Day 10- Day of chores

11 Jan

The weekend before I leave on a business trip is usually spent in a lot of prep. I try and get a lot of my actual work prep done on Friday and mostly on the flight over. So that leaves me Saturday and Sunday to prepare for stuff at home for my week away and packing of course.
As we had an unexpected all day outing on Saturday, it gave me just one day to do a lot. I felt overwhelmed on Saturday evening as i went to bed but somehow miraculously stuff got done today.And am ready to go to bed at a decent hour – 10:30 pm. As I have to be up at 3:30 AM to leave for the airport , I can get a few hours of sleep! Yeah:)

The first task for today was packing. I am really pissed off with my work closet at this point – I have a bunch load of stuff that falls into these categroues
1) Stuff that  needs some other crucial element to make a full outfit ( I have lovely cardis but cant aeem to find the perfect shirt to wear inside and don’t want the informal look with simply a tee, I have dresses that need that perfect jacket to use for work and so on)
2) Stuff that has something wrong with it – usually some tailoring stuff or laundry stuff. ( lovely tops with unwashable, permanent stains rendering them useless but still not donated for some reason , dresses and skirts with stitches at the lower seam/ hem out )
As I look at my work clothes only before a work trip and not when I am relaxed , stuff doesn’t get mended, purged or even shopped for. Or I shop for more stuff and don’t fix the issues with the ones I have.
After picking what to wear, the task of ironing and packing. Ironing is perhaps the most irritating task of all.

Anyway, the next task was cooking . The following have been made to sustain the family – one mixed veg subji,  palak paneer, 2 sundals, sevai, waffles. This all was done fairly fast as the husbadoo watched Bandar and I got to focus on it.

Next was random tasks like – make an easy to follow schedule for Bandar’s meals, set out 5 sets of clothes for Bandar. These help the H immensely when I am away. Not that he can’t figure out her meals from stuff in the fridge but having it written makes life easy.

Then finally laundry and general kitchen cleaning. Phew!

We also spent 4 hours at a birthday party today and took Bandar for her haircut- finally! So miraculously I am done with some time to spare and blog about it! Happy week ahead, folks.


One Response to “Day 10- Day of chores”

  1. My Era January 12, 2016 at 5:54 pm #

    Having an article missing is a BIG problem with formals and not having a matching jacket the next big issue 😐
    However, I am good with mending or having the laundry aspect of my dresses sorted as soon I step back home so that comes as a saving grace sometimes.
    You packed in a lot in one day given that you also attended a birthday party.
    The best bit is having Bandar’s haircut done midst the load of other tasks 🙂
    Hope you have a fantastic trip 😀

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