Travel week

19 Sep

I traveled to Panama this week for work and as I wait several hours for my connecting flight, and have already eaten lunch, visited the restroom and gone window shopping at the airport stores a few times already, I might as well blog about my week!

  • Time flies! Bandar was exactly 1 year old when I last traveled to Panama and it was the first time I was ever away from her. So Panama trips always take me back to that time : feeling awful leaving my 1 year old behind, skyping with her and feeling a little upset that she didn’t appear to miss me, trying to figure out how to transport pumped milk across international borders and then just giving up with the whole idea and pumping – dumping instead, having a drink or two after years of abstaining (hence the above pumping and dumping) and hugging Bandar close once I was home. Now exactly 2 years later, things are so different in every way. I have had several work trips away from Bandar and the hubsadoo in this time, and though I miss them like crazy I do enjoy the break from the routine and make the most of my time away.
  • The work part of the trip was extremely draining this time around. Another change in two years – my responsibilities have increased ten fold, I am having more strategic conversations, I am altogether more knowledgeable in my area of work then I was then. That is saying something. With the responsibilities though, comes the fact that I feel I am doing two jobs when I am traveling – the one I have been sent for and my regular one which is done in the evenings from the hotel room. At no point is my regular work load reduced in lieu of my travel and its fairly exhausting. So I typically finished up dinner with my colleagues around 10 pm and started a few hours of work. I usually stopped at 1:30 am for a shower for the next day and turned into bed with Netflix on to awake again at 6 am. Exhausting when you do this for 5 days straight.Also 3 hours of work doesn’t make up for the week away and I have plenty of deliverables for Monday that I will get to this weekend sometime.
  • The food was surprisingly good this time around. The last time, a lot of the meals were catered and a collegue told me to pick out the bacon bits from my salad which was the only “vegetarian” thing ordered .Anyway,  I ended up losing a good 5 lbs in a week during my last visit with the lack of vegetarian options. This time however, everyone knows I am vegetarian and with the exception of one meal when I made do with a granola bar from home, I ate and overate. Really good veggie burgers , risotto that was chicken broth free and had a unique little bean-lentil mix, crazy good onion rings, an amazing salad at a BBQ place(!) that I am dying to replicate at home , yucca chips with guac, quisitoes – delivious cheese rolls dusted with sugar warm from the oven, desserts galore – I had a week of overeating and not working out and feel considerably bloated than before I left. I almost too scared to look at the weighing scale before I spend a week or two getting back on track. Oh and to this add the drinking. I am not a big drinker at all – but the social drinking aspect is something I have started in recent years. So I had one- two drinks a night – mostly sangrias and mojitos , for three days straight with my team and though I guess it is okay once in a while, it makes me feel more unfit and bloated than ever. Anyway, just need to pull up my socks and get back to some clean eating and working out.
  • Reading and TV watching – I picked up two Jane Green books before I left on my trip from the library and am happy to say I am done with both. I love chicklit when traveling alone, nothing relaxes me more. I am quite a fast reader and apart from these two books that I devoured on my way over, I finished Clover, the final book in the sequel series to “What Katy Did” this morning on my journey home. Can’t believe I did not read it all these years! Now I just need something to read on my way home for this last leg and I am all set. Regarding TV watching, I was browsing Netflix and was going to skip past Friends thinking I had seen every damn episode maybe 5 times , but chanced upon some episodes in season 9 that I had somehow missed! Yeah! These are the episodes where Chandler is jobless and Mike and Phoebe are together. How did I miss those before? Anyway, I went to bed watching an episode or two of Friends each night.
  • Bath tub fun – Somehow as a rule, I am wary of hotel bath tues. My thoughts are always who the hell soaked in this before me, eww is that stray hair from me or some one else and the like. At home, a relaxing bath seems to be out of question. Anyway, on my last night in Panama , despite my multiple hang ups, I did soak in the tub for around 30 minutes or so and relaxed completely. My last bath must have been in 2012? Wow! I really need to do this more often and invest in some bath salts and bubbles.
  • People watching – My favorite activity takes on a new light when I travel. I had one or two meals alone where I got to sit down with a book , some good food and people watching galore. Another interesting evening was spent at a lounge with my team and to learn that the lounge was also frequented by upscale hookers. Enough said – It made for some interesting people watching!
  • One day of the trip I left my cell phone behind in the car on the way to work. The transportation contracted by my company also serves other companies and I was told there was little hope of recovering my phone. My heart dropped – it was only last week that I had briefly told the husbadoo that for a change we both had decent phones at the same time and had not yet lost or re broken them(mine has had expensive screen replacements twice now totaling double the cost of the phone itself). Anyway, two hours later I found out that the driver had located the phone and returned it to my office. Yeah! There are honest people in the world.

So that’s how I spent my week.  Hope everyone is all set for a good weekend. What plans, do share?


2 Responses to “Travel week”

  1. princessbutter September 20, 2015 at 4:49 am #

    Hi! Missed you! I will call you in the coming week when I can talk more and cough less.

    • popgoesthebiscuit September 20, 2015 at 6:25 am #

      Oh oh..sick Kya..let me whatsapp. Didnt realize you are back

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