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Friday Evenings

19 Nov

I wait for Friday evenings every week. There is a certain joy in snuggling close under the blankets with the husbadoo , talking about the week that was, holding him as he takes a little snooze and watching my DVR’d shows.



Quirkiness galore!

17 Nov

Prior to starting this blog, all my blog reading was really just limited to food blogs ,a few local Austin blogs, fashion blogs and exercise-fitness –what-I ate-today kind of blogs.

I somehow stumbled upon some other regular blogs a few weeks ago and have been hooked.

Anyway so this has been doing the rounds here and here.

I found myself mentally making a list of my better half’s quirks thru the day:)

Welcome to my world of Husbadoolicious craziness!

1)      He is a dreamer. Will often drift off into a Math or Physics problem at the weirdest of times – a get together with loads of people when you have to make conversation! At the beginning of our relationship, I used to keep asking him what he was thinking when he went into these long moments of silence. Now I have just realized it is what he does.

2)      He can have a long drawn out telephone conversation with his mom, dad, extended family, friend anyone and then not be able to recollect a single word when I ask him what it was about 2 minutes later. He really needs to think hard to remember.

3)      He hates shaving. Complains that is hurts. Also he working in academia does not help my case for pushing daily shaving. This is weird for me because the only man I have seen every day of my life for the first 21 years my dad  shaves every single day. I do not have brothers to know if this is just a young guy thing. I have to cajole him into shaving and it results in too much back and forth that it is sometimes too much of a bother to even bring it up. Also he is errr pretty manly – a morning shave is often a stubble at the end of the day. So alternate day shaving doesn’t quite cut it. He has currently agreed to shaving for work 5 days a week.

4)      He hates driving. And so do I. Road trips are just not our cup of tea. He also hates renting cars on holiday. Says it does not feel like a holiday at all if he has to drive and stress out about parking. He dreams of moving to a city with excellent public transport – hard in the US.

5)       He loves me to read him a story. I have been reading him a lot of the Enid Blyton’s I grew up reading. Nothing is too childish for him.

6)      He is obsessed with cricket. Watching it and playing it. He plays for a local league once a week, practices with the team once a week and swings his bat or does his bowling actions all around the house the rest of the week.

7)      He has this crazy thing with Pav Bhaji. He often judges a city by the quality of Pav Bhaji he had at one restaurant. If the city did not make a good Pav Bhaji he cannot imagine living there. Believe me, we have cut out a lot of Indian cities we can possibly live in because of this. He makes a pretty mean one himself.

8)      He is not a big fan of ice cream. I think I have him almost converted there but not quite yet.

9)      He claims he hates reality TV but is definitely in tune with the gossip and what happening atleast is as much as I am.

10)   He hates white light in the house. Says it looks too much like work and not cozy enough. So we bid our evenings cozying it up in yellow light, which I am not exactly complaining about 🙂

11)   He loves board games. The strategic ones bring out his normally dormant competitive spirit.

12)   He downplays what he currently does for a living – work in cancer research. I, of course play it up and the Ph.D  degree. Love inserting the Dr. before his name which he scornfully rejects each time.(Well ,most of the time atleast)

So that was a fun exercise! Once I started I couldn’t stop at 7.

Go ahead and give it a shot.

Masti bara 5 years

16 Nov

I am standing talking to 2 ladies I have just met at a desi potluck. Again, just met in the last 30 minutes.

Anyway, here we are talking about married life in general.“So how long have you been married” , one of them asks .

“ Slightly more than 2 and a  half” , I say, spooning more mutter paneer onto my plate.

“2 saal ka shaadi aur kitne saal ka masti ..bolo bolo” ,says the other one rather cattily.

(Roughly translated to “Married 2 years but enjoyed for how manyyears  before that?Tell Tell”)

A WTF moment!

“Ummm..We dated for 5 years before that” , I mumble gathering both my poise and another puri and walk away.

I relate the whole conversation to the husbadoo and have him in splits of laughter.

“You should have given her vivid details of the masti and that would have shut her up “ , he said.

I shrug and pondered. Somehow that lady’s comment had rubbed me the wrong way. To me our relationship was something that cannot be equated
to “masti”.

Will you call surviving on a long distance across continents relationship on an email a day and the rare phone call “masti”?

Or the supporting each other thru a particularly traumatic car accident “masti”?

Or the long raging battles with parents to let the relationship survive “masti”?

Don’t get me wrong – We had our “masti to be sure :There was the extravagant  Disney world trip, the much anticipated NY trip and  then the many cheap but truly rich moments like lounging on a bed bug ridden student futon watching Scrubs episodes back to back and eating Maggi.

There was the warm embrace that you can experience only ifyou have been  away from someone for 14 months , the quiet hand holding on the way to the airport after 2 short days together , the sheer exhilaration of just a heated phone argument on wedding plans when you both know that everyone has
finally come around , the silent tears of joy shed from looking at a Ph.D thesis and seeing the foreword where you are thanked and alluded to as “my fiancée”.

Our moments of “”masti”” were plenty to be sure, but no – you cannot collectively group those 5 years under the masti tag. They were so much more than that –they were of a young love, of dreams of togetherness, of growing up together from silly teenagers to young adults, of standing by each other thru thick and thin.

So there it is, I do take offence to the use of that word here and I now know exactly why I do! Not exactly you casual potluck conversation. Hopefully, I will have someone else ask me this or something very similar soon and I can give it to them with all guns blazing!


11 Nov

Now that I have started a blog , I cannot for the life of me figure out what to write.

Some random thoughts:

  • I am disappointed at Kim Kardashian’s divorce. I spent 4 hours (Ok, 3- I DVR’d it and skipped the ads) of my precious time watching her wedding. I actually liked Kris Humphries. Expected this to last. Husbadoo thinks I am nuts to firstly watch that crap and then get upset that is didn’t last.I am such a sucker for reality tv.
  • On the same note, I am so happy the Khloe and Lamar are still together.Fingers crossed!
  • Considering I have been watching all these reality show weddings, we really need to watch our own wedding dvds. We saw the Tam one last year but are yet to see our Gujju one. Time to crack open the Moscato and watch it.
  • I have been on a salad and soup regime for the last 3 days and I am dreaming about masala vadais, pav bhaji and chaat.
  • A couple of my friends are expecting babies and do not know whether they are having a boy or girl. What’s more they are not going to find out either till the babies are here.  I am so excited. Is it weird to be so excited to see other people’s babies? We are not even very close. Heck, I was even desperate to find out what Lily and Marshall were having!
  • I am planning on a major baking spree for the holidays – little gift bags for my team at work and neighbors. Been thinking thru contents over the last few days and making a list of ingredients to buy already!Excited..hard part is going to be not going overboard  eating the stuff I make.So tempted to do a trial batch soon.
  • Online clothes shopping cease to interest me lately.  I am more interested in buying some nice utensils .I keep swooning over these all day. My Diwali gifts as per my demand from the husbadoo were 2 awesome chef’s knives, a lovely cutting board and an immersion blender. All of which I love.
  • We are going on vacay baby…..yeah! Hawaii beckons in mid Dec. I have been on Trip advisor every day for the last 2 weeks reading about the islands we are visiting. It is a freaking obsession almost. Now I am worried that I will be bored once this trip is done and I have nothing to look forward to.
  • I love biking but I am terribly scared of riding downhill. One of the Hawaii activities we want to do is ride down a dormant crator. Husbadoo  is convincing me that I can do this and that the slope will be gradual. I am still nervous though thinking about it.
  • I was so excited to watch Top Chef Texas – you know, living in Texas and all that. Looks like it is going to be  meat heavy though. One episode preview looks like they are cooking snakes. The Next Iron Chef seems to hold my interest more this season. Got some awesome chefs competing.  Go Chef Samuelsson! My dream is to have him cook us a 5 course veggie dinner. Wonder what he will come up with.
  • I usually do not like winter at all. This year however I am excited about my winter wardrobe. Out come the boots and multiple layers!
  •  My one and only good friend at work is leaving the company to move to another city .She is my office gym workout buddy. I am going to be so bored to work out once she leaves.
  • I need to figure out appropriate workout clothes for the office gym. The girls I see are in teeny tiny shorts which I cannot fathom wearing when my director is working out 2 machines away from me. Think I need to get meself a cute decent length skort.


11 Nov

The husbadoo’s lunch box today: Khichidi and Sundal to go with it…

I think we have this Gujju meets Tam brahm thing down pat!

Spitty I am no sportsman

7 Nov

I have been bad at all sports since I can ever remember.

Yes, I am that kid that was always picked last for any sports team in school. I was the kid who dreaded Tuesdays as that was PE day in school and I often begged my parents for a note saying I was exempt. Tuesdays also meant spending 30 minutes in the school grounds trying to follow complicated instructions and rules about some organized sport like Basket ball, Volley ball or Throw ball (I can’t make up my mind which is worse) and then putting all these instructions into action for the next 15 minutes. With bad hand-eye coordination, especially small hands, little to zero upper body strength this wasn’t my finest 45 minutes.

Sometimes we were allowed to play whatever we liked, which ended up being team games like Kho Kho, Lagori (does anyone remember this game of knocking over 7 stones with a hard ball?), Dog and the Bone, Gallery – All games where I was picked last. My reputation of being the weakest link in a team followed me thru school though I tried in vain to dodge this title at the start of every academic year.

The non- team games were even worse . One particularly hateful game was ‘Biscuit’…have you ever played it? If not, let me tell you a little bit about this. When it’s your den , you run around trying to catch someone and just when they are at arm’s reach, the person you are trying to catch yells out the name of another person prefixed by the work Biscuit –“Biscuit so-and-so” and you need to now change course and run behind the new victim who in turn will yell out another name. I have cried buckets during and after this game thru the years as it invariably was my turn to do the catching.

As I went into high school. Tuesdays soon meant leading your house to the exercise drill as a prefect in assembly. I have never felt more conscious and on display in my life. I still remember exercise # 6 being especially bad – touching your toes. I cannot for the life of me touch me toes…I do not remember ever having been able to either. I remember coming home from 1st grade and telling my mom I was the only kid in class who couldn’t do it. Mom in her usual
reassuring way told me lovingly I just had really long legs, so I went thru life least worried about my ability to carry out this toe touching feat – I was
the long legged lass you see. Till I reached high school and realized my legs were in no way in competition with the resident aspiring model and even she
could touch her toes with ease!

Engineering College sports days also deem mentions. When you are in a department where the girls to boys ratio is 1:6 and you have to compete with departments where this ratio is almost 4:6, you learn quick that there is no escaping participation in department sports.The weeks prior to sporting events were spent dodging desperate requests from senior girls in the department to form a team.

So I was thrown into every sport imaginable – Box cricket, basket ball, throw ball, table tennis, badminton… Needless to say the teams usually comprised of maybe 2 enthusiastic athletic large strapping seniors and the rest others like me.

This situation versus other departments endowed with a healthier female population holding competitive team selection matches. Anyway, it soon become apparent to other departments that a game against us was a sure chance at victory and we were never even worthy of their best players. (Those were saved for the quarter final stages and beyond – a stage we never reached in the 4 years I was there)

The worst part was each of our matches came with a huge audience, in the middle of the quad or bang in the middle of the boys hostel grounds with throngs of boys there to watch our abject humiliation. To be fair there were most likely there to see our competitors from the more glamorous branches of engineering – the “we-don’t-enter-the- workshop-beyond- first- year type” and “Foundry- what is that” type.

Anyway, post college I have neatly been able to escape sports for the last 5 years quite successfully.

I did join a gym to shed a few pre and post marriage bliss pounds and attended the group exercise classes religiously for a few years – kick boxing, spinning, pilates. In each of these, I took an inconspicuous spot at the very back of the class and gave a silent shudder when the instructor moved around correcting stances. Needless to say, the pause by me was exceptionally longer than near others.


Anyway, a few weeks ago the husbadoo, and I embarked upon a sporting journey together – Tennis classes. To preface, let me just say I am married to a star athlete in my eyes – name it and the husbadoo plays it: Basketball, Cricket, Swimming,Soccer. The few sports he doesn’t play, he follows with keen interest.

Tennis is a sport I have always visualized myself playing ,tearing around the court in a cute little skirt and building freaking awesomely toned arms  and calves to boot – who in their right mind wouldn’t want that for themselves!!

So we find ourselves enrolled in the local recreational center for 4 classes over the next month. The first class was a bit of a disappointment.  I definitely am not at the build- awesomely- toned- arms-with- a –swoosh- of- my- racquet stage yet. I am strictly at the try- to- connect- racquet-and- ball- and –get- the-damn- ball-across-the- net stage.

But I am persevering. Life might make an athlete of me yet! Stay tuned , more Tennis tales will follow.


Why I write

7 Nov

So I finally have decided to start a blog.

I have loved reading and writing ever since I can remember. I loved composing short poems and stories before I could even write properly. I remember being five and sitting down with mom to start my first poetry notebook. I dictated poems, often just lines that rhymed, while Mom wrote them down for me – fast and furious. (I wonder where that ragged note book is now.) I remember the preface quite well…something written by my mom to the extent of “This is some of the first works of –“my real name”,  at age five. “ They obviously had hopes that I would become a brilliant writer some day!

That however was not to be!

Fast forward to a few years to my first published story in a local magazine at the age of 7- about a dog and cat who went to the zoo. I remember sitting on our first computer (a 386- Ah! remember those days!!!) and painstakingly typing it out myself, I was paid Rs.20 and was sent a money order in my name and was thrilled. I then wrote a sequel of them going to the beach (yes, cheesy I know but I was 7!)  but somehow we never managed to get it out the door and to the publisher.

For a few years in between I didn’t write much, except for the regular writing tasks for school in which I excelled. At 13, I finally wrote another story. This time an incident at home (making jalebis with disastrous results!) prompted me to put pen to paper and churn out a humorous account. The story was in first person with me being the older child with a younger sister and was quite decently funny writing for a 13 year old. I had the nastiest shock when the magazine ripped it apart, made it in third person about a brother and a sister – (Raju and Rinku!) and cut a lot of the humor out and published it. If that was not enough, the illustrations along with it made me cringe. (Seriously, they had the girl in a “pavadai “and the dad in a “lungi”, pulled up to his knees running around with a ladle and the worst part –  me as a rather stout ,stupid looking boy! ) I was a little embarrassed to see my name attached to it and always showed my original draft to people along with the published version.

Again, I wrote a sequel – this time about a safari we took (again true) but like most of my work it never saw the light of day. I had even thought of 10 themes with the same family- some fiction, some real to put together as a little collection but they only lived in my mind.If I ever get down to it, I might actually put them up on this blog.

To cut a long story short, in the long years in between I wrote for school magazines, college magazines year after year and really never thought more about it. It came easily to me and I took it for granted.

Finally after about 4 years in the workforce, I realize I have almost my whole youth behind me and not any writing that I can really be proud of. I often worry I will wake up one day and not be able to churn out even tripe. I want to write something, anything as frequently as I can. Will it be any good? I don’t know – decent I guess for starters and if we get anything else out of it – a few laughs maybe, we’ll take that too!