Date night

1 Mar

I have blogged before about lunch dates being our thing and that will always remain. But around Valentine’s Day the husbadoo and I managed to get a date night together and I am writing about it mainly to save it as a personal memory.

The only times we have actually had a dinner date since we became parents almost 4.5 years ago have been solely because we have had specific events to attend – like holiday parties or dinners with colleagues. But apart from that our dinners without Bandar have been inexistent for the most part. The reasons for this are several. I have left Bandar with sitters before of course for work but it seemed to be too much of an effort and waste of money  to really find a good reliable sitter for a “mere frivolous” (in my head at that time) date night. On top of that, the husband and I are perfectly happy enjoying some quality couple time on the couch watching a show or eating dessert after Bandar goes to bed, that the effort to execute upon a date night outside of the house again seemed an unnecessary stretch in execution. Bandar herself is much older now and a fun dining companion and loves eating out as much as we do, so we have taken her to some non-kid friendly restaurants recently like fancy tapas places and she has behaved beautifully, and a date night was not something we missed. And finally the stupidest reason of all – a little bit of parent guilt as for fulltime working parents time with your child is limited to begin with and a date night seemed almost like a selfish act. 

So it finally took Bandar’s school organizing childcare at a reasonable price on Saturday evening right before Valentines Day to actually get us out for dinner.

Bandar was thrilled about the evening she was going spend from 5-9 pm at school with her friends. And we were excited at an unexpected opportunity to enjoy a meal together outside. It had to be a meal as I vetoed a movie immediately. So then we spent a pleasant 2 hours (yes, that long) picking the cuisine and restaurant. We finally picked the cuisine – Italian and a restaurant that we had wanted to try for a while but hadn’t simply because the offered no Pizza which is essential for Bandar when we ate Italian. And I wanted to ensure it was a restaurant we both had not been to before with our friends or through work. Anyway we picked a winner.

Getting ready for to head out was fun too and this is where I think evenings on the couch are great, but would highly recommend getting  all dressed up to go out with your partner once in a while . We got to Bandar’s school and a lot of the parents like us were dressed up and were giggly excited to enjoy their evening out! The children were having their own Valentine’s Day themed evening including themed vegetarian food and waved their good byes happily.

Then we off downtown. We didn’t have a reservation but as it was barely 6 pm we got a cozy table without a wait and enjoyed a delicious meal and great conversation. Granted that a lot of our chatter invariably goes to Bandar, but I think that’s only natural with most parents. Plus we are a couple who is usually connected on a regular basis regarding our jobs, friends, respective families and other things . So it’s not like we had to catch up the other person on all that stuff. We then strolled around the area arm in arm and went to pick up the most overrated desserts in town. We usually stay clear off this dessert place because apart from the it being ridiculously expensive and overrated there is also usually a long wait. Anyway as we were sans child that day, we happily stood in line and choose our desserts and picked them up to go. We shared one in the car and decided to save the other one for the day after. We still had 1.5 hours to kill at that point and ended up going shopping to buy some essentials like a clock for our bedroom and shoes. We finally arrived to pick up Bandar a good 20 minutes before and she had just settled down in her pajamas to watch a movie. We bundled her into the car and got home, all three of us having had a wonderful evening.


2 Responses to “Date night”

  1. Bhavani March 1, 2017 at 11:44 pm #

    I think it is such an Indian thing for a working couple – feeling guilty about going out on a date night right?. We are pretty most the same. Sometimes when I am too bored, I convince the hubby to take off. So like college days we bunk work go to a movie/lunch take a nap and then pick up kids at normal time:)

    I think once when my older one was a baby, when inlaws were around…went out for a nice dinner for our Anniversary. Otherwise Annivs are also same as above :-)) We take off and go out for a nice lunch / movie have done Spa also.

    Seems like you had a perfect evening. Hope you get more opportunities!


  2. anisnest March 3, 2017 at 4:20 am #

    That’s awesome and very thoughtful of the school.. glad to hear that you all enjoyed the evening..

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