Back to reality

11 Jan

The last week or so , we were on vacay in Hawaii and our days were blissful. Of course ,as blissful as they can be when you vacation with a six month old and five year old , but you simply make adjustments to your definition of ‘blissful’ and make the most of it. My biggest decision every day was where to go to brunch ! We didn’t book a condo or apartment and instead opted for a hotel room without a kitchen ,washer, dryer etc and though  the food part of it was more expensive than I would have liked, it definitely worked for our family . The husbadoo, Bandar and I have lived out of a hotel room for a good ons month in Malaysia ( summer of 2015) and we felt confident of doing it in Hawaii for one week and with Beetle in tow. I definitely love the luxury of a hotel somehow – maybe it’s the housekeeping and all that comes with it, way more than  fending for myself in a condo. So all in all , washing bottles over a  bathroom sink isn’t for everyone but it worked for us. 

This trip was our second to Hawaii , but first one to the Big Island and the first one with any children. I was about a month pregnant ( though we didn’t know as yet ) with Bandar the last time we were in Hawaii in 2011 and we had long ardous hikes , tons of beach time , all day drives and more adult activities. This time around our days looked very different. Beetle,who had her six month shots a day before our trip was either in recovery from her shots or in some sort of sleep regression and slept best when she was on our bed from 3 am onwards and fed on demand till the wee hours of the morning. She would finally wake up for the day around 7 am but we would linger around in bed till around 10ish and then plan our day and  finally head  out an hour or so later. We had long lazy days,filled with sun, good food and our babies. We got in some decent beach time -when it came to choosing between another activity like a drive around the island or beach day,we actually chose the  drive. Living in SD  gives us unlimited year around beach access  though I would argue that none are as warm as Hawaii beaches even in December ! The drives were interesting to say the least-we downloaded the awesome GPS guided touring app and loved listening to the legends behind the main attractions . Beetle didn’t do too well in a carseat for an extended period of time and needed constant interaction that involved me sitting between both kids in the back and singing loudly and tunelessly. Despite that we covered a good bit of the island by road. Here I have to admit to something shameful – we actually skipped seeing the volcano ! Any forum we read clearly said to keep infants with their delicate lungs away from the volcano’s fumes and we decided after a lot of deliberation to keep way. So we are probably the only people in the world who went to the Big Island and drove by the volcano and didn’t go into the park . It just means we have to go back someday when the girls are older.

Other activities we did through the course of the week were seeing tens of whale and dolphins ,Bandar snorkeling with Dad, shaved ice as a family , taking in a Polynesian show , Bandar trying some hula dancing …all so much fun .

I want to do a series so posts on the food we ate and the activities day by day for my memories and I will do it shortly.

Anyway , we left all that to come home and we had two days to recharge ourselves for a year of work! I had only 1.5 days as by Sunday evening I started calls with my global team to find out what I had missed . Then a week of craziness truly started . I have slept for 3-5 hours a night every night since Sunday only because of work,and not because of my baby! Can you imagine how crazy this is ? I am so sleep deprived that i will be talking to the hsuabdoo in the kitchen and then his voice will slowly start fading away in my head as I literally sleep a few seconds standing up ! I have two more days of this to go (meetings till 4 pm on Friday ! ) And can finally look forward to a three day weekend.

But in true to my nature style , I have guests coming over on Friday night for dinner and game night , a cleaner coming at 7 am on Saturday, lunch plans with a friend and fancy dinner plans with friends visiting from NYC! So nothing says being back to reality from island life like a packed work and social life . 

Hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far !


Mid Vacay update 

2 Jan

Happy New Year all ! In keeping with the blogging tradition I have been participating in the last three years , I am going to try and blog every day in January. 

We ended 2017 by going on our first family vacation as a family of four! Vacationing with a baby and five year old is equal parts fun and frustrating .  Beetle did decently well on her first flight but we now have the long journey home looming ahead of us .

A few highlights from our vacay days here so far that I don’t ever want to forget :

Wearing Beetle and walking by the sea to new brunch spots everyday 

Wallowing with Bandar in the waves and sand while the husbadoo tended to Beetle

Feeding Beetle in our beach tent while the hsuabdoo and Bandar frolick near by

Walking arm in arm with Bandar and telling her how much she has grown as a big sister and how proud we are of her

Sitting between my girls in the backseat at times to comfort Beetle on drives and having Bandar rest her head on my shoulder.

Choosing lovely tropical fruit at the farmers market and cutting and  eating them in our hotel room 

Cuddling up to the husbadoo on a queen bed while Bandar and Beetle sleep in their own respective beds. 

Day 33 – You are not in this alone

5 Dec

Over the last few months unfortunately the husbadoo has not been in the best of health . Prior to that he had been working loads and loads at work and I got into the routine of managing the girls by myself a lot. I never really resented him working ( like the way I openly resent his cricket playing, actually don’t really resent that all that much when I think of it as his exercise , but I digress here !) ,I mostly worried about his hours and of course they were the one of the main causes of his illness. Then  when he was contagious and sick,I have never felt more alone in this parenting gig but obviously managed because I had to and even got used to it in the run . Now that he is slowly recovering , he has also started consciously balancing his life out a bit and though only time will tell if that is wise for his career  , it is undoubtedly the right thing for his health and the last few months have really taught us that health really comes before anything else.

Anyway with him choosing to do very little work over the weekends now and cricket season being over , he is around a lot at home and available to help me. We run like a smooth oiled machine when I have that support . I tend to often forget he is available though. This  Sunday evening for instance. At 5 pm panic set in – Beetle insisted on being held and /or fed, I had no groceries in the  fridge , a super busy week ahead of me and no plan on what to feed the family , I had office work waiting to be done that I ignored all wekenend and I was truly worried . For once I completely blanked in panic. It took me a while to break down tasks in my head and communicate with the husband . As soon as he realized what needed to be done he took it upon himself to take Bandar and go out for groceries , while I tended to Beetle and dinner . He then held our cranky little Beetle bug while I made lunches for the next day . Miraculously we got both kids asleep in bed by 8:30 and had some time to sit down and work on our respective jobs on the couch . At 10 pm he went in and got in the mail and we sorted through together and actioned and I finally did a little more cleaning , bottle washing etc and got to bed at 11 pm. I am glad I did as I have been up since 4 am tomorrow but more on that on another post . At this point , I am beyond thankful to have him around, supportive and partnering with me every step of the way.

Day 32 – Saturday 

4 Dec

Saturday started off well with me cooking tons. Baby Beetle cooperated with an hour long nap which is super rare for her . They say newborns sleep a ton but this one really doesn’t , so working around her shut eyes are super hard on weekends and our nanny truly deserves every penny we give her on weekdays !  Uttapams, chutney , paneer subji, custard for brekker and lunch were made. We then set up our Christmas tree . We had upgraded to a 7 foot one this year and it was fun to decorate, foot ladder and all. 

In the evening we bundled up the kids and met some friends at a mall we don’t usually go to. We ate at Noodles and Company, a favorite for me and the husbadoo though we hardly ever go there due to location. Anyway it was a decent evening. I got to walk hand in hand with the hsuabdoo and girls and I just felt so thankful for that moment.

Day 31 – Movie

4 Dec

I skipped two days of blogging and it’s a slippery slope in this kind of a challenge. I have already started to feel this is a pain in the ass and why the hell am I blogging anyway .Anyway I am writing three posts today for says 31, 32,33 and we will just see how long I keep this going . Doubt it will truly be a 100 days.

Friday was weird and bad in every way possible. The only legitimately good thing was I caught a movie on Amazon prime as per my colleague’s reco – The Big Sick . The previews had seemed fun and though I forgot about this completely after it released , I  am glad I managed to finally see it  now.  I really prefer shows to movies and sitting through and almost two hour movie on my own is kind of a big deal for me.

I want to record here that was bad on many counts , the biggest however was my breakdown in the evening trying to keep Beetle safe from Bandar. I think I scolded Bandar the worst I ever have and though she fully probably deserved the scolding for what she did , I should have controlled my temper better .I just got blinded in my concern for keeping Beetle safe. I also wanted to work at night on some stuff but my mood was super low all evening that well I did was watched the movie and went to bed 

Day 30 – Prep

1 Dec

I wrapped up my work at 10:15 pm and went downstairs to find the husband eating his dinner alone at the table.i started cleaning up the kitchen, washed a million bottles and pump parts  and then started on lunch box prep. Typically Bamdar gets a lunch of course and depending on my time one or both of us take lunch . I was so tired at 10:30 when I was chopping up stuff but the salad came together nicely and I am.glad I did it. 

Day 28 – Lights !

29 Nov

Driving home once daylight savings starts in November is a freaking pain in the ass. I hate driving in the dark. Everything seems worse in the dark . People are in a hurry to get home , traffic sucks , my nanny is itching to leave and has texted me once already asking if she needs to defrost more breastmilk for the baby, my husband tells me he is going  to be a little late and asks if I can get the kids fed and to bed without him – regular stuff that would happen even without the daylight savings being in effect but the driving in the dark seriously makes all this seem worse than it is . 

Anyway , the one good thing the darkness brings is the visibility of Christmas lights all around ! We live adjacent to a street that is known across the city for it’s stupendous light display . Seriously blessed to be so close to it. We will be doing out yearly walk through to admire the lights in a few weeks . But for now I get a glimpse on my way home and it makes me feel all merry and bright and brings a smile to my face.’Tis the season to be jolly indeed !