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Perfect Friday

19 Feb

For far too many Fridays recently I have been coming home exhausted , tensed about work, and really unable to truly relax.But this Friday was different – in all i couldn’t have asked for a more perfect overall day. Well, maybe the kids could have been in bed a tad earlier and not bawled as much to allow me to enjoy one glass of cold champagne and a juicy new book. But let’s save some of that happiness for when they are older I guess.

I had a big presentation earlier in the day for which I was so stressed and anxious . Then I had an important meeting at the end if the day with some difficult personalities . And finally I had a development conversation with my new leader close to 5 pm.With all this on my mind and a silly Beetle drinking all night long from the source aka me, I hardly slept .

I woke up anxious that I hadn’t practiced for my presentation at all. I usually type or write out word for word what I want to say – a talk track for all my slides and try to practice a few times. That way I am not left grappling for the right words in the spur of the moment. However having not slept well on Wednesday night either ( all time low record of 3 hours ) , I did not get to do this practice routine on Thursday night , though I had my content typed out . I took a glance at it during a morning meeting and then shut my laptop as I wanted to focus on what was being said .Then it was time for me to head to my presentation. Surprisingly it went well and I got feedback from my mentor which was both good and critical but truly actionable. Actionable feedback alone is enough reason to be happy nowadays.

After that my day just got better and better. I grabbed a quick lunch and pumped as i ate. Realized I had 1 hour between meetings I trooped to the car to get workout gear and headed to the gym. My workout was average but I atleast made it there. I have been taking a packed gym bag in the car for about 4 weeks now with the hope for a free hour and today it finally worked out. Let’s hope the next one isn’t another four weeks away.

I went into my critical decision meeting and the tough guy I was worried about put up a lesser fight than I expected. The icing on the cake was a senior leader I admire greatly saw me in action at the meeting and sent a kind note to me and my leader praising the work I have been doing for a while now . So nice to get appreciated . Especially when you have a new manager you want to impress.

I rushed to go to my last meeting, a development conversation with my new manager and it started off discussing the note of appreciation that had just made it to our inboxes. Great conversation overall and I left work this Friday with a light heart in what seems like years.

Once I got home , my girls gave me the best hugs and smiles . The husband rang up to say he would leave work shortly and to pick a place for dinner. I skyped with my parents for a fun but short 5 minutes. Bandar and I stack ranked our restaurant picks and we picked the final choice when the hubs walked in the door. This amazing man comes in dog tired after a week of slogging and agreed to drive us downtown to our fav Thai place. I called to get on the shorter call ahead list though the host told me we would still have to wait after getting there. Parking is a pain around this place but we lucked out and got a spot bang outside the restaurant ! Beetle who was a tad cranky and sleepy had slept on the way over and stayed sleeping as we lifted the car seat out. The host initially said she couldn’t seat us as our turn had come and gone as we were late but then somehow on seeing the two kids in tow,took pity upon us and led us to a booth in 5 minutes . We sat down in disbelief with a still sleeping Beetle and wondered if the evening would be marred with our car being towed away. Is this even a valid parking spot we wondered as we gazed out of our windowside booth..but apparently it was and all was good. We ordered and the food appeared within minutes . We stuffed ourselves and focused on Bandar with Beetle still being asleep. She finally got up just as we order d the dessert. I was mentally prepared to start her on formula that evening as nursing her in public is getting impossibly hard with her penchant for having her head not under a nursing cover. But I decided to try her solid feed first and look and behold , she took it and ate enough to sustain her for the rest if the meal. We got into the car in a daze , as good meals like this have been inexistent in the longest time. Beetle cried on the way home and the hubs and I shrilly sang old MacDonald and exhausted every single farm and wild animal known to man and made some decent progress down the bird species. Yes , that is how long she cried ! She stopped crying the minute she was lifted out of her carseat when we got home though. A tired baby was fed and put to bed. Bandar was exhausted too and fell asleep within minutes. And the hubs and I followed suit. Perfect Friday indeed !