Day 25 – Milestones 

26 Nov

You tell yourself that milestones are meaningless and nothing to dwell on with your second kid. You try and not compare your second one with your first and tell yourself that all babies are different. You decide you won’t Google anything and scare yourself when the milestone  doesn’t come along when you expect it to. You tell yourself you are probably  not even going to be as excited  when it does happen as  this baby isn’t your first and you have seen it all before. You brush aside concerned grandmothers asking about the milestone from overseas and simply say your baby will do it when she is ready . You do however ask your spouse in private though if we should start worrying ourselves. Then when you finally give up hope of it happening and assume baby will probably skip it and mentally start rehearsing a conversation with your pediatrician for the next visit, your baby decides to surprise you on a quiet Saturday afternoon !

She rolled over ,folks ! And it was every bit as wonderful seeing it this time as it was with Bandar. She first did it on the bed and I excitedly called out to the husbadoo and Bandar to come and see. We thought the depression from my weight (!) on the bed had helped her a bit. She did it again for them on the bed and then as if to prove a point , she did it twice on the floor mat immediately afterwards! Hoping she learns to roll back to her back now.

Seeing her do this today of course brought back memories of Bandar rolling over for the first time,hers was in the crib and I distinctly remember what she was wearing that day. And funnily enough for me , it brought back the memory of my baby sister doing it  about 23 years ago ! I was 9 years old and had a girl from school who was a bit of a thief who had come to play . When my mom called me excitedly to see my baby sis flip over, this girl A quickly stuffed my sketchpens into her pocket . When I got back to my room and caught her red handed she simply said she had been trying to see if they fit in her pocket and she proceeded to put them back in my drawer !  Funny the memories that specific things revoke!

Good job Beetle girl! You took your sweet time with this one but finally did it !Hugs and kisses – Amma


Day 24 – Taking initiative

25 Nov

So I am part of a neighborhood forum and people use it for the usual “in the search of “posts in addition to information about events and incidents in the locality. So recently someone posted asking if a bookclub existed and about 10 people replied saying there wasn’t one that they were aware of, but would like to join if there was one. Then people threw out suggestions about when to meet and stalled on the where. After watching the responses slow down at this point, I jumped in and laid out a plan to get this going, including offering to host. I got so much out of the bookclub I was a part of in NYC. For starters in introduced me to so many genres of books I would not have picked up myself . It was also such a great way to meet people, other moms in the area. So I am hoping I can actually be semi successful kicking this one off. 2017 has been really bad on the reading front for me . I tended to reread old chicklit and let a lot of good books pass me by. So here is to hoping this book club gets launched successfully and to lots of reading in the coming year!

Day 23 – Solids !

24 Nov

We spent majority of the day resting at home . Bandar was in decent spirits but not well yet and I am super low when I think about her health . I will be emailing her doc again tonight. We had a lazy morning and afternoon at home.As we were going stir crazy in the evening,we went out for a bit and had some fun but I am now worried we did too much as the husbadoo is exhausted.I only hope he doesn’t have a relapse. So basically I worry in alternation about Bandar and the husbadoo and throw in a worry or two in there about Beetle’s health and you have my worrywart brain mapped out .

The highlight of my day was starting solids for Beetle. I remember being so excited about this for Bandar five years ago and I felt similar emotions this time. We did a small prayer and then started her off with some baby cereal. I can’t say she liked it but I think if we try a little everyday she might. Today she was enthralled with the spoon and swirled her tongue around a bit to figure out the strange new texture. I also remember the excitement turning to disappointment in Bandar’s case when she never really liked any solids much and I wonder if we will deal with similar stuff this time too . For now, I am going to be cautiously optimistic.

Day 22- Family dinners 

23 Nov

We never eat as a family. Over the last few months since Beetle’s birth , I spread an old cloth on the bed , and Bandar eats on it. We call it our ‘picnic blanket’ and let’s be clear that when I say ‘eat’ I mean I feed Bandar with a spoon while I feed Beetle on my lap on the feeding pillow.

Anyway bandar after puking today AM ( yes this nasty bout of an infection is a joy that keeps giving ) was prescribed by the doc to go on a BRAT diet . So she ate barely anything through the day and played when she didn’t have fever only to have the fever return every few hours. ( Break already , stupid fever!). At 8 pm Beetle was semi asleep and Bandar asked for yogurt and fruit and a roti. I put sleeping beetle in her crib and took Bandar downstairs and prepped her  plate. Meanwhile husbadoo came home with take out for us and Bandar declared she wanted a dinner party with the three of us eating at the table. Of course Beetle woke up just then and as I was starving , I brought her down. Her new high chair was set up for us to start solids this week  and we put her in it and strapped her in . She watched us eat in a sleepy daze and the scene filled me your with so much joy – my family of four having dinner together. Granted Bandar barely touched her food as she feels like crap and beetle wasn’t offered food at this meal, it was just the sight of the whole family there that got me all teary eyed and excited for the future.I hope we can truly make dinner as a family a thing ,I hope we can try different recipes as a family and talk about food at the table , I hope the girls feed themselves before they go to college , I hope they use this meal time to share their day with us and their hopes and dreams . Mostly just the fact that they feed themselves is truly enough to make me happy at this point:)

Day 21 – TV time together 

22 Nov

So for the first time in forever both kids were in bed by 8:40 pm and we didn’t have work to do.Rather we choose not to work m Instead we slacked off on the couch and caught up on an episode of “This is us”. We are only on season 1. Anyway this has literally never happened before and it gives me the hope that we can perhaps make it a once in a month thing at least if the babies cooperate.

In other news Bandar remains sick and lethargic after even a little play at home , with low grade fever and I continue to worry about her. At this point we are definitely looking into going into Thanksgiving with this worry unless it miraculously breaks tomorrow and she is herself .

Day 20 – This too shall pass

21 Nov

So hard to be happy today. But I am going to make an attempt. 

I feel my poor family of four has been plagued with health issues for the last several months . Some minor, some major. One after another we have all been victims . Today ,just when I was congratulating myself on a day well done without any family support ( my in laws left for India yesterday and this is my new life as a working mother of two ), Bandar started a fever. So now we deal with separating her from Beetle much to her despair and then I have the added worry of trying to keep the husbadoo fit and not catching it as his immune system has taken such a beating recently . And then our nanny is sick / recovering but complaining constantly about her health so I have no faith she will show up tomorrow. So I am living on edge right now wondering if I will be able to go into work or have to cancel my meetings . 

I had to force myself to break away from the worry and think positively about life . My kids will be fine , my husband and I will be fine and healthy . My kids will grow up strong and healthy and go to college at some point and these illnesses will not be something with everlasting effects. I took a long shower with tea tree shampoo to invigorate my senses and made myself a cup of tumeric milk . I am now on the couch  working for a bit before bed and I will soon go check on my babies. This too shall pass and we will survive. Say it with me .

Day 19 – Snuggles and Smiles

20 Nov

The thing with having two kids is that you always feel you are being unfair to one of them in the attention department. At least I do. When Bandar is around , she naturally demands our attention . To be fair it is also a lot of fun palying and interacting with her at this age and I often find myself engaged in conversation and imaginary play with her even when feeding Beetle. So for the last few weekends I feel I have just been going through the motions with Beetle- the feeds , the naps, the outings. It also has a lot to do with Beetle’s  personality. While Bandar was really a baby who needed a lot of  walking and holding and interaction , Beetle is usually content chewing at her fingers and cooing to herself if she is fed and changed and I  have spent many an hour offlate  working on my laptop with her by my side and only having really minimal interaction .But today I actually got a lot of  one on one time with Beetle and that totally made my day. 

My in laws took Bandar out for a walk with them.I got through some morning chores and the husband , Beetle and I landed on the couch and clicked some selfies . We played and passed Beetle between us and overall just really enjoyed her for a good 15 minutes without interruptions. Then in the evening the husbadoo and bandar went to the airport to drop off my in laws and I was left with Beetle for about two hours. She was awake for most of it and I had no chores to do or office work to get through and I just completely enjoyed her toothless mesmirizing smiles and this funny shy look of hers – she looks at you and smizes and then turns away. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Dearest lovely beetle – please know that you are a much wanted and much loved baby and the perfect fit for our small family  . Mom and dad adore you as much as we do your sister and really feel so so blessed that you chose our house to be born to. We look forward to a lifetime of your snuggles and smiles