Day 15- Happiness on a Sunday

16 Jan

– Waking up hungry but being too lazy to go down immediately and fix my breakfast, I asked the husbadoo to just add some milk to my bulk made mueseli and heat in the micro for me. Instead he surprised me by going the extra mile to add the freshly chopped strawberries and serve it to me in bed ! Perfect start to the day

– Bandar slept in till almost 10:30 , after being up past midnight entertaining friends last night. This let me get the kitchen spic and span after the get together the night before . Love pristine counter tops!

– Enjoying 15 minutes of self pampering after months with a clay mask that promises to minimize my pores! Bah humbug!

– Convincing the fam to go out to brunch at my favorite place and enjoying a beach view vegan brunch . Soyrizo tacos for the win!

– Watching Bandar tower over the smaller kids and stand her place with the older kids  in the playground by the beach and rejoice at having an independent 4 year old. 

– Returning home to have a worrisome home owner issue be actually non existent. Thank the Lord for online neighborhood forums and services on call on Sundays and a spouse who sees eye to eye on new to us home maintainance issues.

– 30 minutes if relaxing sticker fun with Bandar !

– No cooking Sundays.

– A late start Monday to look forward to . Though I have to work on an actual public holiday , I am actually looking forward to getting shit done.


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