Day 19 – Getting our weekends back

20 Jan

Till about last September ,our weekends were a little crazy around here . This was mainly because Bandar was enrolled in a bunch of classes. She had Ballet on Saturday mornings, followed by swimming and then on Sundays she had soccer.

 The reason we had all her classes on the weekends was because for full time working parents and a child who is in preschool followed by daycare from 8:30 am to 5:30pm every single day , a week day evening activity is really hard. I am.not calling it impossible as I know some parents do it, but to me it’s not worth taxing the child and yourself after a long day with a class. For a short time in the summer , we had Bandar enrolled in swimming at 5:30 PM twice a week on weekdays. This involved me rushing to leave work at 4:55, get to Bandar’s school, get her changed and ready for swimming class, drive to swimming class in time, find parking and literally pull Bandar out of the car and take her into class. Though the twice a week class , immensely helped Bandar learn to swim, the whole process was too tiring for everyone concerned . So we moved Bandar to a Saturday swimming slot instead. 

But three classes over the weekend , got too tiring for everyone again. For one getting up early on Saturday and making it in time for ballet was a stretch in itself. Then the second class on Saturday with a snack between them was an ordeal. Plus, she now clearly disliked swimming and only agreed to go as we pushed her. After a few weeks of this, I decided to withdraw her from ballet in favor of having just one class to get to on Saturdays. Swimming we strongly felt was an important life skill she should stick with. Alas, winter came and Bandar fell sick a few times . The pool was an outdoor one and though the water itself was heated , seeing Bandar shivering before and after class and the multiple infections she caught made us stop swimming. We were then left with only soccer.on Sundays. Again, we had enrolled her to get her running and we felt the sport had really strengthened her legs. Bandar.was also fairly good at all the exercises and drills they did at the early stages . However , when the games actually started , Bandar had no intention of running behind the ball and tackling other kids to get control of the ball.It wasn’t that she didn’t understand the rules as we assumed at first, she just didn’t want to play. So then it became a bit of a drag to coax her into even going to class and sticking out in the field for one hour. In the end, Bandar and I had an India trip to take and decided we would review the situation once we returned. Once we got back, we realized we love our Sundays freeish and are just a very lazy family to begin with , and we never made it back to the field.

Having our weekends now wide open, especially the ones when the husband has not had cricket has been refreshing. We have had more family brunches, cuddling sessions late into the morning , more Skype sessions with the grandparents, home made breakfasts at home , been able to make weekend morning birthday parties and so on. We might restart one of these classes soon , maybe swimming if we find an indoor pool , and will be back to atleast one hurried day of the weekend. But until then, I have enjoyed our break from the madness.


2 Responses to “Day 19 – Getting our weekends back”

  1. anisnest January 21, 2017 at 2:06 am #

    been there.. now we have cut down all classes on weekends except one. Instead she takes classes on weekdays evening. That works better for now and I return late from work and I don’t want to keep the trio at home until I reach. A home with the trio and not me is spent on TV/laptop so I chose to keep them occupied with classes..

    • popgoesthebiscuit January 21, 2017 at 2:07 am #

      Awesome if one parent can juggle their schedule to do the class thing in weekdays. In our case , it was too stressful given our schedules .

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