Day 14 – Cooking galore !

15 Jan

In our mixed household , we have slowly started celebrating a few festivals in our own way. Pongal is one festival that I only have very hazy memories of celebrating at home with my parents. For one, I have never been in Chennai to celebrate this , so I have no idea how my extended family celebrates this at all. Our small unit of mom, dad, sister and I definitely had a yummy lunch , courtesy mom . On occasion it has been a simple  dinner of pongal if it fell on a working day like this year. The next day , mom, sis and I would quickly before work and school lay out old pongal for the crows with red rice and yellow rice( from kumkum and haldi ) and bananas . My mom told us this was to feed our brothers from previous lives. She also gave us Rs. 10 I think as was customary for this festival. And that was usually our pongal. 

So what I do at home here is essentially the same . Both types of pongal – sweet and savory. Sometimes I have made a poligotsu and / or chutney.

Today however we had plans to have  guests over for dinner and the evening menu was Ragda Pattice and Bhel . So since morning I have made – both types of customary pongal ( proud of myself for just enough for one meal measurements here ) , coconut chutney , baked masala vadas – all the above for brunch.

For dinnerprep I made – Ragda , Patties, all the prep for bhel including chutnies. Now all I have to do is make the pasta for the kids and entertain our friends.

This is more cooking than I have done in three months and I am now exhausted .I leave you with a picture of the baked vadas – A in taste and C in presentation .


2 Responses to “Day 14 – Cooking galore !”

  1. anisnest January 18, 2017 at 1:48 am #

    baked vada? seriously.. I should have tried this.. I made urad dal vada deep fried..

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