Daylight savings !

13 Mar

Sunday morning – Bandar is up at 7:15 am ( as per body clock actually 6:15 am,daylight savings went into affect at 2 am Sunday morning ). We all get up with her and I feel super productive as we have finished making and consuming choc chip waffles and kale smoothies and skyping by 9 am. Bandar is happy and playful till it’s time to head to a birthday party at 11 am and I can see her getting tired out.

Sunday afternoon – Bandar naps for a good 2 hours after the party and we catch up on two episodes of “This is us “. This never happens as one or both  usually falls asleep when she does.

Sunday evening – Bandar is up at 5:30 pm from her nap and we decide to head to the park for playtime and a sunset picnic. Two hours at the park and my frame of mind is that I love daylight savings , the almost extra family time it gives us and 7 pm sunsets!

Sunday night – Bandar has a bath, watches her 20 min weekend show and turns into bed at 9 pm. At 9:20  pm she is still wide awake and I drift off to sleep before her. 

Monday morning -My alarm goes off at 5:50 am, 6:20 am, 6:30 am , 6:45 am till I finally get up at 7:02 am! I head down and scramble to make lunches and breakfast. My goal to get a headstart on dinner using our electric pressure cooker fails and I head back up to wake up a sleeping Bandar at 7:50 and ready myself. Needless to say we are terribly late for school , getting there at 8:45 instead of 8:30. But surprise, we aren’t the only ones !! Kids are just coming in and there are lots of tears and chaos all around.  I wave good bye to Bandar as she heads out to the playground with her class and I put away her lunch and other things before heading to work. I am thankful my child doesn’t cry at drop off , I think to myself. We are so past that as Bandar has been in a structured school environment since she was 15 months old. Of course, I jinx it and my child comes running to me with her eyes full of tears as I accidently forgot to hand her her water bottle when she headed out to play ! Lots of hugs and kisses follow and I finally lead her out to her friends and teacher and wave good bye. My frame of mind as I drive myself to work is I hate stupid daylight savings !


3 Responses to “ Daylight savings !”

  1. Bhavani March 14, 2017 at 10:17 pm #

    The day to school/work is always chaotic! It helped that we were away for the weekend and the kids got tired and went to bed at their normal time at 9, But still waking up was hard but they managed without whining…phew!!

    Hang in there it will get better in a couple of days!! I love the longer days where I don’t have to come inside a dark home!!

    • popgoesthebiscuit March 15, 2017 at 4:19 am #

      Agree with you on coming home when there is light outside. Hopefully the change will set in and it gets better soon

  2. anisnest April 18, 2017 at 10:58 pm #

    ha haa.. daylight savings is only good for that day 🙂

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