Day 11 – Travel in 2016

12 Jan

2016 for me will go down as the year of short getaways .By that I mean , barring my India trip , our longest time away from home was about 3 nights. It is also the year we really made good use of being in California and did some road trips.  I will always remain a proponent of flying over driving but am slowly getting over my aversion for car travel. 

1) We started our 2016 travels in January , with a two night trip to Big Bear. We rented a cabin with two other families. both families had girls who are  Bandar’s good friends and somehow there was a sense of solidarity among  the parents on activities we choose to do with the kids. So we did nothing too strenous for them at all. Bandar was enrolled in a ski class and came out mid way in tears at being separated from me and being overwhelmed by the whole situation in general. This was also the trip that exposed us to snow chains in all their glory and we spent 6 hours coming home instead of the standard 3 hours.

2)Our next trip was to Disneyland in early April. We made only a day trip out of this, so I hardly call this a getaway ! But I blogged about this one already and can safely say I have a good Disney- with-kids startegy to get your biggest bang for your buck.

3)Our 7th wedding anniversary fell on Memorial day weekend and we flew to Portland to bring it in. We choose Portland as it was a city we both had heard great things about and it seemed to appeal to us. Bad things that stand out from this trip : The husband hated the hotel room is booked in the suburbs. In retrospect , I have realized paying peanuts indeed gets you monkeys and splurging for a downtown location when you are vacationing in a city is important. Another negative standout was the food was sub par, or rather below our expectations as we had heard fabulous things about vegetarian food in this city. Every place we tried was a let down.

Highlights from our Portland trip were – Bandar gave up using her potty seat and started using the regular adult potty as we decided to test our luck and not take her potty with us! We held strong and let her struggle and protest for around two days before delivering the goods in adult style ! Big win for us as parents as it meant no more cleaning of the plastic potty and handling of poop necessary. Other non bathroom related highlights include meeting the husband’s buddies after years , now  with their kids and wifes, and Bandar ‘s first planetarium visit.

4)We did a one night getaway ( if you can even call it that ) to LA in July when my sister visited.

Highlights here were eating the much desired Gujju Thali in Artesia, and finally spending an evening at Santa Monica Pier and specifically  riding the ferris wheel. 

5) Bandar and I went off to India for our shortest trip yet..13 days ! Not really fun without the husband.  Nothing much to say here except that it was mandatory family time with fun, emotional moments. Seeing Bandar interact with her grandparents on both sides is heart warming and reminds me that it is the main reason we make these trips. Parents and in laws are getting older and you always leave feeling a sense of sadness.

6) Vancouver in early November was our next trip. My parents visited us for a short 15 days and we decided to fly to Seattle and drive across the border to Vancouver. Despite being Fall and cold as we expected it to be, this was an enjoyable trip . Highlight – Bandar sleeping with her grandparents , allowing us to actually watch a movie in bed after years – Dil dhadhakne do. Food was a mix – one bad meal( needless to say my pick ), rest of the meals made up for it though.Another highlight was a fun evening at the revolving restaurant .After years I actually feel we can be ourselves around my parents and this was one such moment.  We ended the trip with half a day in Seattle visiting some family and Bandar had fun meeting her cousins for the first time.

7) Santa Barbara and Solvang for Thanksgiving. We did a legit 3 plus hour road trip! Santa Barbara was beautiful, though not as lovely as we would have liked because of it being Thanksgiving Day. Solvang was a picturesque little town and we enjoyed walking around it a few times. Lowlight of this trip was Bandar falling very sick on the second day. We stick with our planto stay a night at San Luis Obispo which was such a waste with Bandar being so sick and all we did was eat pizza in the room. We drove back the next day in the rain – the trip took over 8 hours with stops. A nice little highlight on the way back was stopping for dosas at Udipi in LA. 

8) Finally, was our New Year trip to Lake Arrowhead. I definitely prefer Lake A to Big Bear. It’s closer home and less snow but allowed us to get our fill. Snow chains came out for some parts but we were okay for theost part. The husband is now a pro at installing and removing them. Bandar had fun with the other kid we stayed in the Cabin with. I had a relaxing time with my best friend from Austin. My favorite moments included watching Bandar play in the snow without the pressure of a ski class , watching Koffee with Karan with my friend and a nice cozy timw watching a Hindi movie ( ae dil hain mushkil ) with the husband on the couch. Good times !

So that was our 2016 travel. Looking back, we only could do short trips this year with work commitments. But I definitely do yearn for the long 1 week plus time away together somewhere. Hoping for that in 2017 !


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  1. princessbutter January 12, 2017 at 4:55 am #

    Let me know if you wanna go for the thali again. I have ZERO desi friends here in OC and I don’t get to do desi stuff unless Abhi n Nisha come, which hasn’t happened since August.

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