Weekend recap

20 Mar

This weekend went by in such a blur of activity but allowed for lots of family time which I was happy about. Family time is probably going to look very different once the baby gets here and from observing and talking to other families with two children a few years apart, it is a lot of divide and conquer with dad usually being with the older kid and mom with the baby. We will have to see what works for us when the time comes . As of now , I love the age Bandar is it and I cherish the time the three of us get together.

Friday evening started with a Costco trip with Bandar. I am unable to pick up Bandar and hoist her into the cart nowadays but she is so good and holds my hand or my shirt as we go through the aisles. I wish they had more veggie samples !Once home , the husbadoo surprised us by getting home early and it just made my evening. We really did nothing much but having him home at a decent hour of 7 pm just took a lot of pressure off me. Bandar ended the night with an episode of her favorite show.

Saturday morning , we decided to head  out on a family walk around the neighborhood. It was a shortish 2.5 mile walk but Bandar was in her stroller and the husband and I got to enjoy a leisurely conversation about work and other things. Once home, Bandar and I went off for her gymnastics class. We have just enrolled her in this and she loves it. The husband also packed a to-go lunch for her as Bandar and I had lunch plans later. Once her class was done , we headed to lunch with some friends of mine.I just have to say Bandar was as good as gold and colored and sketched and ate like a pro.  The husband meanwhile was at cricket. Once Bandar and I got home, she played a bit while I did laundry and caught up on half an episode of Scandal. We then headed to a spiritual class for Bandar at the temple. We do this a few times a month and if nothing else I am glad Bandar requests to practice  a few bhajans and shlokas during the week in preparation for the class and is taking a great interest in mythology stories. I have very strong opinions on what is wrong with the way this class is organized and run but I will save them for another post. As of now, it will suffice to say I am trying to only see the pros of this rather than the cons. After the class, we had dinner plans at a friend’s house . The husband met us there and we have a leaisurely evening with them. Bandar got to play with her friends too and the three little girls had a blast till 10 pm when we headed home. Bandar was so sleepy by the time we got home and so were we.

Sunday morning started with Skype with the grandparents . The husband made uttapams- home made fermented batter that has actually worked well for us for once .We then wrapped up our tax returns..Productive weekend in my book! For lunch , I made stuffed Portobello caps for lunch . Super yummy . I ate mine with ketchup.

The filling is sauteed bell peppers , spinach, a healthy heap of pesto and some cheese. 

After a surprisingly filling lunch, I wanted to go for a walk. But it was too hot to step out with family. I then got into some sort of a huff with the husband ( we both blame it on pregnancy hormones ) . Anyway it resulted in me walking alone for a bit relistening to Harry Potter book 7 . Once home and calmer and after a good shower we headed out to meet friends by the beach. After the kids got done playing , we went out for dinner . The dinner was slightly spoilt as Bandar found a piece of chicken in her soup and probably ate a good portion of it before finding it too fibrous. Needless to say we will not be going back to that place. The night ended after a short stop at Whole Foods to get Bandar some dessert. As I am supposedly watching my sugar intake among other things right now, I held back in picking a treat for myself. The husband in his support of me also restricted himself.Bandar was exhausted on the ride home and she was asleep immediately after brushing her teeth at home. I sat down to get a good 3 hrs of work done before falling asleep myself at 12. And waking up on Monday was obviously delayed . Here’s to a busy week ahead !


6 Responses to “Weekend recap”

  1. Bhavani March 22, 2017 at 8:06 am #

    Wow you do pack in a lot of things during a weekend girl!! And those mushrooms look so good.. should try one of these days!!

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 22, 2017 at 11:53 pm #

      Weekends with good weather need to be spent outside, no? 🙂 The mushrooms were good as a low carb meal.

  2. Pepper March 23, 2017 at 10:39 pm #

    Those mushrooms look fab!
    You made the pesto at home too? Impressive.

    Why did you eat it with ketchup! All that sugar..

  3. anisnest April 18, 2017 at 11:03 pm #

    that lunch looks yum yummier and yummiest.. do you just grill it in oven? recipe pls..

    • popgoesthebiscuit April 18, 2017 at 11:05 pm #

      Just broil it actually for about 5-7 mins. I found the mushrooms themselves a tad raw though the filling had cooked well. For next time I will be cooking the Portobello caps themselves on the tava a little bit before I fill them and broil them

      • anisnest April 18, 2017 at 11:29 pm #

        done deal.. this weekend it is 🙂

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