Life right now

21 May

Good stuff:

The Asian hospitability being bestowed upon me– My team at work here is really super sweet. Somehow there is a certain warmth that I haven’t experienced before. They take a detour to drop me off each day at my hotel, though I can take a cab easily. They bring me cups of green tea when they realized I like it. They know I am vegetarian so they found pure vegetarian places all over the city and take me to lunch almost every day. All these actions really touch my heart.

Vegetarian Asian food – I didn’t know that there are a lot of pure vegetarian Chinese restaurants around – some don’t use milk, onions or garlic even, funny right! I have now tasted a lot of vegetarian versions of Malaysian delicacies that are usually made in seafood or meat based broths because of these lunches. I like Asian food to begin with so this is all delicious for  me.

Coming home to the hotel room from work – Seeing Bandar’s face when I am back home to the hotel is one thing,  I love the warm hugs she gives me and it melts my work stress away. She’s also started saying “I lub you sooo much” as she hugs me which is awesome to hear.  But seeing the Husbadoo too is another kind of happiness. For the longest time, he has either returned late from work, or slept at work all night  or returned for a few hours to eat a hurried dinner together with a show on and then work while I slept.  So after ages , I have him free and relaxed and happy in the evenings. I know this is probably short lived till he starts his new job in a few months but we have been talking about a better schedule for us as a family, regular hours, sleeping at the same time, early dinner together and so on. Let’s see how much of this we actually follow when the time comes

Breakfast-  We are usually skipping one meal  a day with jetlag- mostly dinner. Think this is keeping our diet in check as a whole because our breakfast is seriously lavish. We are also ravenous by the time breakfast time rolls around. The buffet is pretty damn awesome – first there are the muffins, croissants, cereal, fruit, toast- the usual continental fare. The fun stuff is the seriously unhealthy stuff –the pasta with desi spices, the potato wedges, mini samosas, the roti kanai . All delicious and stuff we indulge in everyday. Really need to stop soon.I have hit the hotel gym ZERO times and done really no form of exercise in two months. Caught sight of my reflection on a glass door at work and had a shock – is that really me. I have become fat and sleek and shiny with this lifestyle in just a week.

Weekend site seeing and planning – I am living for the weekends here and usually have some travel blog or trip advisor open for a quick browsing break. My next few posts will be about some of this.

The proximity to shopping and cheap massages –  I haven’t bought a single piece of clothing for any of us here but that resolve is fast fading. I don’t particular find anything that much cheaper than the US on clearance and sale. But then I haven’t had a full chance to hunt around either. Been avoiding it but its getting hard!

I did get a head massage , unintentional when I went in for a wash and blowdry and it was crazy intense and a little painful with some aftereffects of lightheadedness. But my team here is telling me to get a Balinese style or Thai style relaxing one ,rather than the Chinese ones which maybe I got.

Waking up to brilliant sunrises – Thanks to the jetlag we are all up earlyish. Bandar loves sitting by our hotel room window and spotting the sun rising. I haven’t in recent years been up cosnsistently everyday to see the sunrise, so sharing this serene moment each morning with my toddler is bliss.

The not so good stuff:

Pissed off with adapters , wattage difference and their like. Our cute and tiny rice cooker which was the sole equipment to sustain Bandar here in the hotel room for a month conked off in one use, as it looks like we had an adapter but not convertor. My hair straightener met the same end. We bought another rice cooker here but that too seems to be burning and we are hesitant to use it. Seriously beginning to doubt the two power points in our hotel room. And oh there is no return policy like the US here, so I am stuck with a useless rice cooker that isn’t compatible with US wattage, which I will never use again.

The hair straightener issue has been dealt with weekly hair ironing appointments at the nearby salon which I am counting towards “me-time” indulgences. Of course, I can go work with curly hair but vanity won’t allow it.

Work in general. It’s depressing, scary, intense and stressful. But I am dealing with it the best I know how.But worrisome all the same.

Worry about our US return. Major decision making in three interlinked areas – The husbadoo’s career choice decision thus determining our city of choice (think we have this down but some things have to be ironed out) , a temporary living situation for two months if we go with city of choice, and Bandar arrangements –temporary first and then permanent.   The latter two areas involve me staying up into the night hours here to think, plan, phone and email and I haven’t even started this process.

Not connecting with my parents . This is weird but I was better connected with my mom and dad when I was in the US. The time difference now is only 2.5 hours, but between roaming rates, unable to make calls on the go, jetlag and work I have gone days without talking to my folks which is rare for me.

Unclean restrooms everywhere. Work, mall – you name it. I have hardly dealt with the unsanitary US bathroom in years now- we barely  do roadtrips and I have not had to contend with gas station restrooms and their like in a while. Otherwise public restrooms are really clean in the US in most places – doc offices, malls, work of course, gym etc. I am past my squat and hover days. But have put them into full use off late here. Now I know that hovering in itself is the cause of an unsanitary seat and in turn restroom, but an unsanitary seat in the first place leads me to hover. I just wipe down seat before and after the hover activity and make my peace with it. Otherwise I try and use only the hotel one when I can help it. Oh and Bandar is almost fully potty trained and mostly diaper free all the time these days, so I am getting more than my fair exposure to dirty public toilets with this. The joy!


6 Responses to “Life right now”

  1. srividhya May 21, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

    Clothes are costly there.. i feel US is cheaper.. enjoy the food n stay.

    • popgoesthebiscuit May 27, 2015 at 3:35 pm #

      Clothes are costly ya! Still bought something for Bandar..But think I am buying at a mall , that’s why.Need to go to street shops like India maybe.

  2. princessbutter May 21, 2015 at 11:13 pm #

    Hehe. You are completely enjoying your stay! I am so jealous about the massages. I have to get one soon. Still a massage virgin.😀
    Mr. Pop must be really relaxing now. Such crazy hours earlier? I have rarely seen anyone in my area, school or work, stay beyond 6-7.

    • popgoesthebiscuit May 27, 2015 at 3:36 pm #

      Dude, mailing you now!Get a massage btw.I need to two. Only 10 more days here and no massage yet..

  3. Divya May 27, 2015 at 5:51 am #

    Work and vacation rolled into one!! What fun!!! I know the frustration about the voltage difference… Every India visit I burn a hair straightener, even with a convertor / adaptor. Enjoy your stay… you’ll be heading back before you know it.

    • popgoesthebiscuit May 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm #

      Yup, work and vacay together are awesome. So India I don’t mind the unstraightened hair.In fact can you believe I am still hesitant to straighten my hair there as relatives might comment etc.But here for work, just feel bad to go with my hair in such a mess.Of course I can embrace the curls and do something about it.But I don’t. Instead take the straightening route.

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