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11 Nov

Now that I have started a blog , I cannot for the life of me figure out what to write.

Some random thoughts:

  • I am disappointed at Kim Kardashian’s divorce. I spent 4 hours (Ok, 3- I DVR’d it and skipped the ads) of my precious time watching her wedding. I actually liked Kris Humphries. Expected this to last. Husbadoo thinks I am nuts to firstly watch that crap and then get upset that is didn’t last.I am such a sucker for reality tv.
  • On the same note, I am so happy the Khloe and Lamar are still together.Fingers crossed!
  • Considering I have been watching all these reality show weddings, we really need to watch our own wedding dvds. We saw the Tam one last year but are yet to see our Gujju one. Time to crack open the Moscato and watch it.
  • I have been on a salad and soup regime for the last 3 days and I am dreaming about masala vadais, pav bhaji and chaat.
  • A couple of my friends are expecting babies and do not know whether they are having a boy or girl. What’s more they are not going to find out either till the babies are here.  I am so excited. Is it weird to be so excited to see other people’s babies? We are not even very close. Heck, I was even desperate to find out what Lily and Marshall were having!
  • I am planning on a major baking spree for the holidays – little gift bags for my team at work and neighbors. Been thinking thru contents over the last few days and making a list of ingredients to buy already!Excited..hard part is going to be not going overboard  eating the stuff I make.So tempted to do a trial batch soon.
  • Online clothes shopping cease to interest me lately.  I am more interested in buying some nice utensils .I keep swooning over these all day. My Diwali gifts as per my demand from the husbadoo were 2 awesome chef’s knives, a lovely cutting board and an immersion blender. All of which I love.
  • We are going on vacay baby…..yeah! Hawaii beckons in mid Dec. I have been on Trip advisor every day for the last 2 weeks reading about the islands we are visiting. It is a freaking obsession almost. Now I am worried that I will be bored once this trip is done and I have nothing to look forward to.
  • I love biking but I am terribly scared of riding downhill. One of the Hawaii activities we want to do is ride down a dormant crator. Husbadoo  is convincing me that I can do this and that the slope will be gradual. I am still nervous though thinking about it.
  • I was so excited to watch Top Chef Texas – you know, living in Texas and all that. Looks like it is going to be  meat heavy though. One episode preview looks like they are cooking snakes. The Next Iron Chef seems to hold my interest more this season. Got some awesome chefs competing.  Go Chef Samuelsson! My dream is to have him cook us a 5 course veggie dinner. Wonder what he will come up with.
  • I usually do not like winter at all. This year however I am excited about my winter wardrobe. Out come the boots and multiple layers!
  •  My one and only good friend at work is leaving the company to move to another city .She is my office gym workout buddy. I am going to be so bored to work out once she leaves.
  • I need to figure out appropriate workout clothes for the office gym. The girls I see are in teeny tiny shorts which I cannot fathom wearing when my director is working out 2 machines away from me. Think I need to get meself a cute decent length skort.


11 Nov

The husbadoo’s lunch box today: Khichidi and Sundal to go with it…

I think we have this Gujju meets Tam brahm thing down pat!