Day 3 – End of the Holidays

4 Jan

The holiday season ended today and though I was working last week , it was so light and almost fun. But this week is going to be the real start of a the new work year and I am already stressed about it all. Anyway, the day was as perfect a Sunday as one could hope for and all in all it was a good way to end the rest period.

I was up late working last night well past midnight , so slept in till around 9 am with Bandar. We decided to head out to a nearby park by the lake and have a picnic . The H cut some amazing papaya for breakfast and we also had some double chocolate pancakes leftover from the day before. So tea , pancakes and papaya later , I started prepping our picnic lunch . This also was non laborious as we had some salad from the night before , so I just added to it and mixed it all up. Bandar’ s lunch was also leftover khichidi and tortellini. Weird combo but it worked.
We managed to leave the house only by 11:30ish or so. Anyway , everyone was relaxed and well fed and all was well.The park was more gorgeous than expected.  We threw a ball around for a bit and settled to eat our lunch. After lunch , Bandar befriended a little girl and struck up quite a conversation.
We fed the ducks which was a fun activity and attempted a hike with the stroller. This ended up being really foolish and we gave up fairly quickly. We had too much picnic stuff and a heavy stroller that wasn’t built for the hike. But we promised ourselves we would do it fairly soon. Bandar does 1 – 2miles if she’s in a good moody, mile 2-3 is definitely challenging for her and she needs distraction . Plus optimal mooding , clothing, hydration and food. None of which aligned today. Anyway we were at peace with the situation and headed out to finish a random chore and returned home. Random chore was attempted to make Bandar magically fall asleep in the car. This in turn would let us lift her into bed asleep and also nap with her. But alas, she defied the nap odds and insisted I play with her at home. So I spent a good 2 hours engaging Bandar. This included random ab workout with her, some coloring , imaginary games and phonics .In the evening , I made pizza for Bandar’s dinner and next day lunch. And the H and I ate – you guessed it- more leftovers!! We watched a little bit of previous Master chef Junior episodes with Bandar and then I started some intense food prep for the week . I just got done and we have enough food for at least the next few meals.
I had a few cheat treats today – Bandar’s gold fish crackers , a tiny slice of pizza, some jalapeno chips and some candy . So  in net , I balanced my lunch salad with the bad food. But it was the last day of the Holidays and I am ready to start afresh tomorrow!
Overall, a fun, restful, family focused Sunday and I am ready to start the year in earnest .


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