Sisterhood of the world Q&A

22 Oct

I am supposed to be working right now – The rest of the family is fast asleep in bed and I am up to actually work. Instead I am taking up this nomination from PB to kickstart my day.

So she’s given me 5 fun questions to answer

1. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

A pinkish wrap around dress that hugs my curves just so perfectly. I got it off zulily and love that wearing the dress gives me that extra confidence to go about my day. Oh funny fact – Earlier this year on a work trip to  Vegas , I was having the most amazing evening in this dress. We had eaten at Bobby Flay’s Mesa grill and I had received random compliments on the dress from other diners not in our party – yes it really is that cute. And then as the night almost ended , the dress randomly got untied as I was walking in a casino with a female team mate! I quickly retied it but that oops moment was freaky – the fact that it happened on a work trip more than anything else.

2. Which is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Mint chocolate chip  – there’s something about that combination. Oh and I like ice cream only in a cone.A cup kills it for me.

3. If you could make a signature scent, what would it smell like?

Guess I haven’t thought that much about scents. I typically don’t like floral. Maybe something citrusy would be nice

4. Describe the last dream you remember. Bonus point if it was naughty. 😉

I have vivid dreams almost every night and can usually recollect them .Usually ridiculous and boring.Don’t think I have had a naughty one in a while. Hmm! Last night was this – my VP decides to call me on my land line to just chat- like old friends!  She starts off with asking me about my family and then my age.And I reply happily that I am 30 and she then asks me when my birthday was. Oh by the way, I am having this phone conversation with her from our old apartment in Bombay. And for whatever reason my mom yells at me to get off the phone and my VP overhears this and is upset about it. And I am scared I have pissed her off. I am also worried that she caught me at home on week day at 5 pm, but then I remember I work at home. So weird. The dream then shifts to visas to go somewhere. All my classmates from college and I are trying to get visas to go somewhere .And everyone comes in with a huge application filled out. But I don’t have a form, or a passport and I am crying. The next scene is weird – I finally am on some boat by myself rowing away. I think I am in Central Park because the rest of the dream is definitely in NYC. I then remember I need to go and pick up the Husbadoo and Bandar from the bus stop. I even ask myself why I have to pick them up as the bus stop is right in front of our apartment. Anyway I meet them and they have 3 big bags- Bandar seems to be lifting a crazy heavy one. So I take it from her and she cries loudly.She then keeps asking for pizza and the last scene is like we are each carrying a heavy suitcase and are off to eat pizza..

Phew! I don’t remember anymore of this but see the randomness here!

5. What was your last Google search about?

Ugh,The last thing I googled was market research for work –  boring tech stuff.

But one fun thing I googled this week was “Japanese baby names”. No, not pregnant or close to it even but my biggest worry is we don’t have a good name picked out. Once we have that , we can work on the other stuff!

The End

I am too lazy to think of new questions or nominate others. Please , please do take it up with these questions though as they were quite fun , especially if you want to break the blogging rut.


5 Responses to “Sisterhood of the world Q&A”

  1. princessbutter October 22, 2015 at 8:44 pm #

    Haha! Good job!
    The dream! They are right up my alley. I was the queen of weird dreams in my hostel room and would have a dream telling session every morning. I still get the weirdest dreams possible that make me question my sanity quite often.
    I wanna see the dress! When I come to your place or send me a pic.

  2. Kavs October 24, 2015 at 1:00 am #

    I love the dream part. I am taking this boring exam at work and laughing like a fool reading your post. Lol!!

  3. Greenboochi October 27, 2015 at 4:15 pm #

    hehehe Pop. I too get totally weird, unrelated dreams as yours 😀

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