Day 28 – Singing along to the music

29 Jan

We are just back from watching Disney on Ice. This was Bandar’s second time at a similar show and with each year I can see her comprehend story lines and appreciate performances better. My favorite part though was watching her singing loudly along to her favorite Frozen songs. She was up by her seat , swaying and singing loudly without a a care in the world. The very picture of childhood innocence and happiness.I was debating whether this show was worth it a second time, albeit a different set of stories for the most part. But I am glad we went ahead with it and bought tickets for this one as it gave me very happy memories to last a lifetime.

The only other time I have seen a child I know sing out this carefree and happily at a theatre was my two year old sister in 1996 when we went to watch Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. We saw the movie a few years after it released and my sister was apparently well versed in the songs by then . She sang out happily to most of them , munching a samosa and eating popcorn in between!

 I am far too conscious now and was so even as a child that singing out loud in a movie hall or show would not have come naturally to me at all. Bandar is like me in far too many ways, but this is one where I am glad she ,atleast at the tender age of four currently , doesn’t seem to be bothered by fellow patrons looking on. Hope she continues to throw caution to the winds and sing out loud when life gives her the right moments to do so.


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