Day 28 – Lights !

29 Nov

Driving home once daylight savings starts in November is a freaking pain in the ass. I hate driving in the dark. Everything seems worse in the dark . People are in a hurry to get home , traffic sucks , my nanny is itching to leave and has texted me once already asking if she needs to defrost more breastmilk for the baby, my husband tells me he is going  to be a little late and asks if I can get the kids fed and to bed without him – regular stuff that would happen even without the daylight savings being in effect but the driving in the dark seriously makes all this seem worse than it is . 

Anyway , the one good thing the darkness brings is the visibility of Christmas lights all around ! We live adjacent to a street that is known across the city for it’s stupendous light display . Seriously blessed to be so close to it. We will be doing out yearly walk through to admire the lights in a few weeks . But for now I get a glimpse on my way home and it makes me feel all merry and bright and brings a smile to my face.’Tis the season to be jolly indeed !


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