Day 33 – You are not in this alone

5 Dec

Over the last few months unfortunately the husbadoo has not been in the best of health . Prior to that he had been working loads and loads at work and I got into the routine of managing the girls by myself a lot. I never really resented him working ( like the way I openly resent his cricket playing, actually don’t really resent that all that much when I think of it as his exercise , but I digress here !) ,I mostly worried about his hours and of course they were the one of the main causes of his illness. Then  when he was contagious and sick,I have never felt more alone in this parenting gig but obviously managed because I had to and even got used to it in the run . Now that he is slowly recovering , he has also started consciously balancing his life out a bit and though only time will tell if that is wise for his career  , it is undoubtedly the right thing for his health and the last few months have really taught us that health really comes before anything else.

Anyway with him choosing to do very little work over the weekends now and cricket season being over , he is around a lot at home and available to help me. We run like a smooth oiled machine when I have that support . I tend to often forget he is available though. This  Sunday evening for instance. At 5 pm panic set in – Beetle insisted on being held and /or fed, I had no groceries in the  fridge , a super busy week ahead of me and no plan on what to feed the family , I had office work waiting to be done that I ignored all wekenend and I was truly worried . For once I completely blanked in panic. It took me a while to break down tasks in my head and communicate with the husband . As soon as he realized what needed to be done he took it upon himself to take Bandar and go out for groceries , while I tended to Beetle and dinner . He then held our cranky little Beetle bug while I made lunches for the next day . Miraculously we got both kids asleep in bed by 8:30 and had some time to sit down and work on our respective jobs on the couch . At 10 pm he went in and got in the mail and we sorted through together and actioned and I finally did a little more cleaning , bottle washing etc and got to bed at 11 pm. I am glad I did as I have been up since 4 am tomorrow but more on that on another post . At this point , I am beyond thankful to have him around, supportive and partnering with me every step of the way.


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