Day 26 – Raising a Bandar

27 Jan

Intentionally or unintentionally , we are raising a kid who absolutely does not care for gadgets , technology and the like  , atleast for now. 

Yesterday I really wanted a picture of myself in a new dress and as I usually change before the husband is home into my comfy pyjamas , I had to ask Bandar if she would take a picture of me. I thought she would be excited to comply but surprisingly she was not. Her first reaction was “Can’t you just take a selfie ? ” , followed by , ” It’s too tough , amma. I am only a baby. ” Anyway I convinced her to atleast try and she gave the screen a half hearted push and grumbled as I shifted pose to show off my better side. And after four awful pictures  she was done.

Another day she was set up with a YouTube video , one of the few standard ones of this show she likes. I had a conference call that night and as she was in Full screen mode , I asked her to simply hit escape , get to the standard view in YouTube and pick another video of the panel once this one ended. My call duration was longer than the original 15 minute video. Immediately I saw the panic on her face, ” No Amma , I don’t know how. I will just come to the study without talking and ask you to change it for me” . And she just refused to even try it.

Our library has the ABCmouse learning package. I have asked Bandar if she wants to try it and in the two attempts she has made she definitely does not feel comfy using a mouse and pointer at all and instead prefers I do it. She loves solving the puzzles the game poses though.

 I have zero kid apps on my phone and the only thing she requests to see on my phone with me handling it are old baby videos of her.

So that’s that. I have heard that elementary schools now expose children to a considerable amount of technology and expect a certain amount of technology literacy. I wonder if Bandar will be at a disadvantage then. But for now though I am thrilled my child prefers conversation and an imaginary game to mobile browsing . 


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