Day 22 : Weekend Snippets

23 Jan

– I woke up early on Sunday morning and was about to fall back asleep as it was a weekend morning afterall, but I looked over at the husband. Bandar lay between us like she does most days. This is usually the case if we fall asleep with her. (A few days of the week  when Bandar is in bed before us, we move her gently to one end and snuggle up together at one end of the bed all night long till Bandar wakes up the morning to demand why she isn’t in the middle). I woke him with some prodding and beckoned him over to my end and he complied.So I had one more hour of blissful sleep in my favorite sandwiched spot between them both.

– Talking of sandwiches, the husband and I were both craving Bombay style grilled veg sandwiches on Sunday morning for brunch. The husband on impulse decided to go get us a sandwich maker and came back with a new panini grill ! Meanwhile , I prepped the chutney,veggies ,cheese and reheated the potato filling I had premade by our weekly cook.And then this deliciousness followed , made by the husband.

We ate this with a new bottle of Maggie hot and sweet ketchup we had purchased after years at the Indian store. Best meal of my weekend for sure.

– If the previous point does not elaborate how awesome the sandwiches were, consider the fact that my other amazing meal this weekend was this good looking and scrumptious pizza from a wonderful day downtown with the family on Saturday.

– I also got gelato after months in a humongous cone and indulged in three delicious flavors. After hogging almost all of it, I threw the last half inch of the cone as the sweetness just was too much at some point. My last giant ice cream in a cone was in Portland in May 2016, so I figure I can allow myself to indulge once a year in this treat. Nevertheless, much guilt over this sweet treat ensued in my head and I had only watermelon – 2 bowls of it , after the pizza and gelato to try and make up for the calories.

– I gave my deep kitchen later much TLC today after a year of moving in. They had become a dumping ground and I am ashamed of the junk food and snacks I buy for the family and never eat. It goes into the depths of my larder to never surface again.A lot of it is being given away to my cleaning lady next week . All this wastage is definitely my fault as I am the sole grocery decision maker in the house and snack  packer for picnics. 

– I got my closet a little organized this weekend which is a small win considering how bad it was. Next stop the husband’s side of it. 

– Bandar has been her delightful best off late. So to reward her on Friday evening , I got to her school around 4 pm and despite the pouring rain , we set off on a fun Mother Daughter evening. We went to the library and picked up ten books. Then went to Starbucks for hot chocolate and cake pops. She is such a fun conversationalist and I am enjoying motherhood more and more with an older child. 

– Here the first orange ever from the new tree in our garden . It tasted pretty good too.

– The most average thing I ate  this weekend was a hurried Pad Thai I cooked up Friday night. The tofu was marinated for 48 hours and delicious when baked  but I screwed up the sauce using tamarind extract instead of regular tamarind that I am used to using, resulting in far too sickly sour noodles.
That was my weekend ! What is the best and worst thing you ate this weekend ?

2 Responses to “Day 22 : Weekend Snippets”

  1. anisnest January 23, 2017 at 8:11 pm #

    Sounds like a food weekend 🙂

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