Day 5 -Dear Bandar

6 Jan

Dearest darlingest little Bandar,

I am writing this to tell you how amazing you were at 3 years and 3 months old. We put you through a lot through this past year – we shifted cities, roamed around all summer without a real home, then put you in a new school to which you adjusted beautifully.   But then we found a house (yes, our intentions were to give you a lovely , stable home) , and we pulled you out of the school you loved and put you in a brand new one. So this last year you went to a school in NYC till May, May – June:  you spent time with dad in a hotel room and the mall in Penang, June – July: spent time with your old nanny in an Austin hotel room and various parks and libraries, July- Nov : Attended a school in San Diego, Dec : Started at a brand new school in San Diego!Phew- what a year, baby girl! (Yes, we do not qualify for parents of the year in 2015).

With this new school though, you have surprised us. There were zero tears , touchwood. You went in bravely, waved good bye and started participating in the conversations. You then went on stage after attending 3 half days and participated with great joy in the holiday concert. You sang the songs you knew and swayed confidently to the ones you didn’t. Dad and I were so proud watching you up there.

The only slight rebellious thing you did was not use the restroom in the first three half days you attended. But this was expected with your loathing for public potties. But on your full days once phased in, you did you the restroom and that brought mom and dad so much relief.So hopefully we are past that hurdle.

Things aren’t perfect by any means . You haven’t yet really made friends but I have no doubt you will get there in due time. We do hear you mention a few new names everyday though and that makes me hopeful. And the other worrisome thing for me is the fact that you seem to eat very little of your lunch in this new school. The same box was almost always empty in the previous one. I wonder if it is because this school pushes for more independence and doesn’t feed you , but that I guess it is for the best. We will find out more in your PTA in a few weeks.

But that said, you have such a little champ through all this change. You look forward to going off to school and talk positively about all that you are learning. The other nice thing is you have started sharing a broad picture of what you did during the day and that helps us as parents understand the situation a little more. You are truly growing up and I realize with a heavy heart that you are actual ready for public school in less than 1.5 years. You don’t make the Kindergarten cut off in 2017 by a mere 5 days – and that’s something I am actually happy about. I get one more year to maybe protect you a little if we choose to in private preschool. Decisions, decisions, decisions – all in due course of time . Meanwhile for now , I just hold my little preschooler close each night and thank the Lord for giving you and us an easy transition these last few weeks.

Stay strong and bold, little monkey. Love you always – Mom.





7 Responses to “Day 5 -Dear Bandar”

  1. More than words January 6, 2016 at 8:29 pm #

    She is indeed a trooper P !! Hope she continues to make you guys proud…. Lovely post !!

  2. srividhya January 6, 2016 at 8:32 pm #

    Great post. Kudos to Bandar n loads of wishes to her

  3. popgoesthebiscuit January 6, 2016 at 9:04 pm #

    That I think she will. All parents feel pride rather easily , no.

  4. My Era January 7, 2016 at 12:03 am #

    Wow! Bandar is doing great given the many fluctuations she has had in the past one year 😀
    This is such a beautiful phase with a new surprise at the end of every day, so much learning for us as parents and for kids in every experience 🙂
    Sending loads of love & blessings for the little darling ❤

  5. Revs January 7, 2016 at 4:04 am #

    Wow!! Go B baby!! Revs Aunty is going to take inspiration from you and learn a thing or two from you, for this coming year.

    • popgoesthebiscuit January 8, 2016 at 11:39 pm #

      Haha. We all can learn from kids i think..their adaptability is admirable

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