Day 31 – Movie

4 Dec

I skipped two days of blogging and it’s a slippery slope in this kind of a challenge. I have already started to feel this is a pain in the ass and why the hell am I blogging anyway .Anyway I am writing three posts today for says 31, 32,33 and we will just see how long I keep this going . Doubt it will truly be a 100 days.

Friday was weird and bad in every way possible. The only legitimately good thing was I caught a movie on Amazon prime as per my colleague’s reco – The Big Sick . The previews had seemed fun and though I forgot about this completely after it released , I  am glad I managed to finally see it  now.  I really prefer shows to movies and sitting through and almost two hour movie on my own is kind of a big deal for me.

I want to record here that was bad on many counts , the biggest however was my breakdown in the evening trying to keep Beetle safe from Bandar. I think I scolded Bandar the worst I ever have and though she fully probably deserved the scolding for what she did , I should have controlled my temper better .I just got blinded in my concern for keeping Beetle safe. I also wanted to work at night on some stuff but my mood was super low all evening that well I did was watched the movie and went to bed 


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