Day 16- Some days are not kitchen days

17 Jan

I probably shouldn’t have cooked today. There were too many signs but I ignored them all and went ahead and am dealing with the consequences.

To start with let me begin by saying I had noble intentions – I wanted to start celebrating festivals a little better now for Bandar’s sake. So i intended to make pongal , albeit a day late.I got in really late on Friday evening, not that I would have plunged ahead and cooked extensively on a weekday if I wasnt traveling  , but Saturday seemed to be perfect to celebrate the festival . So I pressure cooked my white rice and moong and proceeded with my chores.I was mighty thrilled qith myself for making the perdect amount of rice – we dont eat a lot of white rice to begin with and maybe a meal and a half was  what  I intended the pongal to last us.
I then started gathering ingredients for the savory one first and realized I didnt have a few important things – casheqs, curry leaves, peppercorns. Still unfettered I figured I would make do. So i started the stove and bravely mixed stuff up. This is where I choose to give the dish a liberal shake of salt. As i wasn’t tasting before I did the puja offering (neivadhyam) , I patted myself on the back on seeing the perfect amount of savory pongal.
Now for the sweet one – here I used a bit too much water to boil the jaggery and when I added my cooked rice-dal mix, the result was still a bit watery. So I let thing boil . And thus burn, only a tad but enough to taste the burn. That was how I ruined dish 2.
Then dish 3! I wanted tk make a chutney for the savory pongal. So I usually have frozen grated coconut in my freezer. But today I was out of that too. Then , I found a whole coconut from a recent puja and asked the husbadoo to break it- only to find it had rotted. (The ouja was maybe not so recent and 1 month old coconut it was) . So then I decided to make a side dish of poligotsu. Maybe I am not spelling this right..think of an onion sambar without dal basically. This is a classic savory pongal combo. Anyway, I soaked far too much tamarind and made an excessively sour gravy. So i proceeded to fix it with more water and boiling and the classic rice flour trick to thicken things. I had way too much of poligotsu at the end of the whole ordeal and it still tastes a little too sour. Anyway, I had to separate about half to freeze for next week. I will perhaps use it as a base for sambar soon.
Anyway, by that time we did our little offering of the pongals and tasted them to find one slightly burnt and one far too salty. This is when I was starving and dying to tuck in. So now to fix the savory, I pressure cooked more rice and dal and have effectively executed a fix. Except I have copious amounts of savory pongal now..enough to last maybe 5 meals for two people. Two people who are trying their best to avoid white rice in the first place ! Sigh!
My crow brethren will be feasting on some of this poorly cooked meal tomorrow for “kanu” but even then I will have tons left over and as I made it without ghee and cashews and curry leaves, its strictly average even by my books.
Meanwhile while fixes were being executed, the H after a miniscule amount of sweet pongal that has not made even a dent on the overall quantity, has retired for the night. I had a slice of cold pizza to feed my hunger and am now packing up the pongal for tomorrow, and maybe all of the week!
Happy harvest festival in whichever way you celebrate it , folks. I am pongaled out this year.


7 Responses to “Day 16- Some days are not kitchen days”

  1. My Era January 17, 2016 at 6:01 pm #


  2. Pepper January 17, 2016 at 7:38 pm #

    Same pinch, girl! I wasn’t even attempting to make the ven pongal you know. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make both savory and sweet. So based on popular demand, I decided to mke the sweet one. Only to have burnt the moong dal and rice in the cooker. I totally forgot about the damn thng and let it whistle forever. I think I was actually chatting with you at that time from the other room 😐

    Anyway, Mint got home and still managed to fix it. We only took the top layer from the cooker, which wasn’t burnt and had no smell. It wasn’t mushy enough for pongal so Mint recooked in a separate cooker. And then after adding the jaggery we thought it was too watery too, so let it simmer for a while. We finally got it right but God, it was a lot of effort for something supposedly so simple..

    I totally know what you mean. Just one of those days I guess?

    • popgoesthebiscuit January 17, 2016 at 10:19 pm #

      Hehe…funny that it happened to both of us. Hey..i have this amazing electric cooker. No whistle issues or anything. I bet you get it in india too. Was $100 i think but worth it for me. Also a superior version is called the Instant pot. Check it out

  3. Bhavani January 18, 2016 at 9:36 am #

    Oh:(( that’s ok it happens!!! Chakkara Pongal and Venn Pongal are my specalities… Sorry to brag but these are the only 2 things where I have never gone wrong I guess…..hope I don’t jinx it….

    Things like Pulao etc gets mushy etc and I have messed up other dishes a lot also..

    But you tried and that is what matters…

    • popgoesthebiscuit January 18, 2016 at 9:43 am #

      Even the crows stayed clear of my pongals, B! Okay deal, if I visit you make me some venn pongal??

      • Bhavani January 18, 2016 at 10:59 pm #

        Yes deal!! :-)) This country Kaaka has no don’t worry :))

  4. Greenboochi January 18, 2016 at 7:35 pm #

    Opps. Big hugs Pop! It happens sometimes. I have to hand it over to you for your sincere efforts. I get super bugged if my food doesnt turn out the way I intend it to, there by spoiling any of my further fixes too. Sigh.

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