Day 4 – December

5 Jan

December of 2015 is a month I will remember and cherish forever. It was a buzz with activity and fun for us. For starters, we closed on our new home and moved in! We started house hunting in October and after narrowing down on the specific areas that would work, we found the perfect home for us. So once we had the house, we did one last move for the year. Moves and all the chaos they bring – I actually like moving as I have maybe mentioned before on the blog. But the H hates them. And Bandar seems to have taken her dad’s dislike to moves as well. Anyway, we got the local move done and started settling in.

I should mention here that my in laws were with us during the move and it helped to have someone watch over B during the craziness of it all. Just one less thing to worry about in the process. I felt a little guilty that I ignored B and was being an awful mom. I was stressed and physically exhausted . I did try to make it up to her later on that month and hopefully that is all she remembers.

We then started the process of getting unpacked and settled. We were expecting our first guests from Austin for the holidays – 2 couples who are probably our closest frineds . So it was a crazy few days of unpacking, planning bedding, food , itineraries and all the stuff that goes along with having visitors.

Bandar had bravely agreed to shift schools again (bless this little monkey’s heart) with the house move . She started phasing into her new school and participated in the Winter performance after 3 days of school, which was pretty impressive. I will have to blog all about her separately as she’s been a little trooper all through 2015 , going with the flow.

Between the actual move in and the guests, we hosted a small get together with a few families we knew in San Diego ,majority of whom we had met through Bandar’s old  preschool. I wanted to give her a sense of closure with her old school buddies. So this “party” as she called it was something she really looked forward to and enjoyed immensely. All the guests ended up having some connection with each other mainly through work or  elsewhere and we had very little to really do as hosts. I had the food catered as move + cook was impossible a task to do and it overall was a fairly successful get together.

Our first set of house guests arrived a few hours after the party ended and we settled them into the guest room. It was fun unwinding with our oldest friends after the craziness of the past few days. We did a little touristy stuff with them – we are almost tourists ourselves after just moving here in July. Anyway, a zoo trip was planned and executed. And then the next couple also arrived and more fun was had.

Meanwhile, B got home some germs as Christmas gifts from one of her many schools and got sick and then the H got sick and then I got sick right on cue . The whole viral cycle that we are only too familiar with – cold, cough, feverishness. I went hoarse for a while and my germ paranoid guests kept their distance. I was so out of the festivities for a day or two and the husbadoo and I spent a few hours in urgent care one morning to have me seen. Those 4 hours together too were quite enjoyable – we got some time alone and Bandar was actually well cared for in our absence, which was heartening to hear about and see pictures of. She was fed and entertained by her aunts and uncles. Anyway, the viral infection was exactly just that and nothing serious and with some medication to boot, things improved slightly.

We set off to spend 2 days in Palm Springs with the in laws and friends and that deserves a post of its own too. And we got home in time for Christmas!

Bandar had the most fabulous Christmas in her young 3 years. She got a ton of gifts from the visitors , including an amateur telescope! And Santa got her a bunch of things too. So overall, she was fairly happy.

We entertained another visiting old set of friends on Christmas day and grilled Paneer and veggie skewers . Bandar got another child to play with and the adults had fun watching the kids play together. We played Settlers of Catan on two nights with our friends when Bandar was finally in bed and truly enjoyed their company.

We did some more local sight seeing the last 48 hours of their visit – our favorite spots locally, ate some good food, hung out at the beach, hiked a little . Our friends finally all left and my in laws left the day after. They were with us for a month, and it took a while for things to get back to normal.

December wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the last week of it all.- maybe my most relaxed and favorite week by far Bandar went back to her new school and started getting into a routine. Both the husbadoo and I started work last week, but as things were still fairly light, we managed to get more settled into the house. We cooked at home, finished all pending chores, relaxed, played with Bandar and overall truly enjoyed being home as a family. We did some little entertaining with 2 other families with girls of Bandar’s age and have slowly started building some friendships in this new city. So , I couldn’t have asked for more from December and 2015 as a whole and truly feel blessed and at peace.




9 Responses to “Day 4 – December”

  1. srividhya January 5, 2016 at 5:19 am #

    Congratulations 4 d new house.. enjoy

  2. More than words January 5, 2016 at 6:31 am #

    Congratulations P !! What a wonderful way to close 2015 !! What, no pics of the new home ?? Cmon we deserve some peaks:)

  3. Bhavani January 5, 2016 at 11:26 am #

    Awesome Pop! Congrats on your new home!! Pics please!! Your December sounds so much fun ofcourse minus the sickness…

    Have a great 2016!!

  4. princessbutter January 6, 2016 at 11:38 pm #

    Yayyayyy! You moved!! Congrats again!

  5. magic January 16, 2016 at 7:28 pm #

    Congrats on the new home 🙂

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