Reclaiming the precious Sunday nap

13 Dec

As a child , I absolutely hated afternoon naps and fought them . So in our small nuclear family setting of three , my parents gave up trying to make me sleep. But that didn’t mean they gave up on their own weekend naps .At age 4,  they simply trusted me to be responsible enough to care for myself while they took a good two hour ( at the very least ) nap . So I remember the set up very well. I moved all the toys and games I wanted to play with while they slept, over to their bedroom prior to them falling asleep and then firmly shut the master bedroom door to keep out any intruders. There was no way I was going to be in any other room while they napped. My mom set up my little portable potty ( don’t ask me why I wasn’t using the regular toilet at age 4) outside the bathroom door. And she also set up a small snack for me – invariably carrots.( my poor mom is still baffled that I fell prey to my genetic eyesight woes of astigmatism and myopia, which I probably had all my life but only came to light at age 13, despite having me on a steady diet of carrots since forever!) My brave parents were clearly not scared of me choking over carrots while they slept – braver souls than me.
I remember playing imaginary games all afternoon by myself , building with blocks and later Lego sets,setting up a zoo with my toy animals and finally graduating to jigsaw puzzles. I attempted and finished my first 100 piece puzzle one such afternoon at age four and I remember my dad’s exclamation surprise when he got up and the photo session with the puzzle that followed.
Anyway, fast forward about 26 years and my own four year old hates naps. She fights them with the vengeance and often one parent half heartedly has to stay up with her ( usually me) and gives the sleeping, snoring parent a load of burning looks. (I strongly maintain in four years of parenting that there is nothing in the world more frustrating than seeing your partner asleep when you are awake. To be fair to the husbadoo , I am usually the one who goes to bed with Bandar at around 8 pm most evenings , while he works late. And I thus get more cumulative sleep over the week anyway. )
This Sunday however we revolutionized our arrangement. After a heavy lunch of homemade Pad Thai by yours truly, and two episodes of Modern Family, both the H and I could barely keep our eyes open. We told Bandar we were taking a nap and that she could join us if she wanted. We briefly surveyed the room before we fell asleep – no dangling curtain cords ( seriously the worst offenders -just Google ‘curtain cord deaths’ to scar youself from ever having blinds or children for that matter), no sharp objects – we put her toddler friendly scissors out of reach , and definitely did not leave her out a snack. And then we fell into deep slumber while Bandar drew, colored and played her imaginary games. I opened my eyes briefly about an hour later to see she had shut the master bedroom door , maybe for a sense of security, like I had all those years ago.She did say she had wandered into our study that is attached to our bedroom to play at the desk for a little while ( Note to self -Desk there definitely has a ton of fascinatingly dangerous objects like metal scales, sharp scissors and staplers) . But overall , things were good and she did quite well. Once she saw that I was awake but not yet ready to get up , she started asking me when I was going to be up and I simply told her to let me know when the “big hand of the clock got to 12” to get some extra shut eye. She frequently reported back that the hand was getting closer to the hour and I finally did get up when the time came, quite well rested from our little experiment.

2 Responses to “Reclaiming the precious Sunday nap”

  1. Bhavani December 13, 2016 at 11:04 pm #

    Nice post..i guess pretty most all of us go through this…my parents had to nap too. But then I had sisters and we would read or play or keep ourselves engaged.

    Now again since I have 2, they engage themselves. I give a strict warning that no quarrelling during my nap time. And they are pretty good about it.

    I need my precious nap if I am home during weekend. It is a must:)

    Hope you are having a good Holiday time!!


  2. popgoesthebiscuit December 20, 2016 at 12:14 am #

    Holiday season is good here ,B. Starting to feel festive . Hope all good with you

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