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Vacation Recap – Part 2

30 May

So we boarded the ferry back to San Juan. Bandar had had a terribly tiring day and was extremely fussy through this. I am not really making excuses for my child’s behavior but to be fair to her it was a hard day for a 20 month old- the endless waiting in the sun, disturbed naps, being constantly in and out of car seats, different people holding her.

Now comes the not so nice part of traveling with friends. K commented immediately that he would have slapped her hard by now if she was his kid! Or at least pinched her, he said! I was shocked and could not even react. His sister A,  commented that she understood now why men did not want children and she didn’t either now for a long time as they ended up spoiling your life, just like Bandar had come in and wrecked ours! They said they felt sorry for the husbadoo who was stuck holding her most of the time. What  horrible things to say in front of me! Only V, the wife was quiet and understanding as she is a fully trained Montessori teacher and knows this is perfectly normal toddler behavior. I did not react to these comments at all ,but just got up and went and stood next to Bandar and the husbadoo on the deck. Having Bandar was a conscious decision we made early in our lives and though it is hard sometimes , I would not change our situation in any way. It hurt to hear someone talking about wanting to hit her or pinch her. I would have been very rude if I retorted , so I just choose to keep mum and not spoil the rest of the trip. The trip / traveling with friends bit kind of soured for me after that. Think one week in the same house with another family becomes very hard and everyone starts getting on the other’s nerves.
Anyway, we checked into yet another beautiful house rental in San Juan. This time there was central air conditioning. Though the hsuabdoo and I had no complains about the Vieques accommodation , K and bratty A had commented constantly that it was extremely hot with no AC and hinted indirectly that I should have booked another house. Considering, they were the ones who had reviewed every single shortlisted place and rejected and accepted the houses till we reached a final joint decision, I refused to accept blame for the house decision and just let their constant cribbing go by without responding.

The day of travel from Vieques to San Juan was such a wash for us as Bandar was too tired out to go out even for dinner. The husbadoo and I got her to bed and spent some alone time while the others went out to dinner and got us back some random take out. It was good to relax with your spouse after a hectic day and really just talk rationalize Bandar’s behavior and the crappy commentary from the day. I was significantly calm and composed after this discussion with him.We called it a night after some board games with the others.

The next day we headed to the El Yunque Rainforest. Sadly , it was closed due to bad weather. Such a disappointment as this was the most highly anticipated portion of the San Juan trip. “Rainforest closed due to rains” , is not what you want to hear on your tropical holiday!



We had lunch at a cute little cafe called Lluvia and then headed to old San Juan.


                     Bandar checking out the desserts at Lluvia.

I loved the cobbled streets and distinct European feel to the placee. The fort was shut as it was probably 6 pm by the time we got there but we spent some time catching the glorious sunset there. We had a nice  vegetarian dinner at Berlin Cafe. Tons of options with tofu and veggies and we did pretty well on the food front there.




The day ended like others playing board games!
On our 2nd day in San Juan, the husbadoo and the rest of the group set off to a Eco park for some rock climbing , trekking through rivers and ziplining. As kids below 8 were not allowed, I stayed back with Bandar at home and I did not mind at all. I had a really tough time convincing the husbadoo to go without us in the first place, but I am glad he got to do it as such things are right down his alley. He really loved it! Bandar and I  spent a lovely time that morning eating Nutella and toast, playing with toys in the rented house and lots of imaginative play. When the others returned at 2 pm, she was napping and I was relaxed.This day was probably Bandar’s best as she got fed on time, napped on time and we were just peacefully at home resting and playing. It really reflected in her mood that evening too.
We spent the evening at the swimming pool and Bandar showed a natural tendency for swimming. Such fun to watch, I really need to get her enrolled in a class here soon. We had a nice Italian dinner at a restaurant in the Wyndham. The group went to the casino there after dinner and the haubadoo and I took turns staying outside with bandar. We lost some money that night on Black Jack and Roulette . I used to have a slight gambling streak courtesy too many Vegas trips . But with 3 years of not being in a casino, I seem to have lost interest . Part of it is the fact that this time I did not have the husbadoo by my side , the fun and charm in gambling for me was having him by me and that was missing here. Oh well, I am one vice less so that’s good , I guess!

The next day, was a major waste of sorts. The group kept dilly dallying what they wanted to do and Bandar went through phases of tiredness and chirpiness. There were instances when our family were ready to go out , at least to the beach but the others were too busy eating, bathing for an hour each , eating again, booking snorkeling trips for the next day etc. I said rather cattily that we should go out soon and V snapped back at me and then I just decided to shut up before it became a full blown fight.  Anyway, by the time we set off of was close to 5 pm and we just went to a Beach in Loquillo called Le Padre ( the wall).



Bandar watching her dad climb a huge rock and then making an attempt herself!

We spent a nice time there putting aside our differences from the morning and then went to the Loquillo kiosks ( roadside shacks for food). Veggie options were limited but one particular one,  custom made veggie food for us. The best was fried cheese with guava chutney. It was just like fried paneer. We had an interesting debate that night about whether husbands should side their wives against their parents and this continued all the way till we got home! Fun times!

Our last day of the vacation, the other family set off to do a snorkeling trip in Culebra. We had the rented car at our disposal and went back to La Padre for the husbadoo’s surfing lesson. He has surfed before in San Diego and Hawaii and is fairly good but not good enough to venture out on his own yet. So my gift to him was a 2 hour lesson to polish his skills.



Bandar and I had a fabulous time in the water and sand. She had lost all her fear of water and loved splashing around. I got my complete fill of beaches, the sun and the sand to last me at least a year! Once the husbadoo was done with his lesson, we cleaned up near by and had a lovely relaxing lunch at a beach shack called ‘The Boardriders. With just the 3 of us, this was my favorite part of the trip!
We then picked up the rest of the gang and went downtown to San Juan and checked into different hotels for our last night. We wanted to be very close to the airport for our early morning flight.
One of the husbadoo’s former grad students from Austin, is in Puerto Rican and he was coincidentally there that week, he came to our hotel to meet us. Oh and he was shocked to hear we had spent the entire morning at La Padre. – one of their most dangerous beaches where several 100 swimmers and surfers had died! Apparently, the currents are so dangerous. The surfing instructor had told the husbadoo that he had rescued 300 odd swimmers over 20 years but had not told us about the deaths.
This student then joined us and the rest of the gang for dinner at PF Changs. The dinner was a miserable failure though as it was close to 11 pm, Bandar was in a lousey mood, the husbadoo and K got into a stupid fight about some cultural fact (so stupid that it is not even worth writing about) and they overall shocked the poor grad student who was with us! We said our good byes and they were rather strained and we left. I really don’t know how I feel about these friends anymore. The husbadoo is clear that he dislikes K and doesn’t ever want to travel with them again or really even have much to do with them. This is hard for me as I have been really close with K for over 7 years but I really did not like the side of him I saw on this trip. Hope this distance will do both our families good.
We boarded our early morning flight the next day and were back in NYC .I usually have post vacation lows but this time as my mom arrived from India within 2 hours of our return , I had something to look forward to!

Vacation Recap – Part 1

27 May

So we landed in San Juan , Puerto Rico bright and early on Saturday morning. Courtesy our 7 am flight out of NYC that we were at the airport at 4:45 AM for! Call me paranoid!
Our plans for the trip were made with a couple who were one of our closest friends from Austin – K (guy) and V (girl). Less than a week before the trip started K’s sister, A who also I know well,  joined the trip. We have traveled with friends before and have had a mixture of good and bad experiences. This time my main guiding principle for my sanity and peace of mind was to make no plans and have low expectations, to avoid against disappointment. This trip was going to be about rest and relaxation and that was my only aim.
It was raining heavily when we landed on Saturday morning and I was really sad to think that the beach part of the vacation might be a miss.
As our friends had reached PR the night before, we waited for them to pick us up from the airport in the rented car. Once they got there, we went to buy tickets for a ferry ride to an island called Vieques. While San Juan is quite well developed and advanced in terms of infrastructure and services, Vieques is remote and quite untouched in terms of natural beauty. Our plan to divide our time between 2 places worked in theory, except that I felt we lost 2 days – the days of travel from place to place. Bandar was tired out terribly on these heavy travel days too, Her temper and behavior got worse and worse as the day progressed and tiredness set in. Dealing with her tired us out in turn – more so the husbadoo than me as she is such a daddy’s girl.
The other issue was the 6 of us had a crazy amount of luggage with us. I really don’t know how or why this happened but it did. I have learnt from this trip that traveling light is something I have to work on. It became a pain to drag heavy stuff everywhere – from cars to ferries.
We grabbed a lunch of sandwiches and pizza and boarded the 4 pm ferry and had a choppy ride of almost 2 hours across to Vieques. I never thought I would be seasick but I was and had to lie down horizontally after a while. That seemed to help.

Vieques was serene and peaceful, a quiet seaside town. We had rented a house through this awesome rental website called Highly recommend doing this if you are traveling with an infant / elderly parents and need access to a kitchen etc.
The house was small but cosy . We settled in for the night after eating some of the random selection of food we had got from home and also purchased before boarding the ferry. I am glad we picked up bread, milk and other essentials in San Juan as there are exactly 2 shops near the place we were staying in Vieques and one of them opened only for a few hours each morning. The locals waited for a weekly farmers market to buy fruits and vegetables. Bandar fell asleep and we settled down to playing a board game with our friends.
We could hear the chirping of tropical birds all night long. Such a lovely sound to fall asleep to.

The next day we woke early thanks to darling Bandar and went for a morning walk to the boardwalk and beach. I loved this morning walk with Bandar in her carrier strapped to the husbadoo. We saw several wild , stray horses grazing all over the island. Bandar admired them from a distance but is such a scaredy cat when one turned and walked towards her!


We had a lovely walk to the boardwalk and then the beach. There was a slight drizzle and the sand was damp from the heavy rains the day before . We decided to head home , grab some breakfast and come back to beach with our beach gear.
We did exactly that and came back with our friends in tow.
We spent the morning at the beach and Bandar did not really go into the water. Instead she enjoyed building a sand fort with her dad.


We then went back home to shower and go to lunch.
The boardwalk had a nice selection of places to eat and we found a place with decent vegetarian options.Try this place called ‘Duffys’ if you are ever there, their veggie burger was good.
Food in general was pricy in Puerto Rico. Maybe because all produce is from the mainland. It was almost 6 pm by the time we finished eating and we just walked back home to relax. Bandar’s schedule was really out of whack with recovering from an illness, spending hours in the sun, no proper nap and food on then go. She went to bed early and so did the husbadoo.
The nicest part of these rentals is the fact that they stock it up so well with games, and puzzles. My friend V and I started a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle after Bandar went to bed. I love puzzles and she does too so it was nice to have a cosy chat as we worked on it together.

The next day we started it off doing something Bandar loved – we took her to a park nearby and she had a blast. It was mid morning and other kids likely were at school so we had the whole park to ourselves. She kept asking – ” Where babus? “. Babus is the word she uses to refer to other kids , courtesy her old Gujju nanny in Austin.
We had rented a car to drive to some of the beaches on the other side of the island.
They were truly beautiful – our favorite was Caracas.
We finally saw the beautiful caribbean blue you see on tourist travel brochures.


We had lunch again at the boardwalk – A place called “Bananas” this time and brought in the sunset on Caracas beach.
Bandar overcame her fear of water and the husbadoo held her to him as we all played in the water for a long time.
We got back to the house tired out and settled in to have a dinner at home. V , the best cook amongst us made vethalkhuyumbu and potato curry. Alas, the khuyumbu was too spicy and gave us a nice burn when we did our morning business the next day! We worked on the puzzle some more and played board games.
The next day was our last one in Vieques and we headed to the much spoken about farmers market, the locals raved about it and I was excited to get some baked goods and other delicacies. Instead it was one stall with just fruits and veggies and nothing really local. Everything was from the mainland US. Such a disappointment. As there was no time to head out and grab lunch and return the car, we had a poor lunch that day with Maggi and dinner leftovers. We packed up, did a basic cleaning of the kitchen and fridge, sadly wrapped up our 700 piece made puzzle and left to catch the ferry back to San Juan.
I will write about the San Juan portion of the trip in my next post! I hope I am not boring everyone with the details. This blog also serves as my travel log of sorts and I want to remember some of these small details when I read about it years later.


This is Bandar’s family of dolls that come with us everywhere! They are each only a few inches too and we keep misplacing them. All through our trip they were a great source of stress as we had to ensure we did not leave them behind in the rental houses. The one in front and center is “Babu”. He is her favorite and is the one we lose the most! The other family members left to right are Big Appa, Miss Popcorn ( as she is holding some popcorn), Amma, Appa, Appa Three and Akka. She has named them all. It is a miracle we got them all back home safely!

Our Caribbean vacation – Day 0

23 May

To set the stage for our vacation tales, I have to explain how things were with us a week prior to setting off on our trip.

– The husbadoo decided to tell his boss he is taking a week off, exactly a week prior to our departure and his boss ended up being pissed off with him.
– He came home and told me his boss’s reaction and I immediately panicked and decided we needed to cancel our trip or the husbadoo would lose his job and I cannot support my family in NYC on one paycheck! Of course, I always think of the worst situation times infinity in every case.
– The husbadoo spent several hours that day convincing me that all is fine and that I should not worry about his job.
– Finally he lost his cool at my paranoia and said he never wanted to go on a trip anyway and it was my idleness and dissatisfaction with my own job and life that prompted us to book this.Whatever! Not completely untrue but still a mean statement,  that I of course noted and stored in the deepest recesses of my mind to bring up later and also countered with equally mean and bad things.Anyway we fought, we semi made up and fought some more that day.
– We spent the rest of the weekend not talking about the trip and things were still kind of cold between us.
-The husbadoo went off to play cricket on Saturday and I was still a little pissed. He returned with a nasty cough and fever late that evening and I told him to sleep in then guest room. He,  however said he felt isolated and lonely in the guest room after a fight and ended up sleeping on our bed next to Bandar.
– On Sunday morning he felt a little better and we had brunch plans with friends. He decided to carry Bandar in her carrier strapped to him despite me telling him to use the stroller. He of course, coughed several times on Bandar.
– Once we got back from brunch, Bandar started running a fever. I blamed the husbadoo and our fight restarted.Phew ! One terribly long weekend of fighting.
– Monday dawned  and Bandar was still running a fever. We couldn’t send her to school. The husbabdoo had to go to work to placate a pissed off boss. I used a nanny from a back up care service my company provides to come home and she managed a sick Bandar while I worked for a few hours.
– Tuesday – Thursday are a blur with a doctor visit to diagnose Bandar with a viral fever that has to run its course, balancing work, dealing with Bandar’s terrible separation anxiety as I worked in the other room while she cried with a new nanny, dealing with temperatures of 103 F at night that refused to break with medication, forcing medicine down Bandar’s throat, cleaning up puke off the carpet. All delightful activities.
– The husbabdoo worked long days and his boss was a little more open to him going on vacation and it was by Thursday morning that we decided that we would go ahead with our Friday evening journey. I started packing.
– Bandar was still running a fever and we had another doctor’s appointment on Friday morning.After some tests, the diagnosis remained a viral fever and we were given the doctor’s green signal to proceed with our trip.
– I came home at 1 pm and our flight was at 5:25 pm. I had packing to finish up but Bandar cried and howled and was stuck to my hip. I got very little done and decided to finish it as soon as the husbadoo came home from work.
-The husbadoo rang up to see he was meeting his boss till 2:00 pm. He absolutely couldn’t cancel.
-He came home at 2:30 pm but the packing and chaos was impossible to wrap up quickly and we found ourselves dragging a howling Bandar out the door only at 3:15 pm.
– We underestimated the time it takes to get heavy bags, a car seat and a stroller down 5 floors, especially when one parent is holding a screaming, sick child.The kitchen and house were a royal mess and I dreaded the thought of the cleaning that awaited me on my return.
-We couldn’t hail a cab in the rain quickly and were finally only enroute to the airport at 3:50 pm.
-Traffic was awful and we made in in only at 4:50 pm.
– Stupid American Airlines would not let us check in. We had officially missed our flight!
-This is the part I am most ashamed of – I burst into loud sobs at the counter and begged to be let on. They refused and told us to try Jet Blue flights for that evening.
– We went to catch the airport train to go to the other terminal and I cried still. I said several mean things to the husbadoo like it was his fault that this happened and that he had never wanted to go anyway and had willed this to happen.And that I was desperately in need of a holiday for 2 plus years. It was a lot of stupid statements and tears. Like I said, not my proudest moment but I am capturing it here for posterity to show myself what a spoilt brat I was behaving like at the age of 28.The husbadoo gave me a good emotional shaking and told me to jolt out of this behavior and that there were bigger issues in the world. It took me a good 10 minutes to become okay and realize this was not a big deal.
– Well, the end result was JetBlue couldn’t help us unless we shelled out $ 1000 / ticket! But Delta could as our return was booked through them and a kind Indian gentleman at Delta took pity on us and booked us in the early morning flight for the next day at $ 38/ ticket more! Basically we just got very lucky.
– Oh but the cab fare to and fro the airport is $65 one way so we shelled out $130 that evening and hauled bags up and down 5 floors and had to do it all over again at 4 am the next day.
– And I booked a cab service for the next day. I would not let this happen a second time.
– We got home and I cleaned the house till 2 am.Yes, there was so much cleaning to do. Bandar’s fever finally broke that night too.
– I slept for maybe 1.5 hours and we were finally on our way to Puerto Rico the next morning.
– And folks, that was the start of our vacation!

#100HappyDays – Some happy things

22 May

It has been three full days since we returned from our vacay and they have been jam packed but in a good way. The nicest news here is that my mom is visiting for a short 3 weeks and is currently here! Yeah!And , and , and my dad is going to be here too next week for a precious 8 days on a business trip! I am so excited ! Over the last 2 years they have both visited us quite a bit but never together. So this is a special trip indeed – spending time with their grand baby together ! My mom was hesitant to tag along this time but I am so glad she did. Her trip here was planned in such short notice just the week before we left on our vacation that I hardly had time to digest the news that she was actually going to be here when I arrived in NYC. So it was quite surreal to hop off our domestic flight in JFK and hang around for 2 hours to pick up Mimi ( that is what Bandar calls her as she and my dad refuse to be called the traditional Paati and Thatha). So here she is fairly jet lagged and down with allergies from city pollen ( Can you believe that NYC pollen counts are comparable to much greener cities ?)  but she’s here all the same , spending time with her beloved grand daughter.

I gorged on far too many indulgent meals in Puerto Rico and though i enjoyed each one , I did pause towards the end of my trip to do some quick approximations to figure out I was definitely eating over 2000 calories a day on most days. The effect of this holiday hogging and no exercise a good 3 weeks prior to vacation was apparent when I felt my thighs rub together when I wore a skirt ! Sure sign that I had packed on the pounds. The question was how much. I avoided the scale for a good 24 hours upon my return and then was unable to stop myself from hopping on. I was pleasantly surprised to see ‘only’ a 3 pound gain. Though 3 pounds of weight gain might make some of you shudder, I think 3 pounds over 4 weeks of no exercise is something I can counter and correct asap. Of course, hogging on the Kaju Katlis my mother in law sent is not helping the cause! I also briefly suspected the scale was inaccurate and showing me a number lower than what I was. But my mom was pissed off when she weighed herself and did the pounds to kg conversion . She had apparently gained 4 kgs on her flight over which is ridiculous. So her scale at home in Bombay must be totally wrong. I weighed Bandar to be sure and my silly monkey who has been eating barely 2 meals a day on vacation as expected has not gained an ounce. So maybe the scale we have here is correct after all.Who knows?

Bandar’s chattering is non stop these days! She is talking in 4 – 5 word sentences and you can actually have a meaningful conversion with her. She was a good little travel companion on most days of the vacation,despite just recovering from 6 long days of fighting a viral infection, bearing with our erratic schedules and meal times, long hours in a car seat she hadn’t sat in for 6 months, irritating adults who tried to grab her for a hug every chance they got ( Bandar is really not into hugs or being touched at all and I am glad!) and several other toddler inconveniences. Still she continued to be her sweet little self , having the occasional meltdown of course but totally manageable. The husbadoo and I have spent several nights in the last week just smiling at each other in darkness after she sleeps and remarking that having her was perhaps the best decision we ever took.

The joy of cooking and eating your own food. Though we had a kitchen in the rental properties we stayed in on vacation, I mainly just used them to cook for Bandar. Our meals were mostly outside and I was glad to come back home and cook 1-2 simple but wholesome and tasty meals again. Simple khichidi and yogurt hits the spot like no other when you are exhausted after a day of travel and lifting several bags up 5 floors!

Back with the Liebster

21 May

Hello interwebs! Its good to be back.
In have been MIA for over 2 weeks now and for the single handful of readers that I have , I was on vacation for a week and spent the week prior to that tending to a sick , little Bandar. But all is good now and I am back with vacation tales and more!
Anyway , I cannot think of a nicer way to get back into the blogging groove than accepting the Liebster award bestowed upon me by the sweet Princess Butter. Her blog is one of my favorite reads so it is a really quite a proud feat for me to actually be nominated by her for this.

I need to award this to 11 others but from browsing the usual blogs I read, I see most people have either already been nominated or taken this up. So I am going to just throw out 11 questions at the end of it and anyone can take them up. Just link back to me so I can read your responses and get to know you a little more,okay?

So let’s get to PB’s questions for me shall we?

1.       What is the significance behind your blog name/title and the name you have chosen(if) for yourself.
It’s really quite random. My favorite author as a child and perhaps even now is Enid Blyton . I started hearing her stories as narrated by my dad at the age of 2, learnt to read by 4 and can proudly say I must have read at least 95% of her work by the age of 10. One of my favorite books by her is the Enchanted Wood series where the children eat magical pop biscuits that I visualized based on the description as largish biscuits that you bit into and they popped and  oozed delicious treacle into your mouth.

2.       What inspired you to start blogging?
I have always loved writing but realized I do far too little of it to even call it a hobby. So I started off telling myself I need to write a little as often as I can. More recently , I have started enjoying connecting to others through my writing, reading their blogs and commenting.Guess that inspires me to keep going.

3.       In your list of pictures, how many are selfies? 😀
Quite a few actually in the recent weeks – pictures of my new haircut and outfits . Others are of self + toddler.

4.       Name a place in India and one abroad that you really would want to visit or re-visit.
In India , I would like it to be a nice hill station somewhere – I don’t care where. I have seen most but want to revisit with my folks and the husbadoo and the Bandar. Sadly the husbadoo and I haven’t had an India trip together except for our wedding due to constantly plauging visa issues.
One trip abroad has to be Italy – I have it already
planned out in my head – 9 days spread across Rome, Milan, Florence.

5.       What is your daytime job when you are not moonlighting as a ‘city vigilante’, err, or a blogger? (Sorry, just saw Spiderman2)
Ughhh..a weird combo of product marketing and project management for a pretty well known technology company. In other words a total non-tech role in a tech company. I am a shame to the engineering community anyway so this is a good thing.

6.       What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about yourself?
I can multitask really well – balancing multiple projects at work, multitasking while a home,multitasking between work and home.
My worst trait is that I have a mean tongue and say the worst things in a fight that I regret later. Learning to control it.

7.       What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about the opposite sex

Thankfully, not all guys do this so I cannot generalize but off late one thing I have seen some terrible Desi husbands do is put down their wives in front of other women. So cheap. For instance a friend who was recently clicking pictures of his rather portly wife besides her petite friends, commented crassly that she looked like their elder sister despite being a few years younger.
Another guy demeaned his wife by saying I needed to give her weight loss tips as she had not lost her baby weight .Jerk, are you trying to actually hit on me while putting down your wife in the same sentence? I stopped interacting with him almost immediately afterwards. Another commented loudly at a Desi gathering that the food was so delish and his wife needs to learn to cook like this. If you like the food so much ,Jackass what about learning the recipe yourself and cooking for your poor wife instead? The poor newly married girl of 22 years is struggling managing her masters and the house , leave alone learning to cook to please you.
Okay,vent over!Hate to generalize on the positive stuff too but I like it that most guys tend to forgive and forget small tiffs rather easily. Unlike some women who tend to bear grudges.

8.       Everyone asks about love. I want to know how important do you think lust is in a relationship?
Super important to me at least. I cannot think of one without the other.

9.       What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Definitely unhealthy food. I try to eat fairly healthy most of the time but off late I find myself indulging in luscious desserts and fried crap like French fries and onion rings a tad too much.  Maybe the after effects of the recent holiday.

10.   How much time do you take to get ready for work?
I work from home so I am pretty much always in my pyjamas. But again after holidaying and living with 2 other girls my age in the same house I have figured I am quite low maintenance and take less time than most guys even to get ready.

11.   Last but not the least, where and how do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Don’t know really. I have recently given up on lofty career ambitions and such. I am learning to be satisfied with what I have and counting my blessings everyday . I am in total zen mode here so I am going to say I hope and pray I am just leading a simple, peaceful ,normal life surrounded by the ones I love.

My questions for any of my readers to pick up and answer
1)Your favorite meal of the day – breakfast/ lunch/ dinner and what would you ideally want to eat?
2) Your zodiac sign? Do you have any of the standard characteristics?
3) Where would you go on your ideal holiday – the mountains/the beach/a buzzing city?
4) Your favorite ice cream flavor
5) Your dream job
6) Your happiest moment till date
7) Do you remember your dreams? Your funniest dream till date.
8) How many languages do you speak and which ones?
9) Sweet/ Savory? Which one do you prefer?
10)Do you cook? Do you have a signature dish – something you have mastered and love? What is it?
11) Lastly, what are your favorite blogs to read. I am looking to add some to my reader so go ahead and give me recos.

Do, do take these up you’ll! Would love to see your responses.