Beautiful Belize

25 Jul

I have wanted to go to Belize for the last 12 odd years ! I think my desire was fueled by a Frasier episode ( The Cranes go Caribbean ) that I particularly loved . Anyway , it was not anywhere within our budget for a honeymoon ten years ago and then there were those years of figuring out adulting – little humans to birth and raise , many moves across states and all that jazz . So our Belizean vacation didn’t materialize for a good long while . Then last Christmas, the hubs had this idea to gift me a holiday 6 months out to match with our 10th anniversary . One big gift instead of two – smart guy indeed . So I remember sitting at the kitchen table around Christmas ever narrowing choices between the Amalfi coast and Belize and given how old our kiddos are , Belize just won . We never once thought about leaving them behind mainly because the only folks I would possibly leave my kids with are the grandparents who live thousands of miles away in India . Annual visits are barely enough to bond with them leave alone be completely in their care . So that is how we ended up doing a trip to Belize with a 6 year old and a newly minted 2 year old this summer.

We started bright and early on a Friday morning and were well prepared for our long day of travel. Our connecting flight was to Belize city was through Houston. For this trip we took Bandar’s chromebook preloaded with downloaded Netflix shows . The girls are very into Llama Llama now which is a sweet adaptation of the books and they got a lot of screen time on our travel days . Actually let me be honest and say , this trip was a rules out of the window heavy video used for distraction trip . Not ideal but it got the job done and gave us parents some down time . When we got to Belize city we had already been traveling a good 10 hours at this point having left home at 5 am . But we weren’t done just yet . We got into a tiny propeller airplane for our final flight to Ambergis Caye – the island off the coast of Belize that would be home for the next 8 days . The plane I think was a twelve seater maybe and the hubs got to ride with the pilot ! How cool was that ๐Ÿ™‚ You know it’s going to be a good trip when you are singled out to hop into the co pilot seat !

Our short 30 minute flight with glorious views of the Caribbean turquoise waters brought us to our destination . We got into a rickety cab and made our way over to our hotel . We stayed at lovely eco friendly hotel that I can not recommend enough . The staff and our stay overall was just fantastic and I can’t wait to go back some day . Our one bedroom suite came with its well stocked kitchenette and we were left lacking nothing ! We had a hammock in the patio to complete my vision for the perfect vacation setting .

After settling in , we set off to get some basics like milk for Beetle. The store was basically right next door to the resort . I love walking around and exploring a new to us place and we did that a lot this trip . We ordered a pizza for the first night for the majority of the family and made some khichidi in my trusty rice cooker for Beetle who surprisingly hates pizza . ( we need to change that before an Italy trip . Right now any pizza in hands reach is thrown on the floor with a ” go away pizza ” said loudly ) .

Day 1 of our trip ! Waking up to this view was a treat in itself ! We set off in search of a lovely bakery that everyone had raves about . Coconut tarts , a mini loaf of banana bread and tea later , we were well fueled for a mid morning swim !

After two wonderful hours of playing in the water , we were ready for super late lunch ! We walked along the beach to a vegetarian friendly lunch spot . That is when the rain started ! So of course we hopped into a beach shack style restaurant for a quick drink and break and waited for the rain to abate . Finally around 3 pm we found ourselves at Iguana Juan ‘s. You will see the cutest signs for them all over the island ! We loved this place so much that we wanted to come back a second time but somehow missed doing so. Quesadillas for the kids , a veggie burger for the hubs and a coconut curry for me ! Perfect Caribbean vacay food .

We trekked back to our hotel stopping by at the Belize Chocolate Botique for some chocolate. Some rest and relaxation at the hotel followed and this included TV for the kids and us . The hubs and I started watching the Indian version of the Office on this trip and it has us in splits of laughter . I love the US adaptation and didn’t expect to like the Indian one but totally did . In the evening , we rented a golf cart to take us to the Truck Stop . Think of makeshift set of outdoor container trucks as store fronts selling pizza , Asian food and Mexican fare . Some live music , an ice cream for Bandar and we were ready to call in a night for day 1. So we enjoyed our bumpy ride back to our hotel .

Will post what we did on the other days soon!

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  1. freakyveggie July 25, 2019 at 6:42 pm #

    Sounds like a fantastic trip ๐Ÿ˜Š

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