Day 1 – Bandar’s first movie experience

28 Dec

Over the Christmas holidays, the husband and I decided that Bandar at the age of 4 and a quarter was ready to watch her first movie at a theater. The movie we decided upon was Disney’s Moana.All three of us were excited about it as we considered this a milestone of sorts.

Since her birth , we have seen exactly three movies ourselves in a theater – all three movie dates were executed when she was in school . So Bandar really had no idea what she was in for at all. She vaugely thought the experience involved a stage like the” Frozen ” musical she saw earlier last year but was pretty surprised to see a large screen instead. We choose seats and started her off on another first – gross artificially flavored movie popcorn.

Bandar was bored with the trailers prior to the movie ( as was I) and kept asking when the movie was starting. I prepared her for the darkness to follow and she sat up alert when the movie started. Her patience lasted maybe 40 minutes and one round of popcorn . After that it was a lot of -” When will it be done” and “when can we go home” questions. After a while she shifted to her dad’s lap. The movie was not really scary or anything and I do not think she was frightened at any point. She was just plain bored , again very similar to me during most movies.

Anyway , the question is when will we do it again and to that I can just say maybe not very soon. I think maybe one more when she turns 5. She is the kind of kid who doesn’t particularly watch much TV to begin with. She is allowed one specific TV show over the weekend and has seen one movie- Frozen about 6-7 times so far ( during haircuts, plane ride to India and at home ). If given a choice ,I suspect she would choose to watch Frozen again at home than a new movie at the theater. Even with a lot of elaboration on the storyline from both the husband and me , I think she maybe got about 60 percent of the movie on the large screen. So maybe waiting a few more months or years here might work out well.

What was your first movie in the theater? Mine was Beethoven at age 6. My classmates mom took us and I had no idea what to expect . I wish I had shared this first with my parents .


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