Weekend Breakfasts

20 Dec

So I am usually not a big breakfast person on weekdays . On weekdays my staple is either a single whole grain toast with peanut butter or oats with fruit. But I do make up for it over atleast one day of the weekend. The other day of the weekend , we usually head out for brunch if we can. Cooking a big breakfast on two consecutive days is far too much work for all concerned ! 

Come over on a weekend morning , especially one that the Husband doesn’t have cricket on and you will usually find me try to dish out a real Desi breakfast . We recently withdrew Bandar from almost every single weekend activity ( best decision ever, but it warrants a separate post ) and we are all unusually relaxed on a weekend morning. While Bandar lazes in bed for a little while , or potters around the house playing with her imaginary friends or alternatively we have Skype on with one of the sets of grandparents in India , a hearty breakfast gets made.

The husband and I love our rava upma and poha respectively , so these two often make it to our rotation.It works out well as I love the way the H makes poha and he loves the Rava upma I make.Maybe these are our favorite weekend breakfasts as it puts the onus of making it upon the other person ! It all makes so much sense now as I write this 🙂

 If I have some idli batter left over, uttapams with a spicy chutney for us( tomato, peanut or onion)  and just cheese for Bandar get made. Sometimes it’s a besan tomato chillah, and sometimes is Desi style savory eggless french toast with ketchup  ( bread dipped in Rava and yogurt and onions and spices and cooked on the tabs). 

Most of the time I choose savory over sweet , but if Bandar and the H were given a choice , they would prefer a sweet breakfast. So occasionally I do dabble in chocolate pancakes and even more rarely I pull out our trusty waffle maker and whole wheat applesauce sweetened waffles get made. 

Once the food is ready,  it is just nice to sit down as a family for a late breakfast , or almost a brunch  that is a little reminiscent of our childhood weekends. Everyone is usually in a better mood once fed and ready to take the day head on. Clean up is a whole other beast though and it warrants no more cooking for the weekend usually .


2 Responses to “Weekend Breakfasts”

  1. anisnest December 20, 2016 at 8:17 pm #

    Poha has been a hit at our home too.. like the idea of all having breakfast together but somehow I am not able to follow it at our home.. kids switch in TV the minute plates are set. LHB opens his mouth only if TV is on!! Sigh.. Maybe once they get little older..

    • popgoesthebiscuit December 21, 2016 at 3:42 am #

      Nice to hear the kids eat poha too. Usually it will be just me and the husband who eat the poha or upma here. Ya TV at meal times is something we haven’t done but I understand it is a hard cycle to break from my other mommy friends. We are pretty much a v limited TV household even when it’s not meal time ,so it works for us.

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