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How a two year old does spring break

9 Apr

So Bandar was out of school for Spring Break for a few days recently. This was the first spring break that she kind of understood as a holiday from school and spoke about about in anticipation the weeks prior.I wish we could travel and go somewhere for these mini breaks but of course it doesn’t materialize sometimes. And let’s face it – Bandar honestly can be happy anywhere- be it at a beach on the Caribbean or at home here, as long as she has us. So the travel lust is purely for me! Anyway, that said, I did want to give her a few treats and make a “staycation” out of a few of the days if I could.

– We kick started spring break with buying Bandar an ice cream cone from this ice cream van that is always parked near her school. I knew she had a bad throat , but despite that gave in and bought this for her.My theory was that if she worsened or got a fever, we would  hopefully recover in five days anyway. She was thrilled that I actually stopped and bought her the cone.She ate it on her way home in the stroller. One of the  other reasons I don’t normally buy her an ice cream on her way home, apart from the throat and cough issues she perpetually has is that, I hate the sticky mess on her face, neck , clothes , storller as she eats it.  But then on that day I figured, she’s a kid once and what is spring break without a messy ice cream cone treat. She was almost gleeful as she proudly ate it and every passer by stopped to smile at this messy little monkey! Oh and poor Bandar had some coughing spells later that night and since, which may or may not have been aggravated because of the ice cream.But being a mean mommy, I did tell her that the ice cream was probably the cause. She has now decided herself that she won’t have any more ice cream till her third birthday as she doesn’t want to cough. I am sure we will break this resolve come summer though!

– Friday , Bandar played at home while I worked. In the evening, at 6:30 pm, we went to the husbadoo’s office. His campus is seriously one of my favorite spots in the city.Bandar’s too as she loves to run and walk on the lawns.After playing around in his office for a while, we headed out to our favorite ramen place. There was a 45 minute wait during which Bandar was seriously on her best behavior, we ate some delicious vegetarian ramen.The evening couldn’t have been more fun. We had our favorite table at the corner that seats the three of us perfectly and is worth the extra long wait. Bandar alternated between salad and some ramen which I doled out for her into a small bowl. Can I just say again that I love this age for eating out. So much fun to share things you enjoy with your child. We walked back home too and I got about 5 miles total walking that day , which I was thrilled about. Must have worked some of the ramen carbs off!I hope:) We wanted to stop for cupcakes on our way home, but the bakery was shut as it was past 10 pm. The only dampener to the evening came afterwards for me when I learnt that Ramen usually has MSG , and it is probably no better than Maggi and is probably not something we should be feeding Bandar. Oh well, what’s done is done and we will have either not go here this often or not worry it.

– Saturday , the husbadoo went off for cricket. Bandar and I had a fabulous morning. We went to the library and read a ton of books for an hour. We then went to storytime . Bandar is clearly fascinated by babies. She loudly exclaimed , “Amma, I just love babies so much!” Is that cute or what? I had to stop her from running to any little baby she saw. She calls anyone smaller than her a newborn, even if they are well past the age of one.

-After the library, we went to Starbucks. Bandar’s first visit. I bought her a kiddie hot chocolate, got my chai  tea latte and we shared a yogurt blueberry muffin. Bandar also ate a little of her khichidi and veggie lunch that I had with me. We then went to an arts and crafts store and picked up some treats – Beads to string, a basket ball hoop and ball and sand toys.Afternoon nap at home for Bandar and we had fun that evening playing with all these goodies.

-Sunday morning started with skype sessions and we then decided to set off to explore Chelsea Market. I am so glad we saw this little nook of Manhattan. Indoor food stalls and restaurants, lots of trinket shops. Such good fun. My only regret is the husbaodo and I did not eat enough for some reason. We started with sharing a crepe and had some tiny doughnuts in interesting but tasteless flavors( green tea and chocolate mesquite). The doughnuts had so much powdered sugar on them that it masked any other taste completely. Waste of calories and appetite. I ate a doughnut after a good five years and I will not be picking them up again anytime soon. Anyway, after that doughnut fiasco, we didn’t try any of the other amazing veggie options there and instead we picked up cupcakes to eat at home.

At home , we relaxed with sharing some cupcakes and catching up on the previous season of Masterchef Junior. Bandar loves this show now and requests to watch “the children cook” . Her interest usually lasts a few minutes only though and she wanders off, letting us relax and unwind. Sunday evening saw just Bandar and I goofing around the house as the husbadoo went off to work for a few hours.

– We had a nanny arranged for Monday and Tuesday as we both had work, while Bandar was off. She played wonderfully well with the nanny. She’s got into this cute habit of enquiring if any guest “is having a good time?”. Her next question usually is “are they happy”. Anyway, Monday and Tuesday were crazy hectic for the husbadoo and I at work, and late work sessions till the wee hours happened and pizza was ordered. Hopefully we have a calmer rest of the week. The husbadoo still made time to take Bandar to the park on Monday. So that was another little spring break treat.

Also, I want to remind myself if I read this years from now, that this was the time we made significant potty training inroads. Pats on backs all around.

So that my friends, was Spring Break 2015.And now please let’s have some spring weather around here.