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Tag time

2 Dec

Hello Peeps! If anyone is here , that is.

The lovely P&P (Perspectives and Prejudices) sent a tag my way and with much thanks I accept and break the blogging rut I am in.

I like reading P&P’s blog for the huge variety of topics she covers- the cozy family posts that I love, the recipes and reviews.A blogger after my own heart

Anyway, here goes the tag:

  1. One beauty product you would recommend to all your girlfriends. 

So I am as low maintenance as they come. Sometimes I worry about this as I am now 30 and have absolutely no face regime /skin care regime /hair care plan or anything. I don’t break out a ton (hopefully I don’t jinx myself with typing this here) but I know genetically I am prone to this.I also don’t physically have to be at work everyday, so can get away with no make up on most days.

I have a couple of drugstore brand face washes I use – all super cheap and can you believe the husbadoo and I share them. He uses them far more than me actually.I also have a hoard of drugstore brand lipsticks, silly eyeliner pencils and pens that forever break on me and tubes of mascara that are all at various stages of drying out. I have a couple of liquid liners that I am now showing marginal improvement in application over time. The only two things I do when I hop out the door to go anywhere are usually lipstick or gloss and/or eyeliner .If I smudge the liner, I wash it all off and go liner free.

I don’t know how much longer I can get away with this as I absolutely do look my age now. And the hubadoo looking forever 21 doesn’t help- he has a particularly boyish face. (Heis constantly tell me anecdotes of people at the university mistaking him for a student instead of a professor). I know a lot of people think I am older than him, this involves relatives who think we were in the same batch in college. I keep reminding them he was my senior and there is a 15 month gap but I obviously can’t go and shout this from the rooftops. And any way ,if I was older, I wouldn’t really care- more power to the older woman and all that. But the fact is I don’t want to look older than him when I am not! Phew!

Anyway , coming back to beauty products , the one brand I like is Origins – as I do believe its all mostly natural stuff and as non chemical as they come. I love their masks – they have black charcoal one and a clay one that I own and use maybe once in a blue moon.(Note to self – Have to do this more often). Either mask gives my skin a wonderful glow for the rest of the day and there is something I really like about washing off a mask.Such a refreshing feeling.

My mom of course tells me I can get the same look and feel with desi sandalwood and/or multani mitti paste. So I have those two in packets from India that remain at the bottom of my cabinet.SOmetimes they see the light of day and are applied.

Oh ,one more reason I am not regular with my masks is because the H and Bandar laugh their heads off the one odd day I do choose to try them .So no wonder I don’t do it as often as I should!

  1. Three books everyone must read: 

So my must read list might not appeal to everyone else. Instead I am going to put in some of favorite reads of all time:

Gone with the wind – My first “big “ book that I read at 13 . All 1024 pages of it.Rhett and Scarlett… what do I say. I remember being so excited to move to Atlanta at 20 and to see the house where the book was written.But somehow never did see it as I had no company to go with me – silly 21 year old me.

A Town like Alice – This one by Nevil Shute is truly a masterpiece. This is about one woman transforming a small town in the Outback in Australia. The romance bit and the strong entrepreneurship angle – I really don’t know which of these I love more about the book. And the best part is this is such a feel good book at the end.

Anne of Green Gables Series –

There are a ton of books I want Bandar to read. Enid Blytons and Harry Potters I know she definitely will – I will be thrusting those upon her. This series I can see myself maybe thrusting the first book but beyond that I can only hope she loves the first book as much as I did and picks up all the others on her own to enjoy and savor through life. This series really has to appeal to you to read all the books but they are each so heartwarming and delightful.

  1. Favorite online shopping site: 

Haha –This is seriously the best time to be answering this question given my Thanksgiving – Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping this year.

For random stuff its Amazon , though I have cut down on my addiction significantly off late.

For clothes – I really like Zulily. They don’t really do returns which is irritating but I really have had a good experience with every single thing I have ordered

  1. Favorite phone app:

Whatsapp has to be my favorite for the simple fact that it keeps me connected to my family every single day, several times a day.

  1. One dish you’re really good at making and its recipe: 

Pizza from scratch.We have home made pizza atleast once every two weeks and I have beyond healthified my recipe. If you overlook the fact that you do need some Olive Oil for the dough to be remotely pizza like, my recipe is actually about as healthy as eating roti-subji.Or lets say a paneer based subji to account for the cheese.

I don’t do measurements really well but here is a quick overview.

with one big modification. Instead of water I almost always use a freshly made veggie puree – Beetroot or Pumpkin work really well.  The coconut sugar , I just sub with Honey.

  • Sauce – I don’t even have a recipe for this to be honest – Puree N number of tomatoes. Heat olive oil, dried oregano & basil, dump in puree and let it boil and simmer for several minutes. Add salt of course. Give it a desi kick if you like by adding some bell pepper and cialntero to the tomato puree in the blender and a dash of pav bhaji masala when on the stove top. The longer it reduces the tastier it is. Not an authentic recipe I think, but it works for us.
  • TNow for the toppings : For Bandar – I do loads of spinach for Bandar and baby tomatoes halved and cheese of course for her.

For us – I think the H and I have come to a compromise with cheese. Its more than what I would like but less than what he would like but it all tastes pretty good when it comes together. We do classic jalapeno and pineapple (frozen tid bits from Trader Joes) for us over the cheese.

For just me : I also do a no cheese – just spinach, peppers and onions for me sometimes .

When we get fancy with company (which is rarely) – We do paneer (pre sautéed with some masalas on the stove top first), peppers and onions.

Assembly: The base is rolled out first – similar to how you would roll out a roti on a floured surface. Bake just the crust at 400F for 8 minutes.Make sure the crust is semi done , might have to bake longer depending on your oven. Then add sauce – a little goes a long way , add cheese and toppings. Back again in for 10 mins. Let it cool down enough to cut and dig in. Add red chilli flakes if you want to give it a kick.

If you do try this, leave me a comment:)

This was a fun little tag to do. I am not tagging anyone simply because a lot of the blogs I read have already done it. But do take it up if you haven’t yet and link back to me so that I can read your answers.