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Enjoying the small things over the weekends

1 Mar

Weekends since the dawn of 2016 have been some what filled with activity and mildly stressful around here. Friday evenings used to be relaxed and meant eating out , TV time and more general tp, but the husband now has a weekly Friday evening meeting that is often extended and the Bandar and I find ourselves alone and are often in bed before he comes home.Saturday itself is mostly fully family day with some activity centered around Bandar , at the very least a park visit. Bandar is not in a ton of classes but she is in one each on both days and that takes a little while. Saturday goes by in whirl – I try to squeeze in laundry and stuff somewhere in between all this. Soon as Saturday night is upon us, the stress levels increase a tad for atleast me. The H seems to not show stress like I do. Both of us bring work home and  have our minds usually buzzing with work related things by Saturday evening and a good part of Sunday usually goes in taking turns and actually getting to the work. I also do some cooking for the week on Sundays .Sunday is not an enjoyable day at all for me in short, in fact it is more stressful than a regular working day.

Anyway,I read somewhere recently that your children are usually out of the house in about 936 precious weekends over 18 years and that statement somehow made me start appreciating all the stress and activity that is our weekend, and really enjoy the smaller moments.So here are a handful from some recent weekends:

  • Sitting on the bleechers, watching Bandar run around her for her little soccer class. Both the H and I are trying to do take her to this class together and we both put this one hour down as our favorite of the day.
  • Promenade walks and carousal rides. She is going to outgrow wanting to ride on the carousal in a short few years and on one particular weekend she actually got 3 rides on 2 different ones .
  • The sight of an empty laundry bin for maybe just a few hours and knowing that the clean laundry putting away activity is done for a week!Sheer bliss.
  • Finally having one or two friends we can now hang out with as a family. I missed this in New York and think we are actually building a few good friendships here.
  • Picking the weekend’s one meal outside restaurant/cuisine. Nowadays I try and limit this to one meal outside per week only for the health factor and wish it is something I had implemented in my 20s. It usually is Saturday lunch or dinner and I sometimes rethink if I want to use my meal outside on Saturday lunch itself or drag out to Sunday and savor it more. Ahh the joy of trivial decisions!
  • Catching up on a sitcom or two. We have really limited our TV watching together as a couple not intentionally, but it just happened. Now the ones we watch together over a weekend meal at hope are another favorite part of my weekend.
  • Driving Bandar alone to ballet. I love the chatter and especially love a relaxed drive to class on most Saturdays when we leave well on time.
  • Playing Tag with Bandar on a vast expanse of green grass at the park.
  • Family grocery shopping together. Something so fun about this though I know I can usually get this done faster on my own on a weekday evening. Yet, the joy of seeing Bandar take the husbadoo around the store trying to spot the stuffed monkey(thank you wonderful Trader Joes – you are the reason my child loves grocery shopping) is unparalleled.
  • Standing with outstretched arms to catch Bandar as she comes down a “big girl” slide.
  • A tasty meal that comes together in 30 minutes.
  • Watching Bandar splashing around in the bathtub after the park.
  • A weekend with no chores . No pressing bills to write checks for, no Target trips for random stuff(Seriously, what do I NOT buy at Target?) ,no post office trips,no last minute birthday party gifts to wrap, groceries done early on Saturdays – true happiness.
  • A tired out napping toddler, and well fed ,napping parents – Saturday afternoon slumber