Day 21 – Liebster Time

22 Jan

The very kind Monkey Mind bestowed upon me the Liebster award. No day like a busy weekday to use this for a post! Thanks so much, Monkey Mind.I really enjoy reading your blog because somehow it reminds me of those first few years as a newlywed couple !


11 random facts about myself

I wonder how many of these I have posted before. I am sure a few have made an appearance on my blog.


  • I love dimples ! The H has one and Bandar does too, yeah!! I don’t have any and strongly feel a dimple makes a person incredibly more beautiful.
  • I overcommit to a lot of stuff and then stress myself out – whether it is cooking, cleaning, work – you name it.
  • I don’t think I have a real hobby , except maybe reading, which also I don’t do enough of. I am not creative – I don’t draw, paint or craft.
  • I do not like old food beyond a day old in general. I tolerate a few more days old if I have cooked it myself. Beyond that , I just have to trash it. The H will happily eat one week old food which grosses me out
  • I love the idea of exercise more than the actual exercising itself. I love planning work outs but not executing them.But I do like the soreness after a good workout.
  • I dislike flowers – this is a weird one. I cannot stand dried, dead flowers and can smell them a mile away. I just about admire fresh ones on plants and trees. I gingerly touch a bouquet that is offered. Imagine how horrendous my tam brahm wedding with flowers galore must have been for me.
  • I am fairly messy by nature – I am working on this and trying to change slowly but surely. The thing is mess doesn’t bother me much. I lived alone in pigsty style for a bit before I got married and loved it.
  • I am pretty good in academics in general – school and college. What people don’t know is I have to slog my ass off to be that good. Nothing comes really easily to me – maybe it’s luck or the fact that I just need more time or several readings to assimilate. So I don’t really consider myself gifted or smart even. The husbadoo on the other hand was the one who breezed through school and college with least effort and never really aspired to top. I always aspired to top and sometimes did and sometimes came in second. But always, always worked harder than most. I sincerely hope Bandar takes after the H in this aspect and doesn’t need to slog.
  • I have a savory tooth more than a sweet one. I will go for the chips over the cupcakes any given day.
  • People ask me if I miss India and the answer honestly is no. The only thing I miss about India is my family – my mom, dad and sis and that’s about it. A close second if maybe random food places and food .Guess I sound very unpatriotic but that’s how it is.
  • I love travel and am most happy when I have a trip or vacation planned. Unfortunately the H and Bandar are less enthusiastic travelers. They enjoy the place once they are there but don’t particularly like planning or even enjoy the process of travel



Now, let’s answer the questions she has for me. Super fun set!

  • What is the best thing you have done for yourself till now?


The best decision I ever took was to choose to get pregnant at 27 with Bandar.

(We really didn’t have a choice on when to get married – our folks accepted the relationship and hurried to make wedding arrangements and we were married at the age of 23 and 25. So I really can’t say it the timing was my decision. But that said it was also one of the best things I did – marrying the guy of my dreams young .)

But the baby was solely our decision and I am so thankful we took the plunge.  At 30 , I worry about the pending second one we want to have and am so glad we don’t have to deal with the stress of  getting pregnant , birthing and raising two from scratch like some of my closest friends. We’ve done that once over and are so much better for the experience. Bandar has only enriched our lives in the last 3 years and not held us back in any way.

Life is somehow easier in your 20s,health as a whole for you and your partner are better and careers work themselves out. This was solely our experience though and of course, other opinions might differ


  • If you can have a free pass to skip a chore today, what would you claim it for?


Loading the dishwasher and making lunch for tomorrow. So thankful that the H did both today.
3) What is the one pet peeve of your partner that annoys you? In case you are single, what is the one pet peeve of someone close to you that annoys you?

Right now, its his reluctance to be brisker in the mornings as we get Bandar out the door to school. This morning routine is still hugely stressful for me.


  • Books or movies?

Books any day!The movies never liv up.
5) Are you happy with where you are in your life right now? If yes, write a line or two. If no, compare the present and your ideal scenarios.

Yes, quite happy in most respects.

Ideal scenario would be of course – personal chef, personal stylist, personal make up artist, personal  trainer all living in an outhouse at my beck and call.


6) Morning person or night owl?

Forced to be a morning person due to my work hours.
7) Any one crazy incident from your college life that you spearheaded/were a part of.


We were a group of four girls and often roamed the streets around college during breaks and during cancelled lectures(which surprisingly were plenty). Our college was near this area called 5 gardens in Bombay.  This area often had young couples sitting cozily by the green expanse. Some necking, some full on making out, some just holding hands . One of the games we four girls played was Truth or Dare. And the Dares were invariably approaching the random couples and asking them innocently, where garden number 2 was. Or asking them to point to the gardens one by one and count them out loud, saying we had to figure out if there were really 5! This of course produced many hilarious encounters and we have troubled a ton of couples this way.



8) Your personal favorite post from your blog. And reasons, please!

All the “ Bandar talks “ related psots. It is so much fun to read back and see the baby talk from just a few months ago. Reminds me to blog more about herand makes me hope she will like reading them herself when she grows up.
9) How much water do you drink in a day?

Far too less. Maybe 16 ounces …awful I know.


10) Remember when you laughed hard last? What/who cracked you up?

Watching Modern Family with the Husbadoo last weekend. Its usually the highlight of my weekend and sometimes I purposely let my backlog build up to watch atleast 2 shows back to back.
11) What is your signature dish? A picture, if possible.


A few things I make well are Ragda Pattice, Palak Paneer and a healthy Tiramisu. I haven’t made the Tiramisu in years now – maybe in a few months from now and I will post a picture

I am not tagging anyone here but everyone who is doing the Marathon or not, please take it up. I am also retaining these questions as they were fun to answer.Marathoners can thank me for getting you all across one more day and the finish line.

Thanks again, MM for this fun one!



2 Responses to “Day 21 – Liebster Time”

  1. srividhya January 22, 2016 at 11:22 am #

    The 11 facts except for a couple I would have written the same too.. 🙂 And again this is also same with my case.. I chose to get pregnant at 24.. and we never regretted about that. But as you said its each and every one’s preference… Between are you a virgo?

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