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16 Jun

I am less than a week away from my due date and here is a glimpse of life around here. This is going to be such a jumbled post, hopefully one day the baby can read it and get a feel for how we were feeling and how we were doing a few days prior to his/her birth.

My mom arrived a few weeks ago and brought with her a huge wave of relief for both the husband and I. Leading up to the last week prior to her arrival, I was doing less and less around the house and the husband more and more . it was pure relief to have an adult around to take on some of his load. Also just knowing we no longer had to make that 4 am call to anyone to drop Bandar off added to the calm.

With mom here, I have been eating and eating and eating. All my food aversions seemed to have disappeared out of the window at this point and there is a certain comfort that only your mom’s cooking can provide. So I have been packing on the pounds these last few weeks. I am so glad I was eating healthy and exercising regularly until I got to this point though. I am actually probably going to end this pregnancy a good 10 lbs lower than I was with Bandar and I for one am happy.

Bandar has been getting some quality time with her Grandmom. We shortened Bandar’s preschool day by half and she now is home with my mom in the afternoons. I am glad she is getting this 1×1 time with my mom that is super rare when they usually meet for 2 weeks of the year. With an another adult in the mix with their own way of doing things, and Bandar being at an age where her peers influence her behavior so much, I have noticed an extra oodle of sass in a lot of her interactions at home, especially with my mom. I have been trying my best to nip it in the bud and am thankful she still shows remorse and makes a genuine effort to control her temper and tongue as best she can for her 4.5 years old. Rudeness from a child, however young she may be especially towards an adult, is unacceptable in my book.

I had a baby sprinkle at work and for the umpteenth time felt blessed to work with a bunch of fun and fabulous women. I also had a sprinkle with some close friends outside of work and it was small, cozy and perfect in every way.  I have to thank my mom for this as it was purely on her insistence to celebrate the new life. Considering I am terribly judgmental of baby showers/sprinkles for second born babies, this took some convincing for me to agree to, but in the end I am glad she pushed me to do it.

We have got most of the baby and mommy essentials done at this point . Atleast to see us through the first few weeks. Of course, I am sure we have forgotten something or another and will need a quick shop run, but on the whole, I feel way more organized this time around and am ready to face the hurricane that is going to hit us in a few short weeks.

On the Bandar front, she has brand new Big Sister Scrubs to wear to the hospital to see baby, I have a gift for her from baby packed and ready and she is ready to welcome her little sibling. She is currently super thrilled that baby is now finally the size of a watermelon and ready to come out. We giggle together as we bite into juicy watermelon ourselves and patiently wait.

The husbadoo has been working around the clock to get a load of office work done before baby arrives. However with my mom here, we have been able to get some walks together and a movie and overall unexpected couple time. This was very much needed though we didn’t realize it at this point .It somehow relaxes us both and makes us feel closer prior to our lives changing for the better in a few days.

My last day at work is this Friday, and through this last week I have been treating every day like it may be my last. I thought I would have a hard time disconnecting from work but I am surprisingly ready for it and well confident of the transition plan I have laid out.

Baby puts us through a fine dance every night with random contractions. Though off late they have had a frequency and can’t really be classified as random any more. But still not at the frequency and intensity that would warrant going to the hospital. Before I make the 30 minute drive there, I want to be sure it is the real deal. So we end up waiting it out and going back to sleep a tad disappointed that it means one more day without baby.

I am keeping our weekends and precious Bandar time packed with activity in the meanwhile. We went to the county fair which is an event Bandar looks forward to every year and the safari park last weekend and I ended up walking close to 10k steps and 8k steps on both days respectively. But of course, those didn’t move baby. It seems comfy, happy and secure and though I am eager to finally meet it, at this point I am okay with it growing a little more.




6 Responses to “Around here ”

  1. Tharani June 16, 2017 at 3:13 am #

    I might have missed your post on the pregnancy announcement. Congrats Pop. Here is wishing you safe delivery. Good luck 🙂

  2. Arch June 16, 2017 at 2:59 pm #

    All the best! 🙂 Waiting to hear the news..

  3. Bhavani June 16, 2017 at 9:18 pm #

    I thought you will come back with the baby annoucement when it was quiet here. Glad to know things are going well. I can imagine the relief when mom comes home. Their presence itself makes a big difference. Enjoy and all the best wishes.

    I am 100% with you on kids being rude – i know sometimes it can be as a result of hunger or tiredness or mere attitude. I cannot take it…


  4. 30in2005 June 21, 2017 at 6:45 am #

    Waiting waiting waiting (patiently) for news of your baby. Hope it’s a smooth ride. Usual lurker, 30in2005

    • popgoesthebiscuit June 21, 2017 at 6:53 am #

      Thanks for stopping by. No baby yet ! We are all waiting too 🙂

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