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Let’s catch up

25 Jul

So much to say , so lets have a quick catch up post.

1.Baby Beetle turned 1 in June! What a year it has been for our little family. Learning to cope as parents of two and truly doing it on our own this time around has been so so hard and I have a lot of thoughts on this to share with you all.

2. Bandar is growing up fast and heading to first grade! I couldn’t be prouder of my little 5 year old baby . She had a good year at Kinder and I can’t wait to see what this new school year holds for us . We finished our first year in public school – a completely new experience for us as immigrant parents

3. Work continues to be challenging , fun and giving me a sense of fulfillment and a reason for being (apart from family of course) . While some may argue that the latter two reasons are not super healthy, it keeps me motivated and happy and that is all that really matters.

4.We got back from a trip to Japan and India and I can’t wait to share the deets! We are all still sort of jetlagged but dealing . Isn’t jetlag as parents the worst ? You want to sleep but apart from work , life and all that jazz, there are babies to stay awake with and watch and also provide meals for. Its like life saying – “Hey super lazy adult, you cannot listen to your body clock. You actually have kids who you are responsible for . Get off your ass and take care of them.” The last week did not include my shiniest parenting moments at all.

5. In the midst of this jetlag ,I turned 33 and did absolutely nothing to celebrate but feel fine about it surprisingly. I somehow can’t believe I am well into my 30s now. I remember my mom being 33 and keep thinking to myself that I am actually her age when I was 8. I definitely look 33. My hair needs to be colored to cover the greys. I originally thought I would wait till 35 for this but I think the time has come and this is the year of hair color.

6. The one big stress factor in the last few months has been Beetle girl’s health . She seems to get back to back ear infections and I dread tube surgery which is probably going to be our reality soon. It takes one person coughing to make her sick and lead to a full blown ear infection. Poor mite has had 4 in the last 7 months . This was with her staying home with a nanny . We started daycare for her this week and though I love almost everything about it, I am living in fear of her next illness .

7. My book club continues to flourish and I thank this for getting me to read books I normally wouldn’t. We are reading “Middlesex” right now. Such a good book . I have been reading a lot of Emily Giffin and Liane Moriarty for some lighter summer travel enjoyment . Truly Madly Guilty is my most recent relatable read and I have so many thoughts.

8. This 34th year needs to be the one of exercise for me. I have about 5 lbs give or take to get back to my pre pregnancy size . But I have a good 15 lbs to get to my age 23 size which is my goal. I stopped pumping at work the day Beetle turned 1. Side note – I made my one year goal of pumping at work but continue to feed Beetle at home and will do for a while longer. End side note . Not pumping anymore at work actually gives me back 1 hour 20 minutes and I want to use some of this time for working out. I have a wedding to attend in September and would like to be a few lbs lighter by then.

9. My TV viewing seems to be inexistent right now. I am so many seasons behind on “This is Us”. It is the one show I want to watch with the hubs and we simply don’t have the time as exhausted parents of two to watch this show . I will be catching up on my reality TV shows this month. I really need to know what my housewives gal pals have been up to in the last season. NYC and Beverly Hills for the win !

10. This first weekend back home I spent Beetle’s precious nap time ( this girl never naps , dude !Imagine how tiring this gets from dawn to dusk on a weekend ) cleaning our master closet. I actually now have space to stand but have a long way to go yet. Next step is getting the hubs to part with ragged t shirts and jeans that moved with him to the US 13 years ago and have since moved with us to 3 cities. Not to say I am a shining example of minimilism , but I am a tad better than the husband in this regard . I have a mental shopping ban in place right now for me, and I am trying to truly use all that I own before I buy anything else .

How’s that for a catch up ? Let me know how things have been in your world .