Day 8 – In plain sight

9 Jan

So twice this week, I have been saved from making unhealthy food choices by simply seeing the healthy food item in front of me.

Yesterday, I surprised even myself by actually picking up the apple on the counter and cutting it myself. I love fruits but almost never cut one up for myself. Cutting one for Bandar , I will do happily. But that apple was maybe the first one I have cut in months for myself. All the fruit cutting in our house is the husband’s domain. I simply blame him for my poor fruit consumption. Anyway, back to that apple – if it had remained in the fridge , I would not have picked it up and gone straight for chips instead.

Today for lunch, I was prepared to heat up a wonderful masala paneer naan from the freezer(thank you Trader Joes). But instead, I caught sight of an avocado. So I hastily chopped up a salad before I changed my mind.It took me 5 minutes longer than heating the naan, but I felt better about it. I did round up my salad with a piece or two of Hershey’s Cookies N Cream, but anyway that salad kept me full longer than the naan would have.

So I guess it really is as simple as that – keep healthy stuff in sight. And hide the unhealthy stuff. Someone gave us a box of chocolates over Christmas and Bandar is so disciplined about that – she helps herself to exactly one every weekend!I on the other hand have been popping a few into my mouth each day as I pass the shelf. I only today realized that the box is about three quarters empty and the loss is going to be a little hard to blame on Bandar’s memory. She hasn’t counted the chocs but even she can make out that there has been a drastic decrease week over week and I dread the scene.So the chocs have now been hidden right at the back of my larder, away from sight and temptation.

I am reminded of a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode from some seasons ago, when Yolanda proudly shows off her glass doored fridge filled with fresh produce. No wonder she’s in amazing shape and she raised a super model.If fresh produce is staring me in the face through the doors of my fridge, I will undoubtedly be helping myself. See this picture I found online of Yolanda’s fridge – those of you who unlike me are not fans of the show and have no idea what I am talking about! Is this fridge what dreams are made of or what??





3 Responses to “Day 8 – In plain sight”

  1. My Era January 9, 2016 at 4:20 pm #

    This is so true, if the healthy choices are in my field of vision, I seldom pick up the unhealthy, easy to fix options. I’d love the glass door fridge stocked with the healthiest of produce : D

  2. Bhavani January 10, 2016 at 12:23 am #

    I was about to fall at your feet before reading it was not your Refrigerator:-)))

    Have a bowl of almonds on the counter. Love it that too raw and just 4-5 fills you up. I have become big raw almond lover.

    At our house I cut up 2-3 apples especially during weekends when kids are hungry (meaning bored) all the time and place the bowl where all of us can reach and before we realize the bowl is empty without me coaxing..

    Good going girl!! keep it up!!

    • popgoesthebiscuit January 10, 2016 at 12:28 am #

      Think i would have to be a millionaire to afford that fridge

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