Random thoughts from the weekend 

12 Apr

– After not eating out for several days together, we headed out for a late dinner on Friday night as a family. Though I ate way more vegan pho than I intended too and threw caution to the winds that particular night on my carb intake that I am supposed to be watching, it was such a relaxing end to a busy week for both the husband and I. We got to chat, reconnect and felt relaxed.

-To add to that , both the husband and I went to bed early, a few minutes after Bandar. We both had loads of work to do but decided we would sleep instead and best decision ever. We woke up so refreshed , atleast I did.

-I kick started Saturday morning with a small walk – barely 1 hour and covered just 3 miles. I tell myself the terrain is hilly and I am pregnant, so this speed is probably okay. Anyway, it is all I can do during weekends at this point. I listen to the Harry Potter Audio books as I walk and I am now right at the end of Book 7 and though it’s probably the 10th time I have read, heard these, I find my eyes filled with tears as I walk. The husband keeps asking me if I cried at Dobby’s death and though I find that incredibly sad, I do not. Its Tonks and Lupin who get me every time, maybe because they leave a teeny tiny baby behind.

– Bandar did not mind the Easter Bunny this year at all. She sat beside him for pictures and exhibited no fear from years past. The Easter Egg hunt in our community lasted exactly 2 minutes and was the most excited I had seen Bandar in a long time. Its parents assisted but I got to walk behind her just so as to not lose her in the crowd. She did all the egg picking and balancing in her basket.

-Seeing Bandar interact with her school friends outside of school is always heartwarming. We bumped into one of the quietest, non-boisterous boys in her class (in Bandar’s words – He does not play with weapons and prefers nature instead) , who is also very fond of Bandar, at the Easter egg hunt. The spontaneous hugs and chatter convinces me she is genuinely happy at school and has learnt to really make friends.

-Going out with Bandar is really super-duper easy at this stage. The H was busy this weekend with work, so Bandar and I were out for a good 4-5 hours covering all the celebratory events around us, classes and groceries and she was good as gold. I have to have one snack for her and a sippy cup in the car and that’s about it. She holds me arm as I am no longer able to really lift her and walks along. She lets me know when she has to use the restroom. She communicates hunger and thirst. She welcomes a surprise treat. She makes great conversation. I just can’t get enough of this age – 4.5 years old! Of course, new baby is going to shake up this dynamic a tad but I know roughly what to expect and am fine with it.

-I am at a point in this pregnancy where I am getting up about every 30 minutes form bed before falling asleep to pee. Now, as I tend to  fall asleep soon as my head hits my pillow most weekdays , this is not a problem. But on weekends, with late rising and maybe an afternoon nap thrown in, I find myself lying in bed – not really asleep but too lazy to get up and find that I have to head to the restroom atleast 4-5 times in 2.5 hours. The thing is I remember this phase distinctly with my first pregnancy as well and its definitely one of the few things that stops once the baby is out . Only of course to be replaced with a crying hungry baby to be fed ever so often through the night. I guess I can give up on restful sleep for a good 2 years at this point. Bandar roughly started sleeping through the night around that time. Yes, we don’t do pacis or crying it out, and don’t intend to start with this one either.

– Speaking of pregnancy ailments, the one that still hasn’t occurred during this pregnancy is the “Charlie horses”. These are fun, shin cramps that are debilitating and mostly hit you when you are in bed. Then you have to flex your foot out a little and rub and rub your shin till your work them out. I am sure I am going to jinx myself by even typing this out here and who knows,  I have 10 full weeks left to go to maybe still get them.

 – I unearthed a full bottle of my grandmom’s homemade Sāmbhar powder at the back of my kitchen shelves last weekend. And I also found myself with tiny little pearl onions that just begged to be made into sambhar. So that is what I made on Sunday afternoon and consumed with millets.

– The husband made uttapams for breakfast on Sunday and dosas for dinner. Home made batter for the win !

– Two things I am really enjoying eating /drinking this pregnancy are unflavored Greek Yogurt and Coconut water. I go through a lot of both during the weekend as I have easy access to them in my fridge.

– I have realized I actually look older than I am. And that the husband looks younger to me. I don’t exactly know why – a good guess is the grey that is sprouting on my head . I haven’t ever colored my hair at all and going down that path scares me a little . It is something I wanted to avoid till I was atleast 35 but think vanity might push me to start very soon. 


4 Responses to “Random thoughts from the weekend ”

  1. Parita @ myinnershakti April 18, 2017 at 12:13 am #

    Oh those Charlie Horses are SO painful! If I’m not on top of my water game as well as stretching before bed, they’re a guaranteed occurrence! Ouch! I hope you’re spared this time around!

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 19, 2017 at 1:23 am #

      Yes, those are painful. But it’s the one thing that absolutely disappears once the baby arrives.

  2. anisnest April 18, 2017 at 11:28 pm #

    isn’t 4.5 such a cute age? I am almost experiencing the same with LHB.. he is damn cute and surprises me so much.. we have got some evening routine in place and I am loving it 🙂
    take care and enjoy this beautiful phase Pop..

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