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Life around here

19 May

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for us. For starters , work has been hectic for both the husband and I . In my case while I am mostly glad that I have the distraction of work from thinking about and feeling  9 months preggers , I do also long for a slightly slower phase. 

Weekends have been spent at birthday parties, a few fun , delicious meals outside,catching up on office work, playing with Bandar and really doing very little actual baby prep until this very last weekend.

This last weekend we actually made a small dent on my huge to do list before baby and  pulled out baby clothes and baby gear and examined them for expiration dates ,cleanliness and general usability. On the gear , win on our carseat still being usable and not at it’s expiry date. Loss on our swing being broken undoubtedly through our several moves and now unsteady and dangerous  to use. Baby clothes sorting is overwhelming me. For one it does bring up all the nostalgia on old itty bitty dresses that  Bandar wore ,we bought or were gifted on occasion . I actually realize now that I have so much stuff for the first 2 months , but I had to dig through four boxes to find it as it was interspersed with baby clothing from 0- 4 years old. No idea how I even packed it like this all mixed up. Now I am left with the task of reorganizing clothes for future use by size and age and washing and storing clothes for imemdiate use. Bandar kept running away with some favorite clothes and toys , stuff I didnt even think she remembered. Anyway, hopefully she will willing to share when the baby is out

Apart from this i still have a ton of crap to do including  hospital registration , ordering my breast pump, figuring out maternity leave and emailing our wonderful pedi, ordering a few other things that we need for baby.. Will hopefully get through these this week. 

This time around for classes ,the only ones we wanted to do were an infant CPR course to refresh our memories , a hospital tour and a sibling class for Bnadar. Unfortunately looks like we are not going to get to any of these, I still have hope we will get to infant CPR one as I think that should be mandatory for all parents who are trusted to take home a baby .

How are you feeling is is the question I keep getting asked , nowadays by everyone . I usually answer with a so far so good but I hardly think this concise answer is the compete truth. I was very out of breathe in month 8 but still managed a decent activity levels through walks and workouts . But somewhere in the last one week I fell of the wagon. Work got so busy that I had to stop my workouts and in this time it appears that Baby seems to have descended and though my breathing is better now, I am dealing with a whole other host of symptoms stemming from extreme pelvic pressure. My only hope right now is lasting a few more weeks till my mom gets here and I actually make full term. Also Bandar was an exact 6 lbs baby at birth and I worry about this one being tinier if born earlier.

The husband has been doing tons around the house and taking a load of me. I however just cannot sit still and do nothing . So I have been focusing on cleaning different areas of the house and organizing whatever chaos I can.  Several corners of our home still need some TLC. So much more to be done in this front..guess it’s my way if nesting.

Bandar recently started sleeping in her own bed in an adjoining room leading of ours. When we set up the princess canopy big girl  bed I shed a few tears , even though she was going to be barely 10 feet from us and I can hear even the rustle of sheets. But now that’s she’s been in her bed for 2 weeks or so ,I am truly enjoying the extra space it affords my growing belly , pregnancy pillow and paraphernalia. Plus actually going back to sharing your bed with just your spouse is truly blissful.

Meals around here have been weird lately. I dislike most Desi food made by my cook at this point and am eagerly awaiting my mom to make me a few favorites. I am not inclined to cook much myself either. So we have been eating what we can and making do at home and really enjoying eating out when we do go out .

My hope for the next few weeks – baby actually stays in till full term, my mom gets here safe and sound , we get completely‚Äč set for baby, the house gets cleaned- every nook and cranny , work slows down and we sneak in some more special moments as a family of three .



2 May

Stuff that’s generally pissing me off right now –

  • The fact that Bandar’s preschool decided that mother’s day celebrations are in the middle of the morning on a weekday , while the Father’s day celebrations are scheduled conveniently at 6 pm on a Friday evening ! So now this means this 9 month preggo will have to scuttle between home – school- work – school- work all in the matter of 3 hours on a Thursday morning . I gave the school a piece of my mind on everything that is wrong with this arrangement , but of course they won’t budge from their stance.
  • As I am completely off caffeine at this point , and have been for the entire pregnancy , you would think I would be used to it by now . But no, the  urge to get a chai tea latte absolutely kills me every time I pass by the Starbucks counter at work. Every single time. I am literally counting down the days to have that first sip.
  • Extra curricular classes do not offer one on one attention , despite their hefty price. Bandar is currently only in gymnastics and though the class has only 5 kids ( versus a ballet class with 12 kids  she was enrolled in previously) . Despite this small class size , the instructor barely pays attention to Bandar and I see Bandar doing her own thing on the floor. Anyway Bandar seems content ,happy and loves this class , so will continue to attend .
  • As expected , I am at the point where there are exactly 4 things in my closet that fit me right now . The belly has grown steadily in the last few weeks and tops that fit me before ( granted most are non maternity but more stretchy and loose and comfy ) are cutting off at the belly button. And as I am now getting too big to bend over  to do a good job shaving my legs clean , I am hesitant to wear the dresses that fit me. And dresses with tights are too hot for this weather. 
  • Being dependent on the husbadoo for simple stuff like cleaning and lifting. I am trying to avoid being near strong chemicals and of course , lifting heavy boxes, climbing on ladders and stools, though I feel fully capable of doing these, are out of the question . So I have to depend on the husband being free to help with basic nesting. He does more than his fair share when he is around but that means we try and pack all this kind of work into one day of the weekend and then miss out on going out and that makes me sad too. We missed a street festival this weekend and I am still sad about that as I keep thinking our time as a family of three is so limited now.
  • The search for the  perfect handbag is causing me a lot of angst currently. I have a cheap but cute crossbody that is too small for my needs . I am not into brands at all and want something cheap ,practical and nice looking and in non boring colors. But I am unable to really find what I want at the price I want online.maybe it’s time to head to the stores for some serious shopping .

Stuff that’s making me happy right now-

  • My mommy baby time with Bandar.I am making the most of our evenings together and I cannot write enough about this special time we spend together – talking , playing and just hanging out.
  • Summer !We spent one more day at the beach recently and it was sheer perfection .
  • The women I work with. I really enjoy working with a bunch of sharp, smart women who are all proponents of good work life balance . In addition to this in my everyday job, I am also now going to be leading another women-in-support-of -women group at work with women who are outside my everyday role and I couldn’t be more excited about some of the fun and professional development themed ideas I have for this.
  • The fact that after this little one is out in the world , we will hopefully be done having kids and can just focus on raising them well. I honestly feel I have spent close to the last 5 years  planning when and how to time my kids with our careers, moves and life in general. I rather plan vacations than plan any more children in this lifetime !
  • A good prenatal massage. I enjoyed a much deserved one last week and can’t wait to book another one soon. I got in several during my first pregnancy but clearly didn’t find time until now for one this time around.
  • My weekend walks by myself . I enjoy this one hour of me time on Saturdays and Sundays . Wish I could do walks during the week too instead of gym workouts which are getting really boring at this point. 

    Stuff that’s making me anxious

    • We have so many baby related things to finish that it’s making me slightly worried  now – old clothes and gear to be pulled out, new stuff to be bought .
    • There is all the required hospital stuff to do like registration and tours. And of course registering with our pediatrician.
    • Then there are the Bandar related things to finish up – getting her transitioned to her new room! She is sharing with the baby and we will see how that goes. Also I maybe need to take her to a sibling readiness class if possible.
    • Work related stuff to wrap up over the next month.

    Stuff that has me amused –

    • Bandar has inherited her dad’s quirky sense of humor. I have no idea how and when this happened but it has and she has me chuckling with her jokes and quick wit.
    • How much junk we accumulate ! Cleaning sprees over the last few weeks have left me amazed at the crap we live with and carried on all our moves.
    • This baby’s thumps,kicks and jabs , especially at night.