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4 Apr

2019 has been a bad year for reading for me so far . My book club , which prospered and grew from strength to strength in 2018, has become a huge source of stress this year . We decided that we would add more non fictional books to our reading list this year and that seems to have really transformed this activity I enjoyed to one I have started to dislike and dread . I know I need to read beyond just fiction but I am not at a phase in my life where this seems feasible . Case in point , we picked Michelle Obama’s Becoming and I have been unable to get past page 50 in two months ! What the hell is wrong with me ? I admire her so much , I love the writing , I am fascinated by how relatable her childhood years seem but why can I not get myself to read beyond 5 pages at a time ? So I have been dodging book club with great difficulty making up excuses of sick kids and working late husbands , to simply not tell them the simple truth that I cannot finish this book that everyone is raving about and that I never want to read a biography again !If that was not enough , there is this book club at work that I am a part of .The first book they picked was Brotopia. I bought the book enthusiastically on Kindle and despaired as I could not get past chapter 1. I attended a wonderfully scintillating discussion despite not reading the book though and vowed to read the next one . I can’t read a non fictional book digitally I thought to myself . The next book they picked was “Be Brave , Not Perfect ” . Asian author I admire – check , relevant – check , aspirational as I raise two daughters in this world – check , short book – check . Oh and this time , I also won the lucky draw / raffle and won the physical book a month prior to book club . Guess what happened – I didn’t get past page 25 . I saw Reshma’s TED talk to inspire myself to finish but it didn’t work . Nope , I decided to show up yet again at book club without reading the damn book and found myself seated next to super smart female executive I am admire and I broke into a sweat . I have literally never shown up in school and college without my homework done and here I was two months in a row winging it! God bless the moderator- she never once called on me and I somehow bumbled my way through the discussion . Thankfully we got through only discussing half the book and decided we wanted to come back together to discuss the second half . So I have a little more time to redeem myself .

Oh and if this all wasn’t enough I signed up for a desi moms book club in my neighborhood to make even more new friends and they have also picked Becoming for their discussion ! So now I have to absolutely finish that book .

So what exactly have I read so far this year ?

I read one new to me book – A place for us . It’s a story of an immigrant family and if you like family drama this one is for you . Sarah Jessica Parker recommends it which was one of the main ( only ) reason I picked it up 🙂

I then started rereading my favorite books / parts from the Anne of Green Gables series . This was prompted from me binging on the Netflix remake – Anne with an E . So I had to go back and reread all my favorite parts ( read Gilbert and Anne’s relationship developing ). Are there any other huge fans of this series reading this ? Say Hi if you are .

And that’s really it . You have the gist – I have no appetite for anything non fictional and because those have been the only books thrust on me this year so far , I have hardly read . I need a good , light book to get into the swing of things . So I welcome recommendations .

P. S sorry the font is so messed up on this post . I am posting from my phone app as I have forgotten my log in any other way ( shows you how long I haven’t blogged ) and can’t seem to fix it .

A is for airports

2 Apr

In full disclosure, I signed up for the A to Z challenge with some gentle prodding from Pepper as it seemed like a great idea to find my blogging mojo again . Alphabetic prompts , sounds easy enough to get out of a rut right ? It clearly is harder than it seems – I am sitting in a hotel room after a long long day and am scrambling to come up with anything remotely worthwhile posting before the clock strikes midnight . Here goes with a super short post !

A is for airports ! What is is about airports that makes me feel grubby and gross ? I am one of those people that has to have a shower once I get off a plane before I do anything else ! I literally feel I am washing the germs off myself – the germs that a million people traveling from everywhere have brought with them . And then there is the airport smell . I think airports have a very distinct smell of sweat and grime . I actually even think the coats I wear on the plane carry this smell and if I had a choice I would dry clean my coat immediately after it makes a plane trip . What pisses me off if is when well meaning family members don’t follow the same ritual I have of coming home from the airport and heading straight into the shower . Especially after an international trip. I have to remind them to even wash their hands and gently keep saying things like “freshen up” . What I mean is get your ass in the shower and clean up before you spread airport germs !

Am I being paranoid ? Please don’t tell me I am the only one with these idiosyncrasies.

In retrospect, there is so much I could write about airports here – the hustle and bustle that I love , the food, the people watching opportunities , the conversations – but al I decided to focus on was the germs !!