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Weekend tales

21 Mar

Stuff from the last weekend I don’t want to forget:

– Friday evening and as usual I wanted to go out for dinner. So we made plans to try it a new Korean spot about 20 minutes away . But little Beetle had her own plans . She decided to scream murder as soon as she was placed in her carseat. She wasn’t hungry or hurt or anything at all. So we decided to continue driving with her screaming , only to have her throw up all over berself . So we pulled over half the way and cleaned her up and of course she stopped the crying as soon as I held her. We were super conflicted on what to do at that point -turn and go back home or continue on for dinner. Then a brianwave struck and we hit an all time parenting low ! We deicded to let her watch a YouTube video in her carseat as we drove on for dinner. Yes ,we let our 8 month old watch TV. Bring on all the parenting awards ! It wasn’t just the TV but a combination of me feeding her a baby puff every few minutes and the TV that worked. All our no screentime and no food while driving rules went out of the window. Anyway she was good as gold at that point. We had a decent meal with friends and headed back home with the same strategy in play. She fell asleep in about 10 minutes and we switched off the show. Phew !

– Saturday morning was cleaning day with our cleaners deep cleaning the house. I snuck out to take Bandar to the library. How I miss this ritual with my big girl!Anyway we got a bunch of books to keep us both happy .

– Then I headed off for a haircut to a suspiciously cheaper place than usual but was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful job they did.

– Afternoon ,we headed to a birthday party and ate our weight in dhoklas and samosas .

– Sunday , the husbadoo surpassed himself by letting me sleep in and made the girls pancakes. Yes, Beetle too ate some ! Kodiak cake mix for the win .Love this stuff.

– He then headed for a cricket game while I took the kiddos to Costco . I vowed as usual to never do this alone again but survived . We had plans to hit up two other stores but couldn’t with Beetle’s complaining . Yes,she says this curious string of babble that sounds like she is frustrated .

-But surprise,the hubs called to say they lost the game early and he was heading home ! Yeah for us , sad for his team !

– We headed out to get some Boba at a new to us spot. Beetle was surprisingly pliable with cheese. So glad we are at a point when baby snacks are becoming a tad easier to head out the door with.

– We headed further to feed the ducks at the lake and Bandar had a blast . The evening was cold though and I was positive that one or more of us would be sick after it.

– We then landed up at one of our Indian favs and ate to our hearts content. Beetle ate some avocado and sipped a bottle of formula. We recently started formula when we go out and it’s been a heaven sent for my sanity. Beetle isn’t a huge fan but will have an ounce or two when in a pinch,bless her heart and taste buds .

– Bandar danced to vulgur Bollywood numbers that were playing on the screen St the restaurant. These made me laugh and cringe at the same time . Wish desi restaurants had more family friendly entertainment on display.

– Overall a fun weekend that made me realize my kiddos are growing up fast !