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What’s happening in our world

15 Aug

I fell off the blogging wagon for a while there as I have been using all my energy to really stay afloat with two kiddos. My mom left to get back to her life in India when Beetle was about four weeks old. So we were on our own for about a week until my dad came to see the girls and offer his support with the husbadoo having to travel  a little bit these last  two weeks. And in a few days time , my dad will be leaving as well and we will truly be on our own for 1.5 months for the reminder of my maternity leave. 

So how is it exactly with two? In short , let’s just say it keeps us on our toes . So much so that between chores to maintain some semblance of a household and two  kids I  barely have any time to sit down and get a breather . I welcome my nursing sessions with Beetle to just marvel at her little face in peace and calm for a while as I am so much on the go the rest  of the time.

The other  thing about having two kids is that activities for your first born do not come to a standstill just because you have a newborn . Most of Bandar’s extracurricular activities have no option of a make up class if you miss one and after watching money go down the drain for a few weeks , this last weekend I had to buckle Beetle  into her car seat and take Bandar all over  for her classes and birthday parties and of course regular stuff like school and  groceries . My dad came  along too  and I welcomed that extra pair  of hands.  I will have to figure out how to do a lot of these on my own in a few days.

At 7 weeks, Bettle hates her carseat – why am I not surprised? Bandar hated it too at that age. Beetle also hates her carrier which we have to somehow make her like as it will be convenient  to do chores and errands with her strapped to me.  We introduced a bottle  of  pumped milk this weekend and she is not a fan of the bottle  at all, but when left with no choice she takes it.Hopefully she will be a pro at shifting between bottle and breast before I return to work.I am at my least favorite part of the maternity leave process when I need to start preparing for being away the whole day soon and that means pumping milk and freezing apart from feeding at regular intervals. These two activities coupled with bottle parts washing and cleaning pretty much take up all my waking hours.

In other news , Bandar graduated from preschool and there was the most precious ceremony that had me blinking back tears several times. The most beautiful parts were the teacher talking about each child in turn for a minute and pointing out all his/ her unique characteristics. There was also a lovely letter to each child’s new teacher in public school with more details about the child. So wonderfully done. There have been isntances in recent times when I have wondered if the preschool really was all that but this ceremony was done well and it’s clear that Bandar has had a wonderful 1.5 years here.

My recovery hasn’t been as stellar as I would like and I have follow up appointments through recovery. Giving birth is simultaneously the most miraculous and horrendous thing to happen to a women ‘s body and unfortunately I think this time around I will probably take years to getting to perfectly healthy. I am purely talking about healing here rather than weight loss and all the other jazz that I need to deal with in the coming months. Just a glimpse at my lovely work wardrobe makes me want to cry at this point as I have months and months to go before I can dream of fitting into any of my prepregnancy clothes.Of course , you would hardly guess any of this at a glimpse of me ,except the extra pounds. I am up and about way , way more than I ever was when I was in the postpartum  period after Bandar and dealing with two kids leaves very little time for self pity, which I guess is a good thing. 

My little sister is finally living in the same continent as me after 11 years ! Though she is on the opposite coast and we are yet to meet , I am incredibly excited that she is starting grad school here. The husbadoo was settling her in this weekend and I feel blessed to have landed this guy who takes time of work and goes out of his way to ensure my family is taken care of . 

Summer is more than half way done and sadly I feel Bandar has had an average one with  hardly any beach trips , ice creams and family excursions , mainly because we have had Beetle shaking up our normal. But that said , it’s one we will look back at fondly and the absence of conventional summer treats will hopefully not figure in those memories.