Day 2 – Woke up early but left the hotel latish to another brunch spot. Bit overpriced and a let down for me in terms of food. Amazing views again .

Rested again and headed to this other resort about 40 mins away . At this point I want to mention we had a bit of an upset with our reservations prior to the trip with the resort we were originally booked in being under heavy construction. Anyway we wanted to go and see the magnificent beach the resort was on and meet the property manager with whom I had been communicating and had become a sort of pal of mine! The drive that we ended up doing a few times on the trip was a tad painful as Beetle hates the car seat. The beach met our expectations but the resort seemed straight out of Ghostbusters with the construction and we felt our decision to stay near Alli drive had in fact been the right choice with the kiddos. We spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening at the beach and then ended up having dinner by the pool at the resort. Gorgeous sunset at the beach. Not our most memorable dinner as Bandar and I spotted a few scurrying cockroaches that stressed us out. Bandar was looking at other diners around us and was shocked to see a boy not much older than her keep jumping into the pool after every few bites . She kept remarking how unsafe it was to swim while eating as she ate her way through her pizza. Very average food ,decent ambiance with he pool and beach . Painful painful drive back to our resort with an overtired beetle bug. We had to pull over on the highway to feed her and I was super worried about us getting run over. Anyway we got to the hotel fine and I resolved to not keep us out that late again .

Weekend randomness

23 Jan

Weekends are so exhausting with two little ones that I am actually excited for Monday mornings that bring with them hard work at the office! We are also learning that it is very very hard to fit in work of any sort-personal or professional on these weekends as these little ones need us so much at this stage . But it’s fine – they are little only once and I am sure we will be empty nesters at some point and miss these busy kid focused weekends.

I started Friday evening off by not feeling too great at all. I was almost a tad worried I had contracted the flu. I went to bed earlyish – 10 pm and barely shut my eyes before Beetle woke up to be fed. I have started this bad habit of bringing her into our bed and feeding her lying down . This means she has easy access to her milk supply all night long and pretty much just turns towards me and roots to get fed. Both Beetle and I half sleep through these feeds and I know this is an awful habit that I have started out of sheer laziness. Will have to formally sleep train Beetle and I am dreading it .

– I woke up with a bad throat but no other symptoms .We skyped with the grand parents for a bit and had breakfast. Bandar had a couple of classes and we had very little down time between them all. In this downtime I made a delicious pav bhaji in the Instant Pot. The hubs held Beetle while prepped and cooked as of course this baby just doesn’t nap !

– For Bandar’s last class of the day we all went along to the temple. We finished groceries at the Indian store and I loved having the husband with me for the whole process. I can totally do the whole ferrying kids to classes and groceries by myself but it is so so nice to do it with your best friend and chat about random stuff as you do it.

– We then headed out to dinner. It was an exceptionally cold night, for San Diego at least , and I guess Beetle wasn’t as well wrpped as she should have been ? Anyway, it was fun trying out a new pizza joint and I would have loved to have spent more time in the area but we didn’t have a bottle for Beetle either and she wasn’t doing too great ,so we headed home pretty much immediately after eating. Our schedule is pretty much dictated by Beetle’s feeds and needs , and she is not even a newborn anymore ! We really should buckle down and make changes but some of these are not worth the effort and I rather focus on just going with the flow and waiting for her to grow out of it.

– Beetle had a rotten night with getting up every 30 mins. The hubs and I fought over something stupid and then made up . It all ended with Beetle between us in bed suckling and us falling asleep having made peace with each other.

– Sunday morning brought with it a congested little Beetle bug , so we cancelled all plans and stayed home. She is most comfortable feeding in the house and I wanted to make sure she fed decently to get all those antibodies . So we stayed in our PJs and that is what we did pretty much all day long .

– Bandar and the husbadoo worked on her kiwicrate ,that was her Christmas present from ua . I highly recommend these crates for kids – fun activities ranging from low to high adult involvement . I fished out other activities for Bandar to do through the day – sentence formation with basic flashcards , join the dots , and some other stuff . She is the most disappointed when we don’t step out of the house. We can always divide and conquer with dad and her going out alone . But on cold days yesterday we just all stayed home.

– I took some time off from Beetle duties to make a mushroom dish for dinner and food for Bandar. We got through meals with these and leftovers.

– I cleaned the kitchen and other general crap when I could. The husbadoo took charge of laundry . We made a decent team effort to get us through the day .

– The kids finally went to bed and we both followed suit in barely 30 mins after. Beetle joined us in bed within 10 mins of us settling down ! New record in sleeplessness even for her.

– We are now ready to get through the week and rinse and repeat the weekend! I know I don’t sound particularly tired as I type this out but I totally am !

Beetle at 6 months 

17 Jan

Where do I start this post about Beetle? So much to say about this little girl, so buckle up for a crazy mish mash of a post.

How about I start by saying this second baby of mine has won us all over with her sunny disposition and has truly made me look at this first year of motherhood with a fresh lens! 

Beetle is a very easy baby to fall in love with . If well fed and content , she will stay put in her crib or high chair or even car seat and entertain herself with her fingers and  babbling.She has a special smile for her sister who she adores but is definitely wary of her as well. She definitely though does voice her disapproval when Bandar grabs her or inflicts any discomfort.

Beetle learnt to roll over just a few days into month 5 and since then clearly prefers her tummy to her back when laid down . She doesn’t crawl or scoot yet but can get from one end of a mat to another by rotating herself and rolling startegically in the direction of the object she is after. Not being able to figure out scooting has left her mildly frustrated and its the cutest thing to see her reach out for an object and finally give up if she can’t get to it, upon which I reposition her.

How does Beetle fit into our lives The answer is pretty darn perfectly . We are five years older than we were when Bandar was born and in these five years , we are so fortunate to have been able to focus  on our careers and meet personal growth  goals.  But as it is true in any industry or field of work ,the higher you go the more hours you put in . I find myself putting in close to 55 -60 hours a week on average just to keep my head above water at work . The husbadoo has his own deadlines for the most part  but his to-do lists are a mile long. Apart from that , there is an older child who was the center of our lives to take care of – her basic needs like food, clothes and sanitation , her developmental needs like extra curricular classes , her social needs like family outings and meet ups with friends .  And we as parents want to do obviously more than bare minimum for our child and all this takes up a lot of time. I personally love this go, go,go momentum we have set for ourselves and Bandar of course was thriving in it. So in this lovely fun  chaos that is our lives, this precious baby landed and made a place for herself and somehow fit right in. Imagine a hard baby in our busy lives or one with a not so sunny  temperament . I would have been at my wits  end by now . She is so different from what I remember from  Bandar’s infancy  , which is all I have to compare to really. This baby has had to adapt to  grab and go as we have been out a lot on chores and other things  ! She took to the baby carrier fairly quickly – maybe 2 weeks of trying and me being frustrated that she didn’t love it staright away. But once she and I got the hang of it, we were off without a cumbersome  stroller slowing us down. 

Let’s talk a little about sleep ,something that is so critical for us as parents to have enough of to tackle the world the next day . This baby does not nap. We are lucky if we get one good nap a day . So it is really hard to get anything done around the house on a weekend . But this also meant she was tired out by the end  of the day and was sleeping a decent stretch at nights from early on( though never through the night and is that even a realistic expectation for a baby ?) and I only have myself to blame that I didn’t sleep when she slept to truly rest my body. Since November things have been a little off as far as sleep goes – illnesses have bothered her – ear infection, cough, cold , congestion .We then added travel to the mix and lifted her from everything familiar and shifted her to a time zone for more than a week and there things off further. So baby girl has been adjusting to her home and time zone now that we are back and that has been a little hard. But it’s only hard because she is for the first time ever acting  like how a baby is supposed to act in our heads , it’s what we were expecting all along with when we planned this second child . I have no doubt that this adjustment will work itself out in due time.

Solids have been less exciting than I expected as always. Beetle likes a few purees and dislikes a whole bunch – spinach,kale , green ones in general are disliked . Some orange ones are tolerated – pumpkin , squushes, carrots . Plain cereal is enjoyed but is obviously not sufficient . Apple , avocado , banana have induced some crazy constipation and we have needed to fix over two days with prune  and plenty of it . I continue being a cow most evenings and holidays  with her hanging off me as I am her main food source. We haven’t had to do formula yet but will probably introduce that in the next month or so as my supply is dwindling ,my freezer stock is depleting quickly and I simply don’t have enough time to add more pumping sessions . I can actually do a complete post just dedicated to how breastfeeding has gone for us this time around , there is so much to say on this topic. 

Beetle has only now started really playing with specific toys – she acquired a toy giraffe that she likes,her baby Einstein song thingee, her caterpillar rattle , cloth books , the animal box toy , are all things that seem to get her attention . She typically plays with them lying on her belly. She can sit up with some support but is pretty wobbly and we aren’t pushing it much.We will not be doing jumperoos , exersaucers or walkers , and she will have to figure out standing and walking the good old way .

My favorite time of day is around 7-7:15 am. We wake Bandar and she comes into our room and bed and Beetle is usually awake and there too. Both my girls give each other lovely smiles and lie in their pyjamas  contently cooing and taking to each other. I wish I didn’t have to make Bandar go and brush her teeth at 7:15 , because this scene is absolutely precious.

Beetle’s hair is out of control ! She has had one haircut with me holding her and the husband snipping away . But her hair has grown back now and is going into her eyes. We will be taking her in for a professional haircut soon. Her hair definitely is her main distinguishing feature from her sister as a baby.

Over the next few months we are looking forward to some crawling and sitting up. I am also looking forward to some words hopefully, though I guess you can’t compare any two children- Bandar spoke words at 9 months .I hope Bandar starts liking solids a little better and hoping that adding formula goes smoothly for this baby. We have a few busy months of work ahead of us and I hope our family time on the weekends is optimized.