Last weekend

8 Mar

Almost through the work week and it seems like a good time as any to share what we did last weekend . I am seriously struggling with my blogging game as you can tell here .

-Friday night , the hubs worked late . I made a butternut squash sauce pasta with veggies for the girls which they gobbled up . Then I had the girls in bed fairly early . They are ,for whatever reason , both on our bed which though king size is terribly cramped for four people . Bandar kicks , Beetle moves and rotates and the H and I end up sleeping at weird right angles to each other . I really dislike everything about this arrangement but am unable to figure out how to get everyone to their respective beds before I lose my sanity . Anyway , back to Friday night , I think I slept off with the kiddos .

– I started Saturday morning by heading out to a Kick boxing class . I bought an impulse Groupon to try ten classes at a ridiculously cheap price . However I am on class two and really want to give up . I cannot get the moves right , I am exhausted by the warm up as I am probably not nourishing myself right or hydrating enough , I am pissed off with the cliques in the class and a whole bunch more . But I will keep going of course for 8 more classes as I hate wasting hard earned money . Anyway as I am clearly not working hard enough for more than 15 minutes of this class , I leave feeling not at all tired and craving a one hour cardio session at the gym . I called home to find the kids doing great with dad but somehow felt I had too many things to take care of that day that I couldn’t afford another 1.5 including commute for another work out . Guess lesson to me to give every workout my best as it is probably the only one I am going to get for a couple of days .

– I rushed home to do some cleaning for the house cleaners . This is where I pick up and tidy as the house cleaners move from room to room and try to get our abode inhabitable for the next few weeks .

– I then grabbed Bandar and headed out to get a birthday gift for her friend . We debated between Ross and Target and decided to try Ross first . Ross is such a hit or a miss for us – you sometimes find the perfect gift at few bucks cheaper than other places and other days the goods are just not what you want . Anyway we lucked out by finding exactly what her friend wanted – LOLs . Is anyone else’s kid into them ? My kid is generally late to trends and is only now enjoying hatchimals and shopkins . We also got some leggings for Bandar . She was super sweet the whole time and didn’t even ask for a thing which in the past has been a huge problem . So of course I rewarded her with a $2.99 hatchimal which she proceeded to hatch out the rest of the weekend .

– Grocery run followed and then it was back home to stuff in some lunch and head to the bday party . Unfortunately for the hubs ,cricket was cancelled and he got saddled with toddler duty . I meanwhile got to enjoy my 6 year old all afternoon.

– The birthday party was at some sort of bouncy playscape place . I chatted with some mom friends while Bandar had fun . Then it was back home to Beetle and the hubs. Beetle had to be coaxed to nap and as everyone knows it’s hard to coax a toddler to do anything . Anyway she finally dozed off after putting up a fight , and I used that time to do some math practice with Bandar .

– In the evening we met some friends for dosas and then went to their house to let the kids play awhile . I realize my friends here are so so different from the people I usually gravitate towards but at the end of the day the kids get along and the adults get along and the equation works . We got home around midnight and went straight to bed .

– Sunday AM we met up with a friend for desi lunch and both the kids behaved amazingly well. Bandar entertained herself with drawing and Beetle fed herself beautifully. We then headed to the mall to get Bandar some leggings. Beetle went nutso at the mall though refusing to sit in her stroller and running amok . So different than her sister who practically lived in her stroller when we lived in NYC.

– Sunday evening made me a tad anxious for a long and worrisome work week ahead . Anyway I felt I had a personal victory as I managed to get all the laundry folded and put away neatly as I busied my mind with the work pondering .

So that was our weekend ! Took me a few days to get this post written and it’s almost time for the next one 🙂

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