The weekend that was

20 Apr

Weekends as a family of three are dwindling down fast and I am trying desperately to make the most of them before we enter our new normal. I just loved this pace of this past weekend . The husband had a birthday this weekend and I wanted to ensure this rarely occurring weekend birthday was wonderful for all of us and it undoubtedly was – lots of family time, eating out and cake!

We kickstarted the weekend with a late dinner out on Friday night with some visiting friends. As the H and I were in the same college for undergrad, we do know each other’s classmates – some better than others. And as is the case when you meet someone say after 12 years, you can’t help thinking about how much they have changed, how they are now and who they ultimately ended up with. And it is always fun to share this connection with your spouse and be able to gossip about this together. We went to one of our favorite vegetarian Thai restaurants and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Bandar was exhausted as it was quite late by the time we headed out, but she was on her best possible behavior despite having skipped an afternoon nap at school. As now seasoned  parents of a 4.5 year old , we continue to push her to her endurance limit on occasion. As the only other alternatives are never having a fun evening out as a family or getting a sitter, we make these occasions work for our family so far and our surprised by our prudent, adaptable little girl.


Saturday morning arrived and  Bandar had a playdate planned at the park and it was a daddy-daughter date. So the husbadoo started his year spending quality time with his daughter at the park. The other little girl had just had a brand new baby sister that very week, so there is so much in common for both little girls and dads.

I meanwhile, went off on my weekend 1 hour walk and did my usual hilly 3 miles. Each time I walk around our neighborhood , I am thankful to fate for having brought us to beautiful San Diego. I always thought I was more of a big city girl – I spent most of my formative years form the age of 11 to 21 in Bombay and I truly did love our short 1.5 years in NYC. But San Diego – with its perfect weather, natural beauty for miles around, the hills, desert and beach all at close quarters has won me over. With spring in the air, I gaze around and admire the blooming flowers and fruit laden trees in front gardens and truly feel content and blessed. Being heavily pregnant in spring somehow makes me happy and joyful at the thought of bringing new life into this beautiful world.

After we all were back home from our activities, we gathered up our beach gear which is a task in itself and loaded up the car. Out first stop was Little Italy for a delicious lunch. Instead of trying a new to us place like I wanted to , we stumbled into a previously tried , tested and approved restaurant  as I was getting pretty close to hangry. You really can’t go wrong with Italian food in this neighborhood though and we enjoyed our lunch. Bearing in mind that I was definitely going to indulge in the bread and dessert on the husbadoo’s birthday, I wisely ordered a salad and felt all good and righteous. Then onto my favorite part, ordering dessert.  The server brought out a delicious cannoli with a  lit candle as we were celebrating a birthday , but of course I wanted to order something else as well. Though that tiramisu with its liquor and coffee goodness called my name, we went with the chocolate lava cake and ice cream and split it three ways.  We actually had to a leave a teeny bit behind as all three of us were so full by the last bite.  Bandar in her concern for her unborn sibling and me, constantly reminded me that I really shouldn’t be eating more than a crumb of dessert , but for once I ignored her and tucked in.

We then headed to the beach, and though we didn’t go with our first choice location as it was fairly late in the afternoon and we had evening plans, we ended up in a good spot. The water was of course a tad cold, like it always is in the Pacific, but as the sun was shining down nice and bright, I really had nothing to complain about. After some water play, Bandar played happily in the sand and the husband rested his head on my lap and I was at perfect bliss having all three people I love the most at arms reach.

When it was time to leave, we packed up our beach gear and changed a tired Bandar into some Indian clothes as she had a spiritual class at the temple. This is one class we are trying to be regular with as Bandar seems to get a lot out of it, despite its many flaws in administration. Once that was wrapped up, we headed to an Indian restaurant next door for an early snack based dinner –our third meal outside that weekend. We tucked in but made sure to pick up three pastries from a bakery near by to truly celebrate the birthday! We were an exhausted trio who went home to hot showers , small bits of pastry  and bed.

Sunday started with yours truly making some rava upma, which the husband loves. I then squeezed in my walk again and we did some general stuff around the house that included moving our router out of the room that we intend to make the baby’s nursery. The husband went off for his short cricket game amd if asked,  will probably say that was his favorite part of the weekend. Bandar and I had  lunch at home and set off to get our groceries for the week. Once the H returned, we spent the rest of the evening doing some surface cleaning around the house and getting set for the week

What did you do this last weekend?


8 Responses to “The weekend that was”

  1. Titaxy April 20, 2017 at 3:45 am #

    For some reason I’d forgotten that you’re in San Diego. I’m sure you’ve mentioned that on the blood previously. I spent a couple of days there earlier this month and really liked it. Such beauty all around. If I ever come back we should plan to meet. 😊

  2. Bhavani April 20, 2017 at 9:51 am #

    That sounds like a wonderful time spent Pop!!! I love San Diego…it is a beautiful city from whatever I have seen:)

    Our weekend was pretty bleh with me working!! Hope the coming weekend is fun with some things planned!!!

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 20, 2017 at 9:24 pm #

      Working over the weekend really is unavoidable sometimes ya. Hopefully you were wfh and not at work.

  3. anisnest April 20, 2017 at 9:10 pm #

    belated birthday wishes to your mister 🙂
    that sounds like a dream weekend with family, beech, eat out and all..
    I watched beauty and the beast in big screen with Adi, took kids to easter egg hunt and we tried “on the border” for sat night dinner..

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 20, 2017 at 9:24 pm #

      Beauty and the beast was fun , right ? I really liked it . Trust Disney to do a good job. Easter egg hunts have also been a huge hit around here.

  4. MissH April 20, 2017 at 11:34 pm #

    Over the weekend, we moved. Period. I do not want to explain more. Yes, it is a different city in the same state but does that make any difference in the efforts involved?

    It always feels good reading your posts. Much love to all of you.

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 21, 2017 at 2:02 am #

      Moves are overwhelming for most. I think I am weird and don’t mind moves too much as such. Maybe because I moved a lot as a kid and even as an adult. Hope you get settled in the new city soon. Good luck !

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