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Let’s play catch up

19 Nov

Phew !That was a longer break than I intended to take. And no real excuses as always except sheer laziness.

A lot of random stuff has been brewing at our end. Here’s the Cliff notes version.

  • My mom visited for a short 10 days and we spent Diwali together after years. And it was less exciting than I remembered it to be. Maybe because Dad and Sis weren’t here too.I don’t know. I do know however that I hate my parents travelling without each other to see us now as they age. I wish distances were shorter, time would freeze to prevent aging and health remains as is or betters , but that’s all mere fantasy. The bitter truth is when there is a choice, I wish they would travel together.
  • That said, my in laws are travelling together to come and see us!Yeah! First time since we have been married , in fact. Anyway, like with all family visiting, mine or H’s, I hope and pray I can hold my tongue and have infinite patience , or atleast to last a month without any scene – big or small. And make some happy memories.
  • November and December are my favorite months as work dwindles down and people start taking vacation the world over! Perfect time for some laid back work days.
  • A lot of sweets and savories from India made their way to my fridge and larder and I feel I am the sole consumer. The Husbadoo won’t open a door to hunt them out like I do, and apart from some minor initial excitement when he first lays eyes on them, he forgets about them all together. So I have been hogging and hogging galore.
  • Bandar is growing up fast and I am loving it. The conversations we have one our drives from school or to and from ballet class are so profound and fun.
  • We attended one Halloween Party and one Diwali Party in the last few weeks and met several desi families. I almost feel I am single and  on the prowl here , except of course , I am looking for a family to bond with . Friendships in your 20s and different from the ones in your 30s and maybe we don’t really need besties but just dependable emergency contact kind of friends.
  • We have had some good family weekends off late with zoo visits and coastal drives and brunches. All of these remind me why we choose to move to this city. That and the fact that the husbadoo’s cricket season hasn’t really started in full flow have made for some enjoyable family time.
  • Avocados are the other reason I moved here! Its good fat but fat all the same I know and I might be overdoing it. My daily lunch  – Garlic jalapeno Hummus on bread with half an avocado – OMG!Heaven in my mouth.

Hope all is well in your world , peeps. Drop a comment and let me know how your November is going.