Day 19- What we did today…

20 Jan

So Bandar spiked a fever randomly last night. Of course, it wasn’t really randomness as she was congested and had a cold- cough- something for atleast a month now and we had coincidentally  just started antibiotics on the same day as per her pedi’ s advice. So when the fever is 101 at midnight, what do working parents do? They worry about childcare for the next day.
Bandar had actually stayed home on Monday with a nanny – one of those public holidays that schools observe but our offices don’t. So a nanny is obtainable with some notice, but given we both had hectic days planned for Tuesday we fretted about splitting childcare till we possibly found a nanny the next morning.  By then I was feeling quite feverish , my throat was killing me and I was shivering too, so I made my decision to take the day off too. (I had been running the same damn viral or a different one on and off the last month too. )
I hesitate taking sick days when I already work from home. Like I don’t show up anywhere anyway and cant really make co workers sick. Employees who work from the office regularly work from home when they are sick usually. What does one do when they are sick and work remote? This would end up being my first sick day in 2 years of being remote- not that I have been healthy or anything, I have just worked despite illnesses. Any way maybe it was the fever thinking, but I took a split second decision to damn consequences and take a sick day that i was entitled to. If I fretted over a sick day after 8 years in the same company, life seriously wasn’t worth living. So with these brave thoughts, and emails and meeting cancellations being sent at 1 am, I went back to bed semi relaxed. 

So Bandar and I were home all day. We both were quite better since the night before and were not running temperatures atleast though we were quite congested and my throat was awful. I assume her’s was too  I had promised her I wouldn’ t touch my computer and she was thrilled. I should have also promised the same about my cell phone too maybe and had an even more amazing day. But there is always next time.
I fed her breakfast leisurely. I had no meeting to call into or worry about. We made her lunch pizza together. I had pre made the beetroot pizza dough so it was fun assembling together today


It was tastier than it looks here!
Then we headed out to the library and picked our books.
We returned home to a relaxed lunch – we both actually sat and munched silently for a few minutes.
We then read all 10 books in bed. We didnt nap as my cleaner came this afternoon and we kwpt changing rooms to let her work. I did give in to 30 mins of nursery rhyme videos hoping she would nap watching at 3 pm but no such luck. And the darling actually shut down the laptop in about 30 minutes despite the video being much longer. We then lazed around a little more and played endless games of Candyland.
We had wonderful conversations through the day – condensation and what it means, cleaning before the cleaner and why, picking non chemical cleaning supplies, and lastly my favorite – how one can’t see the love in a pizza like you can see cheese and sauce! Oh give me a child who can communicate at age 2 plus over a newborn any day! It brings out the best of motherhood in me.
Teatime and snack time, laundry and then more playing with toys and puzzles till the husbadoo came back home at 6 pm. It helped that I had no adult cooking to do today with lots of leftovers and that the fever was a non issue for the most part for both of us. My mind and body were so relaxed and rested  all day long .
I don’t know when we will do this next. My yearly vacation usually is an India trip or a few domestic trip thingees, and I hesitate taking random days off without reason. So its sad to think it takes us falling sick together to enjoy a weekday like this with no real agenda. Hopefully we both will be well tonight and back at school and work tomorrow. But today is a day I wanted to blog about and save and cherish in my memory and mommy heart.


5 Responses to “Day 19- What we did today…”

  1. Greenboochi January 20, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

    Such a heart warming post, despite both of you falling sick. Hugs, Pop!

  2. anisnest January 20, 2016 at 7:07 pm #

    Like is not for illness but the fabulous time the duo had together.. I don’t take any sick day off either.. I think our.mind is conditioned that way.. But last year I forced myself to take a week off and do nothing.. Just spend time with Adi and roam around the neighborhood is all we did.. It was so much fun..

    • popgoesthebiscuit January 20, 2016 at 8:36 pm #

      Yes, think we all forcefully need to do that more before our kids grow up

  3. More than words January 20, 2016 at 11:01 pm #

    It sounds like a wonderful day you two had… That must have been a great conversation:) Hope you guys feel fit and fine soon !!

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