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Our 2012

21 Dec

Wow, has it really been 10 months or more since I last blogged. So much for writing even a little bit regularly. Blah!

Anyway a lot has been happening in our little world 🙂 . Our personal life had some huge excitements and now is probably a good time to spill the beans in the blog world (if I have any readers left, that is)

So let me try to give everyone the Cliff notes version of what really happened!

Rewind to almost a year ago, Dec 31 2011. We were on a layover at some random airport (Denver , maybe?) on our way back from a 10 day trip to paradise – Hawaii and I started feeling exceedingly queasy.

For the most part, I blamed it on the Chai Latte and Banana nut muffin combo I had stuffed myself with sometime ago. I had a little niggling doubt in the back of my mind that in reality it could be something else but brushed the thought away almost instantly.

Anyway, we had a low key New Year’s  eve party at a friend house later that night and got into bed pretty late, little knowing that was the last night our lives would be the same.

On Jan 1, we woke up bright and early surprisingly fresh. I tottered to the bathroom and then thinking about the niggling doubt, shouted over my shoulder to the Husbadoo that I was taking a pregnancy test.

This was followed almost instantly by a “Hey babe, take a look at this test, I think we are pregnant! He rushed into the restroom to check and yes, sure enough the blue line was showing up, bright and clear.

After much hugging, kissing, and shouts of, “I knocked you up, I knocked you up “sung with  war dance whoops and leaps in caveman fashion, we thanked God , told just my mom about it who immediately told us to go and get it confirmed before we told anyone else.

A secondary test also revealed the same news albeit a lighter line and now the husbadoo was convinced and I wasn’t. This was funny, because through we were technically ‘trying’ , we had highly underestimated our fertility levels. I had stated a few times in Hawaii that I suspected I was preggers like the time we were on a rocky boat ride to get on a submarine tour, and the husbadoo had laughed and said he felt equally sick after the choppy ride. So him being sure was funny.

Anyway, a dr’s visit confirmed the pregnancy and we were thrilled. What followed next was 3 months of moderate nausea (calling this moderate as I know people who have had it much worse), enhanced smells, fatigue, untreated coughs and colds as I wasn’t allowed the strong anti biotic I desperately needed to fight the bug .  The next 3 months were no joy ride either –I completely skipped the glowy lovely second trimester  but instead had the pleasures of terrible sciatic, pretty awful rib pain with some organ either wedged in or moved significantly to make room for the ever growing uterus and finally the happiness in seeing your body transform and adding 20 pounds of extra weight to your frame! Ah, the many joys of bringing a life into the world!

The last trimester passed in such a blur of excitement and anticipation, baby showers and baby care classes ( nincompoops that we were- we were sure a 5 hours baby care class would teach us the ropes! How delightfully wrong we were!)

Anyway fast forward past L&D (I will do a post on the birth story shortly), we were handed our little bundle of joy. Our little wide eyed wonderous  baby girl was placed on my chest and looked up at us with an unblinking stare!

So yes, we are now parents to a 3 month old darling girl. So far we have figured that she has her dad’s looks, her mom’s impatience and their combined nutty sense of humor. So overall, I think we did pretty good!

And that my friends, was our 2012.