Day 21- The one resolution I want to keep

22 Jan

I make several resolutions every year that I seldom keep.This year is no different , but if there is one that I hope stays , it’s infinitely more patience .

I know  I am by no means a going to morph into the epitome of a calm and patient wife,mom , duaghter , daughter in law this year but I would like to incorporate patience in small digestible doses into my life.

Patience first with Bandar, especially on weekday mornings. I am raising an ultra sensitive child who can judge even the smallest hints of irritation in my voice. Sometimes it’s impatience when she doesn’t put on her shoes properly , other days it’s when she doesn’t hop out of the car immediately. ” Are you made with me , Mama ?” ,she asks and it’s probably the last question I want to answer at drop off when we are going to be apart for the next 9 hours and I cannot reassure her enough with words and hugs before we part. 

Patience with my parents. They are getting older and are the only two people who love me unconditionally come what may and care foremost for me before anyone else ( even Bandar). So with that in mind , I need to take joy in our interactions on Skype , my mom’s requests to see me on video chat however tired I am, my dad’s constant reminders to incorporate prayer in my life and so on. 

My in laws . I know I am blessed to have good in laws, they are genuinely good people and care about me.I haven’t been the most patient daughter in law  at times and though I hide my irritation a tad better with them than with my parents I would like to develop more tolerance overall.

With the husband. He does so much for me but he sure does it in his own way and may not do it exactly when I need it. But he does come through and I have to come to realize we are different people and have different methods of approach on almost every thing. This year I want to appreciate him more instead of taking him for granted as I am beginning to realize there are a ton of men folk who don’t lift a finger.

With myself. I often don’t live upto my own high standards and am my worst critic . I think of the worst situation always and like to plan ahead. Though this helps me deal with life most times, it can be exhausting to stay ahead of the game all the time . And the few times I am behind in thought and action ,I  can run myself down with negativity and critique . So this year I hope I am kinder to myself a tad and have more patience to deal with myself when I am overwhelmed, indecisive or just plain stressed.


2 Responses to “Day 21- The one resolution I want to keep”

  1. anisnest January 23, 2017 at 6:26 am #

    Perseverance with patience. Its my every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute, every second goal too.. Good luck!

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